While I was reading through the latest release of court transcripts from the Virginia Roberts and Ghislane Maxwell 2016 lawsuit I kept seeing this name Shelley Lewis on the flight manifest. Now I know why. Lock up your children if you live in the 'Big Apple'.

Shelley Anne Lewis, 43, who was a frequent traveler on Epstein’s private jet, including trips to his so-called “Pedo Island,” according to the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

“Shelley was always very well connected and beautiful. I am shocked and saddened,” a former colleague told the UK paper of her apparent romantic ties to the notorious late pedophile.

When you go back and watch the Event 201 (Bill Gates, World Economic Forum and John Hopkins University) organized pre-plandemic summary video where they were planning this fake sickness thrown at mankind. One of the segments that they used in their video was discussing how to handle 'fake news' and 'fake narratives' that was going to challenge their SCRIPT on the Internet. When you watch the start of this video you will see that they (the New World Order) were so worried about what would be said and challenged on Social Media regarding this man made virus that they even discuss the possibility of shutting down the Internet. If they were to shut down the Internet during the lock down they would have threatened the Sheeple being woken up. Instead what the Communists have done who are in control of the Social Media sites on the Internet have just censored those of us who have an open, clear mind and can think for themselves through cognitive thinking. Those with cognitive dissonance are the ones that are obeying the Masters commands by not questioning why we need to wear a mask if we are not sick and why you are only shown being sick after you take the COVID-19 test and then you never really get sick, unless you are already suffering from underlying illnesses. This video looks at the two connections that are presently public enemy number one for Internet Censorship. Just like it was planned in New York City on October 18th, 2019 at a little New World Order get together called 'Event 201'.

The United States of America has now gone fully live with 5G frequency waves being transmitted throughout the country. There is no sign of the Virus letting up in major cities throughout the country. With that said we take a look at the new 5G technology that the various military machines are using around the planet to communicate with their underwater submarines and then we ask the question: Why are so many whales and dolphins washing up on shore around the planet? Has there been any studies done to look at the effects of 5G waves being used at the detriment of underwater marine life?

I am pretty sure that Dr. Fauci is so high on his Freemason Horse that he really does not look at social media or really care what the regular common folk public think about him as a person, let alone an ill advised scientist. During the COVID 19 psyop he has contradicted himself so many times that by now it is very obvious to the trained eye that the mainstream media is not going to question anything that he says. Today he made another absolutely annoying suggestion that the general public should NOW not only wear face masks to cover their mouth's and nostrils, but they also should be wearing Eye Goggles on top of face masks. This week we saw a group of doctors holding a press conference in Washington promoting the use of Hydroxy and how it was recommended by Fauci's own National Institute of Health in 2005 to help treat SARS-Cov virus and how it worked in early treatment. The video of the doctors supporting the prescription drug went viral before it was removed by the Big Three Censorship Boards of Social Media (FACEBOOK, TWITTER and YouTube). Dr. Fauci and Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN are nothing, but Gatekeepers for Big Pharma and need to be called out for their 'false information' sharing.

As I was final editing this video yesterday I saw the news flash that Donald Trump's old personal lawyer Michael Cohen was being told that he can serve the rest of his three year prison sentence at home. He had been previously let out on 'house arrest' to serve his sentence due to the threat of Coronavirus in the New York prison system, but then he was sent back to jail after he let authorities know that he was writing a 'tell all' book on his times putting out Donald Trump's fires in a courtroom. Michael Cohen had been Trump's lawyer in at least two lawsuit settlement's involving Trump and his sexual exploits with women, including stripper Stormy Daniels. This video looks at the connections that have become apparent recently that shows Donald Trump was more involved with Jeffrey Epstein style behavior then has previously been reported. The whole video has now come full circle this week with the release of Trump's former FIXER lawyer Cohen from prison (just today) and his writing a book on Trump from the 'back room' perspective and my thoughts on why Trump wished Epstein 'partner in crime' Ghislaine Maxwell all the best this week from the White House while she is awaiting trial on sex trafficking and perjury in a New York City (Manhattan) Detention Center. Donald Trump has a lot on his plate right now.

This is a clip from NPR.org regarding today's release from prison of Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen. "He (Cohen) is writing a book about his time working with Trump. Cohen was taken back to prison earlier this month, and federal authorities at the time said he refused the conditions of his release.

