Since news started to break a couple of weeks ago that President Donald Trump was going to be using the service's of both Kenneth Starr (who helped impeach Bill Clinton in 1998) and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz in his upcoming Impeachment Trial I wondered why the Hell Trump would be so foolish to use these two lawyers who literally worked together to get convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein that infamous 'house arrest' sentence back in mid 2004-2005 for using the services of underage girls in his sex trafficking ring including - Virginia Roberts - who has been linked to Prince Andrew (again) of late. With all that poor judgement being used by Trump who - himself - has been linked to the infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein I would like to know where all the crazed 'Q Anoners' stand by on this really badly choice of lawyers that Trump is using for his Impeachment hearing. Because all I am seeing and witnessing from Crazed Trump and Q followers is the sound of crickets and silence.

Excerpt from the most recent Vanity Fair Blog: Former Bill Clinton special prosecutor Ken Starr and part-time celebrity lawyer, full-time lawyer-celebrity Alan Dershowitz are joining forces to defend yet another billionaire sex pest. On Friday, the White House announced that Donald Trump has hired both ex-Jeffrey Epstein lawyers to defend him in his Senate impeachment trial. They’ll be joined by Robert Ray, another Clinton prosecutor; former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi; White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow; and former lawyer Jane Raskin.

Since the resurrection of Epstein’s name in the news cycle, new scrutiny has been directed at Starr for assisting in his grossly lenient 2008 plea deal, which Starr helped set up after investigators charged the billionaire with multiple counts of unlawful sex with minors and prostitution charges. Dershowitz’s involvement with Epstein goes a step further. While he was once best known for helping to successfully defend alleged wife killer O.J. Simpson and alleged attempted wife killer Claus von Bülow, he has spent the past year in the spotlight not just for helping with the plea deal that allowed Epstein to continue his serial abuse of minors, but for participating in the abuse himself, according to some of Epstein’s alleged victims. (Dershowitz denies these allegations, claiming he has only had a “perfect, perfect sex life,” an extremely normal characterization.)

Dershowitz helped negotiate the part of the plea deal—pushed through by then U.S. attorney for Southern District of Florida Alex Acosta, who stepped down as Trump’s labor secretary in July—that granted total immunity to four named co-conspirators and any unnamed “potential co-conspirators.” One of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, says the lawyer’s true intent was to cover up the abuse he committed alongside Epstein. Giuffre’s lawyers are attempting to uncover the full extent of Dershowitz’s relationship with Epstein by forcing him to release their private communications. While Dershowitz has maintained his innocence, he has admitted to receiving a “massage” in Epstein’s residence by a woman who was purportedly of age.

Today our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered each family of the Canadian (citizen) victims aboard Flight PS752 - $25,000 per person to get the bodies back to Canada. My question here is: What if there are NO bodies to bring back, do the 'families' still get the cash?

In this video I use critical thinking in analyzing why Canadian student's aboard Flight 752 may have been targeted by both Iranian and Saudi Arabian terrorists and I critically analyze why we have not seen any bodies being repatriated back here to Canada and I compare the crash sights from Germanwings Flight 9525 (March 2015), Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 (July 2014) and the recent Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 crash from January 2020. This video is solely based on my personal opinion and thoughts based on my observations. By no means am I suggesting that there is a conspiracy behind these 'tragic' accidents involving these three planes.

On January 12th we woke up in the Toronto area to news that there was a problem at the Pickering Nuclear Plant just East of Toronto. The Government of Ontario sent out text messages around 8am and it took them an hour to re-text that it was a 'false alarm'. It reminded me of the Hawaii Incoming Missile Text that was sent on this near exact date (January 12th, 2018). What are the chances of that? I want to thank my friend Marvin P. for his continued research in assisting my investigating as we look at the numbers and algorithms that will be leading to the next great '911' False Flag. Today we look at the algorithm's and 'media' clues and connections at the Numbers 113 and 311 plus the dates of January 13th and it's mirrored sister - March 11th. Are we going to be witnessing something big or bigger then '911'?
Editors Note: If you go through the alphabet twice Z = 52, not 56 and the British runner was wearing the number 223 or the reverse 322.

