Sometime in mid September 2019, before we travelled to Istanbul to record our Duo album, we made this nice improvisation.

Melisa Yıldırım- Kabak Kemane
Gilad Weiss- Oğur Sazı


After a nice evening of drinking çay we played a nice türkü (turkish folk song) called "Acem Kızı"
I made a quick guitar arrangement and we recorded in one take...

hope you enjoy 😊

Its been a while since I posted a fretless improvisation...

I'm in Istanbul but you can't see it... trust me..

Tuning is EAC#g#be


Experimenting with Spider Capo's.


I made something strange... I take no responsibility :)


I really recommend learning about the 30 years war... It's fascinating... especially C.V Wedgwood's book about it.

Maybe one day I will be good

çok iyi bir şarkıcı değilim ama bu sesi bana Allah verdi, aynı zamanda yabancıyım. 😁

a very beautiful and hard to sing Türkü (turkis folk song), if I were a good singer it would have helped but I think it's pretty decent..
the instrument I play is called Oğur Sazı.


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