Attorneys for Cohen, including the American Civil Liberties Union, filed a lawsuit saying his reimprisonment was in retaliation for plans to publish a book that they say "provides graphic details about the President's behavior behind closed doors." They said it was also a violation of his First Amendment rights.

Cohen's attorneys noted that he had made no secret of his intention to release the book, including plans to seek a publication date weeks before the 2020 election.

The ACLU said in a statement that the Trump administration has a history of attempting to block books from his critics, including former national security adviser John Bolton.

Cohen's return to prison was "part of a dangerous pattern of retaliation against Trump critics," said Ben Wizner, director of the ACLU's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in 2018 after he pleaded guilty to multiple crimes, including lying to Congress and campaign finance violations over hush money payments made to women who alleged to have had sexual relations with Trump. The president has denied those affairs."

President Donald Trump expressed well wishes for Jeffrey Epstein’s jailed associate Ghislaine Maxwell, who is charged with procuring young girls to be sexually abused. “I just wish her well, frankly,” Trump said at a news conference at the White House Tuesday. Trump also told the media that he does not know of anything to do with Prince Andrew, Epstein and Ghislaine. Just like a good loyal Freemason Jesuit should be to his Queen.

Windigo Folklore:

According to most Algonquian oral traditions, a windigo is a cannibalistic monster that preys on the weak and socially disconnected. In most versions of the legend, a human becomes a windigo after his or her spirit is corrupted by greed or weakened by extreme conditions, such as hunger and cold. In other legends, humans become windigos when possessed by a prowling spirit during a moment of weakness.

The one thing that caught my eye when I was looking at this video was that CNN uploaded the video in 480p (maximum). Normally all their videos are uploaded in HD 720 resolution. I had to laugh and shake my head because they didn't want to give us this ten minute video in any higher quality. There has been so much of this Liquid Crystal Hologram 'pixelation' break down going on lately that I am putting my head down and digging deep.

These people (in this case the Floyd Family members) are Occultists, not shapeshifters, but they have negative archonic energy and the anomolies are caused by demonic possession and the magnetic frequency caused by the television or video camera can reveal their hologram failure.

If you go over to the original video on CNN check out the comment near the top by Storminghill 1 and then look at the 18 replies. The last comment by Source Awry and this is what they say: "Watch the last 10 seconds at .25 speed, and it's like someone used a blacksploitation marker on them. Wtf? The brother on the left of the screen has had his nose and lips enlarged and a black mask drawn over his eyes. This is not regular pixelating from a bad signal. This is like mockery of our stupidity for so many believing it."

For the record, I believe that the subject of wearing a mask during the COVID 19 Flu should be my personal choice. Probably - with no help from Donald Trump - the most polarizing topic/event that has arisen from the Coronavirus Psyop is the debate on whether you should wear a mask or not in public. The waters were muddied from the beginning. Early during the Pandemic we heard from Dr. Anthony Fauci in the United States telling the world on CBS' '60 Minutes' that wearing a mask will have minimal impact on stopping the virus. In Canada we had Dr. Tam telling us that there was zero proof that wearing a mask would stop the transmission of COVID 19 and at the same time the World Health Organization was telling us that the Virus was not controlled by mask wearing. Now all of a sudden in the Twilight Days of COVID we are being told that wearing a MASK in public places should be made mandatory - which is becoming a Global Rule of Law. Recently the World Health Organization has stated that those who are asymbiotic with the Virus will most likely NOT be transferring the Virus on to other people. The whole point of us having to wear a mask is to stop passing it on, NOT to protect us. If I am not sick with the virus and am not showing any signs of having the virus - then why am I being ORDERED to wear a mask? It is causing lots of confusion out there in New World Orderville - to the point it is creating many needless confrontations and even incidents with the Police causing death. Welcome to anarchy. Just the way they want it.

Today we learn that anti-Covid 19 advocate - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for the Corona and last night we learned that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms tested positive for the Virus after her husband became ill with it. The funniest thing is I - personally - have yet to meet one person who has tested positive for the Corona or any of their family members that I know about. I was watching Chris Cuomo on CNN last night and witnessed one of the worst Hologram Liquid Quartz Demonic breakdowns that I have ever seen on TV. I was with a family get together while I caught this on the 75 inch 4K Samsung TV, so I have to apologize for my families background noise as we were all celebrating our release from quarantine and sharing some Chinese (minus the COVID) Food for a late dinner.