After the Iranian attack on two US and Iraqui military bases several media outlets have subsequently been asking how come there was no serious damage or even death caused by - what Iran said were numerous - missile's launched at the bases. In this video I analyze my views and opinions on why I feel this was a manufactured hoax by both the US and Iran to save 'face' for both the Donald Trump and the supreme leader of Iran and what it means to both parties. I also look at the new revelation brought forward today that Iran 'accidentally' shot down Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 killing all 176 crew and passengers aboard.

If I were allowed one question at a press conference with either Donald Trump or Mike Pompeo I would ask: 'Why didn't you use any Patriot Missiles to bring down the incoming Iranian rockets/missiles launched at the two Iraqi military bases?' (Not having any deployed there or them being turned off like an Epstein video monitor would not be an acceptable answer either.)

Well I called it on January 3rd, even before Qassem Soleimani was assassinated by a Trump mandated drone. I said in my video to watch for an event of 'substance' to happen on Jauary 7th - which was Christian Orthodox Christmas on the Julian calendar. Obviously by now we have all heard that the 'Big event' of January 7th was the Iranian missile attacks launched on the two US/Iraq army bases in Iraq which did not cause any injury or death, just International concern. however, the second 'Big Event' that happened was the crash involving the Ukraine International airlines Flight 752 only minutes after taking off from the Tehran Airport on it's way to Kiev, Ukraine. The interesting aspect about this so far 'unexplained' airlines crash is that the plan was eventually suppose to be headed to Toronto, Canada (my hometown) with 138 of the 176 dead crew and passengers aboard. In the end 63 Canadian's died in the plane crash and several were student's on their way back to various universities here in Canada. Let's take a closer look at the 'Canadian Connections' to this Ukrainian Boeing 737 plane crash that happened shortly after Iran had finished launching missiles into Iraq during the inaugural phase of Trumps War on Iran.

While researching this video I found it interesting that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as far back as 2011 was telling the US Congress that Qassem Soleimani needed to be assassinated and this was the same time that Donald Trump was posting his video telling the world that Barack Obama was going to start a war with Iran so he could get re-elected President in 2012. Of course Obama never started a war with Iran, nor did they assassinate Soleimani. I guess he was leaving both of these tasks up to Trump. So far Trump is one down and one to go.

This evening the Iranian's launched thirteen missiles into two US Military Bases in Iraq and basically called it self-defense against the American forces who took out their Top General and Second in Command Qassem Soleimani on January 3rd. I predicted something would go down on January 7th and this looks like it was an event of some substance. The missile attack happened while I was editing this video earlier this evening. This video takes a look at who Qassem Soleimani was and where and how he came to be the target of an American assassination and was he duped into showing up in Baghdad only to be eliminated by a drone. I also look at why did American Officials tell Congress back in 2011 that Soleimani needs to be assassinated?

It was an interesting line-up on Sunday Night Television last night. Quite the psyop if you tell me. First we had the very 'weird' - yes WEIRD - 60 Minutes investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's suicide in the Manhattan Correctional Center and then we had a three hour Hollywood love-a-thon with Ricky Gervais as the host of the Golden Globes Awards and he was rather 'off-side' as usual and then when the awards started to be handed out I realized that Hollywood was bringing up the Australian Bush Wildfires and the words 'Climate Crisis' started to resonate and it went on for three hours. The Climate Crisis was on for Three Hours and thankfully in his 8 minute monologue Ricky Gervais smacked around the hypocrisy of these Hollywood Brats. Finally my night ended by watching a Jeffrey Epstein/Prince Andrew documentary on CBC's 'The Passionate Eye'. Ricky Gervais also took a poke at the Hollywood stars for their relationship with Epstein and he took a nice little poke at Greta Thunberg. All in all it was a great Psyop Night in Hollywood. Enjoy my breakdown.

