ambient glitchy sounds, icy and minimal

Music by gizka

Chill ambient nature vibes, evergreens dancing

Music by David Pressler, from the album Music for Evergreens

From my upcoming album "Data Processing Experiments" featuring sound and video processing heavily in audacity, the free software we have all slept on.

Music by Gizka
Video by Gizka

Holy shit, the absolute madmen, they actually did it wtf

Bass and speakers everywhere, absolutely btfo

Music by Western Gift Economy
footage by lava guy, edited by specially trained golden retriever

Minimal glitch ambient track from my upcoming album Data Processing Experiments. Video made by using audio effects in audacity on the raw video data. Track also made by liberal application of effects in audacity on a looping sample.

Music by Gizka
Video editing by Gizka

alternative description:

back in 'techre city Bill Evans plays the piano

at a slimey gonk establishment

Thom Yorke gets on stage

by now he has become a kind of hairy skeleton

he makes high pitched wails into a canister, on all fours

he has learned the art of bone origami

and he is folding himself up into an ever smaller thing

eventually he is so small he is not visible, which is part of the art of it, you see

yet he still is able to wail

Bill Evans dies of many years of cocaine use

My latest electronic piece set to a visual background of a classic windows screensaver. The track is titled "Descent" and it is from an upcoming album titled "Data Processing Experiments" which will be available for download and streaming on my bandcamp sometime in the fall. This track like the rest from the album is constructed entirely from samples which have been processed in audacity and then cut and pasted together to form the structure, and sometimes processed again.

Music by Gizka

Chill with the fish, watch them swim back and forth, remember simpler times. Music by Gizka. From the album Ambient Piano and Guitar, for streaming and download on bandcamp. Part of a series titled "Music for Screensavers" inspired by Brian Eno, Y2k, and digital nostalgia.

Johnny is still on his little island. Been there a long time. Decided to write him a song.

music by Gizka

a piece from an ongoing and upcoming project titled "music for screensavers" inspired by windows 95, windows 96, and brian eno

music by Gizka
inspired by the classic screensaver


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