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell has several question marks attached to it. The biggest question is: Why would she leave the safety of France (where she was born and could not be extradited to the USA) then come to America in December (just before the Pandemic) purchase a beautiful 1.1 million dollar country house in New Hampshire only to be arrested 7 month's later. I am also making a prediction here that Ghislaine Maxwell won't be 'suicided' like Jeffrey Epstein, but she will some how (easily done) catch the Coronavirus in prison and be sick enough to pass away in prison. We went from one psychological operation with Epstein to another one involving Ghislaine.

You really can't make this stuff up. The Artificial Intelligence that controls the way the media releases their stories so that everyone is on the same page had a Matrix Glitch and posted a BBC story (that was captured by Internet sleuths) and it shows Ghislaine Maxwell being moved to intensive care in a hospital and is being treated for COVID 19. Funny thing is I was predicting that she would be getting the Corona and would not be suicided because the Pandemic would take her out. Unbelievable Really.

I received this video earlier today and decided to share and post it on all my platforms based on my 'gut' feeling, I will leave it up for 48 hours. With the political climate in the USA right now it only makes sense to keep your head-up and stay vigilant. Happy 4th of July from Canada to my American cousins.

Alan Dershowitz just can't stay quiet. Jeffrey Epstein's former lawyer has denied that he ever had sex with Epstein and Prince Andrew Sex Slave Virginia Roberts Giuffre. He is fighting her in court on a defamation lawsuit and he denied that he ever took his underwear off during a Jeffrey Epstein Apartment Russian Massage. Now, after the arrest of Epstein's Handler and fellow Mossad Agent Ghislaine Maxwell he is telling the world that we must treat her as 'presumed innocent'. My upcoming video looks at why all indicators are showing that Ghislaine will not die from 'suicide', but will probably be 'suicided' with COVID 19 while in prison. The media is already indicating that Ghislaine will be singing like a canary and giving out names to get a lesser charge. I will believe that when I see it.

Surprise, surprise. My channel has been asking for several month's why the FBI have not caught up to Ghislaine Maxwell and finally today I awoke to the news that she had been finally been arrested in New Hampshire living in a cabin in the deep woods. It was almost a year to the day that her partner in sex crime Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6th on several sex crime charges. It has been all quiet on the Prince Andrew scene for the past few month's (the Pandemic has helped keep his story quiet), but we will see if it picks up traction now that his former favorite 'girlfriend' has been found and arrested by the FBI. We will soon see how the mainstream media handles this new arrest. So far in just a few hours I noticed that CNN has virtually ignored her arrest and it has been bigger news up here in Canada on both CBC and CTV. Also, interesting to note is the New York Post put out a rumor yesterday that Ellen DeGeneres' show may be cancelled any day now because of ratings and her abuse of staff while the show was in full production. Several of us have been following her Facebook and Instagram accounts during the lockdown and her behavior has been bizarre to say the least. Maybe she really is under house adrenochrome arrest and there is more to that story then meets the eye. The two other people who should be really nervous about this arrest of Madame Ghislaine - of course - are Prince Andrew and the Queen herself. This could get very interesting, hopefully Ms. Maxwell does not take a plea deal and we never hear her side of the story. She has denied that she did anything wrong so we will find out if she will sing like a 'jailbird'. She will not be 'offing' herself in prison like Jeffrey apparently did. This I can almost guarantee. Females rarely commit suicide in prison, unless of course you have a person named Clinton as your cell partner.

Accused Jeffrey Epstein procuress Ghislaine Maxwell is an “extreme” flight risk who’s been hiding out in a 156-acre property in New Hampshire with more than $20 million in the bank and three passports, according to Manhattan prosecutors who want her to remain locked up without bail.

Details of Maxwell’s cushy, transient lifestyle were laid out in a 10-page detention memo filed Thursday, hours after Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime confidant was busted on federal sex abuse charges.

Maxwell, 58, faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted and has an “extraordinary incentive to flee,” as well as the means and money to do so, prosecutors write.