I use two recent videos from lawyer and NRA Activist and Spokesman Colion Noir and add text regarding the pending (negative) gun control changes coming to the State of Virginia as they are being asked to use a new Gun registry and give up their assault weapons. in November 2019 the state went full blown Democrat in electing 21 seats in the Senate, while Republicans won 19 and in the House Democrats won 55 seats, enough for a majority, while Republicans won 45 seats giving them control of both houses and the governor's mansion in Virginia for the first time since 1994. The 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election will be held on November 2, 2021. Incumbent Democratic Governor Ralph Northam is unable to run for re-election, as the Constitution of Virginia prohibits the state's governors from serving consecutive terms. With that said it looks like anti-gun Governor Ralph Northam is on a mission to bring in draconian Gun Control Legislation before he leaves office now that the Democrats have taken both the house and the state Senate. Many people on line and in Social Media are asking why hasn't President Donald Trump come out and spoke out against the new 2nd Amendment Violations being dished out by the anti-Democratic governor of Virginia.

I am finding it hard to believe that they (Demos and Repos) are both BEATING the War Drums. Like this was okay to do. Assassinate a rivals Second in Charge in broad daylight. So anyone who is considered a 'Terrorist' to the Drumpf Administration can now be Droned? (Even in another countries backyard?) That means that half of the World Leaders had better keep at least one eye on the sky. And I am not saying that they should be looking for Chemtrails either. Instead of Bombs away it is now Drones away!

I discuss the definition of A) the Smith-Mundt Act, B) Operation Mockingbird, C) False Flag, D) Dictatorship and E) Wag the Dog and then I plug Donald Trump in beside each definition. I am not an American, I do not have a horse in that Political race I am a Canadian and I do not believe in ELECTIONS - I believe in SELECTIONS. Sorry to offend any true Donald Trump believers, but he is nothing but an ACTOR for the New world Order playing his role. He was put on the 'The Apprentice' for a reason. There is no hero going to ride in from the deep state wearing a White Hat to save America. All Hell is about to break lose in the United States of America. Pompeo and Trump said that they just saved thousands of American lives by exterminating Qasem Soleimani, I say that it is the other way around. Thousands of American lives are now in harms way because of this manufactured attack on Soleimani. Trump is acting like he is the Dictator in Charge and not the Commander in Chief. Time will Tell. Pray for the Wicked.

Every TALKING HEAD that I have watched on the news channels have said that Iran will be ATTACKING the USA in one way or another as retribution for Trump 'Droning' Iranian General and Second in Line to Power Qasem Soleimani . Now they have literally told the Sheeple of America to be prepared because there will be an attack on American soil. BTW Iran said that they are having a three day mourning period effective today - January 3rd. That makes my date of January 7th in play for a 'retribution' attack.

First off I would like to give two shout out's in the making of this video. One goes out to YouTuber Channel @JohnWick who has been leaving excellent comments and information for me on my back-up channel @GlobalAgendaII and the second shout out I would like to thank YouTuber @InfluenceFreedom for leaving me a tip to go and view her channel after she had seen my latest video on the White House Christmas decorations and the Golden Gate Bridge symbolism. She has been linking Keanu Reeves and his latest Trilogy Series 'John Wick' to possible West coast Dam and Bridge false flags as I have been seeing for the past two plus years ever since the Oroville Dam first had it's 'spillway let go' back in early 2017. Influence Freedom has done an excellent mini-video breakdown (which I have included) with my edits adjusted to what I have been seeing lately. The recent tow events on December 29th 1) The machete attack on the Rabbi's house in New York and 2) the Fort Worth Texas Church shooting left behind some excellent clues that I have used to connect and conclude that we may be seeing a rather 'large event' being planned for the Orthodox Christian Christmas (January 7th, 2020). The algorithms are connecting to last January 2oth/21st Super Blood Wolf Moon and the attack date of December 29th and the end of the year date of December 31st. When my friend @JohnWick YouTube Channel reminded me of the Orthodox Christmas date from the Julian calendar being January 7th, 2020 once I started punching dates into the Time and Date Calculator I concluded that something may well be 'going down' on that date and with the Trump administration just taking out Iranian General and Second in Command Qasem Soleimani in a New Years Drone Attack it gives more credence to the possibility that there may be a serious false flag attack on American soil coming VERY SOON. Sorry that I sound so negative, but several of us have been seeing something BIG Coming to America and now there is substantial reason for the Cabal to actually initiate the plan.

