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This is quite possibly the funniest thing to happen with the MSM in recent memory. This is the now-removed ABC video that was talked about in StyxHexenhammer's video put up recently: . Thanks to whoever archived it.

Maybe it's blasphemy to not use Emacs when writing Lisp/Scheme functions (or expressions as they put it), but I really like Acme. It's got the same engulfing effect that Emacs has but without the unnecessary bloat. Here I show how I was able to make writing Scheme much less painful.

Link to the script I have:
Link to the git repo that has my functions:

Happy Hacking!

P.S. I suck at editing. I'll work on that next video

Uploaded this to YouTube but Bitchute ain't mirroring the video. So here you go. Excuse my nervousness I'll get better.
It just occurred to me that I used nearly this same thumbnail on my previous video. Oh well
Check out for more info about this amazing editor.

As far as I can tell, this is the first video on BitChute about anything related to Plan 9, much less acme. I'll upload videos of my own soon but have a really good intro video to acme right now.

Original Video Link:
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