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Originally posted: Jan. 14, 2012

Just before Christmas a gentleman brought me his mother's Beretta pistol. It had been in her car for about four years. When he pulled it out, he found the gun was not only rusted badly, but the barrel had to be pried open and the magazine yanked out. In hopes of getting the gun working again, he brought it to me and asked if there was anything I could do. Since I enjoy doing this kind of work, I took it on as project.

It took several days to complete and the gun had to be torn down completely. It also suffered some non-fixable damage.

In a later video I'll go over how to do a restoration project like this, what was used, and how to prevent it, as well as what damage was caused to this little gun.


2018 edit: I never did shoot a video about how this was done. I may, at some point in the future. I remember this little gun like it was yesterday.

Originally posted: July 31, 2012

How to take down a Beretta 92FS

About the gun: This particular gun is an older version of the 92FS, called a 92FS Brigadier. It has a slightly heavier slide than a standard 92FS, all metal parts, and Hogue wrap around rubber grips, standard. It isn't much different from a standard 92FS, 92F, or M9. They break down the same.

Just a simple tutorial on how to take down and reassemble a GLOCK. Originally uploaded July 28, 2011.

Recorded: Oct 28, 2011

I am aware there are pronunciation issues in this video, I was corrected.

A very quick, to the point instructional on how to remove the bolt from your Lee Enfield rifle.

Rifles in video:

1964 Ishapore No. 1 Mk 3 chambered in .303 British

1926 Lithgow SMLE chambered also in .303 British

Tips: make sure everything clicks back into position.

Decock your Enfield carefully as it is not advised to store one cocked.


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