In January 2019 the world was introduced to 16 year old Swedish Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg at the Davis economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland and from there begun her Global Quest or should I say George Soros financed mission to urgently change the World's views on climate change and convince many millions of minions that we need to do something about our personal global carbon footprint or face mass extinction in twelve or less years. The mainstream media obviously reading from the same script jumped on board and so the Global Climate Emergency begun with a 16 year old stunted in growth with Asperger's Syndrome and Mutated Autism is now the Global voice on Climate Change. Earlier in December Time Magazine named her Person of the Year so it was no surprise for me to see that as we end 2019 Greta Thunberg is still making headlines. So with that said I must ask myself and those of you who are watching this video if The Greta Thunberg Story is not the Psyop of the Year 2019 and how much more of her are we going to be able to take from mainstream media if they keep sending her out to the Frontlines of Climate Crisis Battle in 2020? Because judging by the Likes versus Dislikes on the videos that she appears in - as you will see - and the attached comments on these same recent videos the viewers and people are wide awake to her true Global Agenda.

Shoutout to YouTuber @idont thinkso who reminded that today is 12/29 or 3/11, 311 for reminding me that today (December 29, 2019 which is also a 12 (3) and 29 (11) or 3/11 reverse 11/3.

I am sitting here posting this video watching CNN and seeing that the Gews are under attack in New York and now there is a shooting in "WHITE SETTLEMENT" Texas. This is getting so ridicky licky.... Happy New Year Mr. Drumpf. I am looking at the Connect the Dots now. Thank you.

As many of you know I have been following the possibility just through looking at algorithms of a possible false flag happening in San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge) and Seattle (Space Needle Tower) for most of this past year on my two channels. I have included my video playlists below. My last video before Christmas showed the white House Christmas decorations that included Seattle's Space Needle Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge sitting in an arrangement on display with Mount Rushmore model. So it was no great surprise (while watching 'Get Smart' the other night) when I noticed Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson mention San Fran and Seattle as possible terrorist targets.

When you watch this video you will clearly see that the 'Powers That Be' have literally 'dried' up the continent of Australia. Australia has been forced into a drought for over the past year. The government has used geo-engineering on it's citizens for a number of years and now with the on-going use of Chemtrails the government has literally started to torch the west coast to clear cut the brushland for what may well be a high speed train line in the near future. Much like how the government of California has been burning up the north west coast for a high speed train link the Australian's may now find themselves in their own version of Agenda 21. What has become more and more apparent in the last number of years is how the Globalists use geo-engineering (in this case Chemtrails and cloud seeding) in controlling the weather. In 2014 Malaysia was in the middle of one of their hottest dry spells in history. The government authorized the use of cloud seeding to promote rain and it worked. Meanwhile jump six years later and look at the present heat wave and drought that is helping spur the Australian Bush Fires and I ask the question: If you can start the wildfires with geo-engineering then why can't you stop the wildfires with geo-engineeing? (Insert cloud seeding here.)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In this Christmas Day video we will looking at some pretty wild post Chemtrail clouds that my friend and YouTuber Farrah358 caught recently in the Carolina's and we look at recent revelations from Australian YouTube veteran Max Egan and his discussion on his home countries bush fires, heat wave and geo-engineering and then I take a look at the phenomenon of the Sun flashing and pulsing. I am also adding my new Discord link to my channel as I invite you to join my group and privately discuss and share our concerns, thoughts and current affairs.

Global Agenda Discord invite link:

One of my viewers sent me a PDF file earlier this week telling me that he had broken down and decoded the date of December 21, 2019 (Winter Solstice) and how it was a possible false flag date based on the mirroring from the Economist The Year in 2019 magazine cover. He asked me to look at what he had discovered based on his breakdown of the dates and Gematria involved in his decode and left it up to me to discover more connections through my own research. He see's the dates of the January 21st, 2019 Wolf Blood Moon and Saturday December 21st, 2019's Winter Solstice as 'mirrored' dates. He never mentioned that December 21st was Winter Solstice as he probably forgot, but I knew it was and looked at when the actual time of the solstice was taken place and when I looked I was mildly surprised to see that in the Northern Hemisphere the time of the Solstice is 11:19pm ET or as we discuss in this video a reverse '911'. Just as I was editing this video on Thursday night a fine friend of mine and fellow Canadian YouTuber @Rosemary sent me over to RussianVids video from December 14th titled: "Golden Gate Bridge Predictive Programming - 2019 White House Decorations Clues" and it was here where we see that the White House has set-up a Christmas display that includes a model of Mount Rushmore, the Seattle Tower Needle and of course the Golden Gate Bridge and anyone that follows my channel will know that I have covered possible false flags on San Francisco and the G.G. Bridge and Seattle throughout the past several month's. On the last page of the PDF my Decoder asks the question is the Golden Gate Bridge going to be hit with a false flag on or near December 21st, 2019?

At age 98 Prince Philip was admitted to hospital today in England and the Queen stayed at her 'Christmas Getaway From Andrew Castle' in Sandringham. If he dies they will announce that the 'Forth Bridge' has fallen. Are there anymore 'London Bridges' about to fall?

In April of 2017 Paul Hessburg (a forest landscape and fire expert) spoke at a TEDX Talks seminar and introduced us to the term 'Mega Fire'. Since his TED Talk of Spring 2017 we have witnessed various wildfires throughout Mother Earth. Including the Santa Rosa and Paradise Wildfires in California and more recently the latest California Kincade Wildfire. With the early start to the wild fire season in Australia and the immense heat waves that are already reaching record temperatures all the talk on mainstream media is pointing at on going global warming and now the pollution from the fires is causing a deadly haze over Sydney in southwest Australia. Australia has not had any substantial rain in weeks and the ground is overly dry causing all these bushfires that are turning into 'mega fires' which as you will see in this video is the new norm when talking about Australia's new season of mega bush fires.

This is the excerpt from TEDX Talks summary in the description box from Paul Hessburg's talk posted in July of 2017.

"We have all seen the news--hotter summers, and bigger, badder wildfires. What's going on? How did we get here?Paul tells a fast-paced story of western US forests--unintentionally yet massively changed by a century of management. He relates how these changes, coupled with a seriously hotter climate, have set the stage for this modern era of megafires. He offers clear tools for changing course, a sense of urgency, and a thought-provoking call to community action.

As an expert on forest landscapes, Paul Hessburg aims to understand why wildfires are getting bigger and hotter, and how they got that way. Hessburg has spent more than 3 decades researching changes that have taken place in the fire-prone western landscapes, what caused them, and how they differ from place to place. Along with a revved up climate, these changes have created conditions ripe for the rise of what he and others call megafires. How do our forest management techniques affect the legacy we leave our children? Hessburg’s recent book, Making Transparent Environmental Management Decisions, offers compelling new insights into using modern-day decision support systems to plan for forest restoration.

The first four and a half minutes of this video I am reading the Freemason's Master Mason's Initiation Oath. It is read by Third Degree Freemason's when they are qualifying for Master Mason. I wanted to show the last part of the Oath and leave the following question. If the Freemason Brotherhood is suppose to be to bring upstanding men of the local community together and turn them into better community citizens and better husbands and fathers then WHY does it have such a violent ending to those men who break that same Oath? They say that it is NOT a secret society yet DEATH is the final outcome for those Men that reveal Freemason secrets. Something is deeply wrong when violence is an End Game for this apparent fraternal and extremely secretive 'brotherhood'.

The remainder of this video looks at what I feel is a 33rd Degree Initiation Hoax and when you watch the video you will see why I feel that a certain person within the community of Mason, Michigan was behind the recent 'Women For Trump' teenager versus teacher removing her button in class hoax. Nominated and appointed 33rd Degree Freemason's are usually and always long serving and important members within their community and based on what I witnessed and researched here in Mason, Michigan I feel that it was all a hoax set up by the initiated 33rd degree. You will have to watch the video to see who I believe was behind the 'Women for Trump' button flipping hoax at the Mason, Michigan High School.

This video is my follow-up to my first video (listed below) that looked at the many symbolism's that were attached to the November 29th London Bridge Attack. Which was the third terrorist bridge attack since March 22nd, 2017 when jihadi terrorists mowed down pedestrians on London's Westminster Bridge and then again in a copycat vehicle and terror attack on the London Bridge three month's later on June 3rd, 2017 on the London Bridge. Thanks to YouTuber @CellarDoor for leading me to links that connects JK Rowling and her Harry Potter series and how the movies from Harry Potter were in fact predictive programming of the two most recent London Bridge Terror Attacks. In my last video I only touched on the symbolism of 'The Unicorn' in these events, but in this second video and I look more deeply into why the Unicorn symbol has been used so frequently in main stream and social media since the rise of the colorful rainbow and the LGBTQ global community.

This week Virginia Roberts Guiffre Tweeted out that she was informed by the FBI that they have received credible information telling them that Virginia's life maybe in jeopardy. So she has Tweeted that she is NOT suicidal and has spoken to her family doctor about her mental health as you will see in this video. At the same time Mail Online (take it with a grain of salt) has reported (for the umpteenth time) that Ghislaine Maxwell is in negotiations with a large US broadcaster to have her side of the Epstein/Prince Andrew Sex Crimes Case told. My question then to the FBI (who apparently want to talk to Maxwell) would be: Are you going to meet her at the airport when she lands to do her interview, if it is in the United States? My second question would be: How come the FBI have NOT interviewed Ghislaine yet? And my final question would be: If the FBI has 'credible' information that Virginia Robert's life may be in jeopardy, what are they doing about it, if anything?

As I was publishing this video I noticed that Donald Trump was making headlines including this one from the Huffington Post: Donald Trump Calls Greta Thunberg’s Time Magazine Cover ‘So Ridiculous’ and the under-title reads: "The U.S. president says the teen climate activist has an anger issue."
The article goes on to say: "U.S. President Donald Trump bashed 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg on Thursday, a day after Time magazine named her “Person of the Year,” accusing her of having an “Anger Management problem” and telling her to “chill.” “So ridiculous,” the president tweeted in response to a tweet congratulating Thunberg on the honour. “Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!” Good timing for me to post this video. Thanks Huffington Post. Here is the link.

Unless you were living under a rock on December 11th you would probably not heard that 16 year old Swedish Climate Change Teen Activist Greta Thunberg won TIME Magazine's 2019 'Person of the Year'. I purposely watched every night time comedy talk show on the idiot box last night and every psyop pushing lame comedian from Jimmy Kimmel to Conan O'Brien were letting us know that Greta had won the award during the day. We also heard that this years 'finalists' for the annual award were U.S. President Donald Trump, his unnamed 'Whistle Blower, his executioner Nancy Pelosi and the thousands upon thousands of Hong Kong protesters. The 2018 TIME 'Person of the Year' was awarded to a group of four journalists who worked in dangerous zones of the world. TIME called them the 'Guardians of War on the Truth' for putting their lives at risk for reporting on none 'fake news' they called it. When hearing about Teen Sensation Greta Thunberg winning the award over the Hong Kong Democracy Protesters President Trump's eldest son Don Jr was not too impressed and neither was this Channel. TIME Magazine should not have picked Greta Thunberg as their 'Person of the Year' they should have picked her as their 'Psyop of the Year'. This of course is only my opinion.

Scientists will never admit that comets approaching Earth and flying by can cause earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt, but recent revelations and new theories exist showing the contrary. On December 26th, 2004 Comet Machholz (which was first spotted in the sky by Donald Machholz on August 27th of that same year) made it's closest approach to the Sun on that day after Christmas. At the same time that this was happening on that ill fated Boxing Day Mother Earth was passing through Comet Machholz's orbital plane. On December 26th, 2004 @ 00:48 UTC a 9.1 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter hit off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. It was an undersea megathrust earthquake that resulted in one of the worst modern day tsunami's in modern history. It had the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima type atomic bombs and hit 11 countries from Africa to Thailand. Over 230,000 people died and the Tsunami caused 15 billion dollars in damage. Fast forward to August 30th, 2019 and Comet 2l/Borisov was discovered by Gennadiy Borisov. The comet is said to be 14x the size of Earth. On December 8th, 2019 the comet was to make it's closest approach to the Sun since it was spotted. On December 9th a dormant, but still alive earthquake on White Island, New Zealand erupted at 1:22 pm New Zealand time. For the majority of the planet it was still December 8th. The ensuing eruption killed several sightseeing hikers who were on the island touring the frequently visited volcano. On December 28th, 2019 Comet 2l/Borisov will be making it's closest approach to Earth. Astronomers are already calling it 'The Christmas Comet'. In this video we look at Croatian researcher and sky investigator Igor Kostelec and his belief that Comet 2l/Borisov's fly-by on December 8th caused a tectonic shift on the exact meridian that the White Island Volcano sits on thus causing this catastrophic eruption and are there anymore on the horizon leading up to the next pass by 'The Christmas Comet' on December 28th?

On October 26th I was scanning my YouTube feeds and I noticed that ABC 10 news based out of Northern California had just finished live streaming a press conference with officials in relationship to updating residents about the Kincade Wildfire and the PG&E rolling blackouts. When I went on to the video page to watch the 22 minute update I noticed that there were 313 views on the new video and the likes were 38 to only 1 dislike. I found this strange because people tend not to give a thumbs up to 'officials' talking about a nasty and ugly reality. There were only two comments at the time so I decided to comment and stay on the video. I wanted to give it a 24 hour cycle and monitor the comments. What I have done in this video is record the chat room and record the comments and replies over that period. I want to share with you my findings and ask the question: 'Are Californians waking up to the reality that these fires may not be as advertised?' Are the Sheeple starting to wake up?

Last year while viewing the parking lot dash cam video footage of the Paradise Camp fire from my YouTube friend John Klepp's I noticed that his camera caught two strange white orbs dancing around in the parking lot while his camera was filming the fire. I always remembered this footage and wanted to look into it more closely. This past summer while I was walking on a trail in a rain shower in the evening with cell phone light and camera on I taped a white orb buzz by my face and I had saved that video footage, but shortly after that my camera fell off my bed and the screen died and I lost my photos and videos. I had been wanting to look into the Orbs and UFO connections for a while now and I have researched several YouTubers who have posted Orb videos and I am sharing their findings and my findings in this video. I want to thank YouTubers Arthur ok, Highglow66, Ca Le Orbs and Orb Whisperer for sharing and letting me use some of their interesting and eye opening videos in my investigative video here. Orbs are definitely an intelligent phenomenon and they appear to be seen much more often and want to be filmed as they make their presence known and felt as you will see and here in this video.

A big warm shout out to YouTuber @CellarDoor for providing me with the clues in producing this video. I am working on a second video linking Harry Potter symbolism and predictive programming to the latest London Bridge Attack as well.

Many observers of last week's apparent (single parolee) terrorist attack in London that took place at both the Fishmongers Hall and then on the London Bridge have made mention how strange it was to see the attacker Usman Khan being subdued by bystanders - two of which used a fire extinguisher and a narwhal tusk (strangely enough) to subdue the attacker. This video looks at all the strange symbolism and meanings to why they used the name 'Saskia' and the Narwhal Tusk spear during this 'terrorist' attack on and near London Bridge. Where three people (including the terrorist) and another three people (33) were injured during the 'event' on November 29th the 333rd of the year.

I mirrored this excellent video by YouTuber M Ricci. As most of you know I have been covering Greta Thunberg and her psychological climate crisis operation since I posted my first video on her this past April. I had never thought to look to closely at her up close face until my fellow Canadian and YouTube Medium Rosemary told me to go over and check out Ricci's video where he clearly notices Greta's teeth morphing. We have seen the picture od Greta from the turn of century in North Western, Canada working in the mines and Ricci touches on it in this video.


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I have been Conspiracy Realist for the past 25 plus years. I watched WACO, Oklahoma City Bombing and the NASA Challenger explosion happen in the 90's and something did not sit right with me regarding any of these events. Especially the fact that WACO and Oklahoma City happened exactly two years to the day (April 19th). I started looking into Freemasonry when I was 28 years old after attending my beloved Grandfather's Masonic Funeral which was very creepy. That led me to researching the New World Order and the Illuminati and then I purchased and read William Cooper's 'Behold a Pale Horse'. So when '9/11' came around I was prepared to investigate the false flag that it was and from there I always say to 'chew the meat and spit out the bones' when looking at these NWO events. I ave two YouTube Channels - Global Agenda and Global Agenda II and a Twitter account. Enjoy my work. I am now on BitChute.