They say they’ve linked 15 different bank accounts to Maxwell, some with balances of more than $20 million, and that she holds other accounts in foreign countries containing more than $1 million.

Maxwell moved large amounts of cash last year, including $300,000 from one account to another in July — the same month Epstein was indicted on sex trafficking charges, the memo says.

She also pocketed a cool $15 million on a sale of an unidentified residence in New York City in 2016. More than $14 million was transferred into one of her accounts.

Prosecutors allege Maxwell has gone to great lengths to conceal her whereabouts and has been hiding out mostly in New England.

During the present COVID 19 Pandemic I have been keeping my eye on the number of murders that are still happening in Big City, America and of course when one thinks of murders you think of the Murder Capital of the USA - Chicago, Illinois. Over the past few years I generally give some time on my channel to report on the Weekends of Father's Day and the 4th of July to see how Chicago is doing. This year (even under lockdown and self-isolation) Chicago's numbers are through the roof. What is very concerning is the number of children that have been killed by stray bullets. There seems to be no regard for human life. The killers in Chicago are not discriminating based on age. The violence is so bad that last Friday Donald Trump wrote a two page open letter to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker discussing his concerns over the needless violence in Chicago's poverty stricken lower income neighborhoods. Needless to say that did not go over well with Lori Lightfoot. As you will see in the video she is not a fan of Donald Trump. As we close in on America's 4th of July (a traditional blood bath in Chicago) I going to follow the politics leading in to it. Right now it appears that Chicago is on record pace for murders. The majority of them are black on black and gang related shootings. I find it hypocritical when an organization such as Black Lives Matter can be out protesting police bruatlity on blacks, yet they remain so silent when it comes to black-on-black violence. Who is speaking up for that 10 month old baby that was shot and killed this past weekend?

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For several years we have been watching strange 'freeze-ups' with celebrities and TV personalities while caught on camera. One of the best 'glitches' that we have seen in recent times was with TV Host Wendy Williams and her Halloween Statue of Liberty clone malfunction just a couple of years ago. An all-time classic freeze-up happened with NBC weatherman an MK Ultra victim Al Roker back in 2012. Once he heard the words 'Holy Ghost' he went into a 17 second freeze frame. Last week NASCAR racer and half-black Bubba Wallace was part of a terrible Hoax that went wrong involving a garage door rope closer that was fashioned to look like a noose, but it had been found to be a non-issue because the noose was intended for Bubba. After the race Bubba was interviewed about his dismal performance and how he was feeling and had a total freeze up. It looked to me that the pressure got to him and his MK Ultra programming broke down as he just froze in mid-interview. His handler was right beside him and tried to prop him up. Fox Sports was covering the race and interview and quickly noticed that he was having a MK Ultra melt down and immediately jumped away from the interview. You can clearly see these MK Ultra programmed public personalities sometimes have very unfortunate and telling malfunctions in public and get caught on film. They Live Among Us My Friends.

A week ago we witnessed a very strange happening in Talledega, Alabama involving NASCAR and their only Black Driver Bubba Wallace and an alleged act of hatred and racism. The incident involving a garage door rope that was in the shape of a 'noose' went viral with Bubba Wallace going on the social media and talk show circuit. It turned out to be a very embarrassing incident for both Wallace and NASCAR. With the races moved to Pocono, Pennsylvania this week I further looked into the 'incident' and it appears to me that NASCAR let this go viral in a sad and pathetic racial publicity stunt.

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The Story of NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace: Is He The Latest Boy Who Cried Wolf? https://youtu.be/hcoT7urxFDA

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I have followed NASCAR for over 40 years and I have been a big fan of Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and most recently Jeff Gordon and now Chase Elliott. I know NASCAR like the back of my hand. I know that sports are only entertainment and most outcomes are pre-selected and rigged. With that said, it disturbs me to see how the Satanic Sports Elite are using NASCAR to sell present day psyops such as Black Lives Matters. This 'noose on the loose' narrative really disappointed me. I do not appreciate being classified with a fake racist narrative which the MSM and NASCAR tried to use Bubba Wallace to sell in today's tempered social atmosphere.

26 year old half black NASCAR race car driver Bubba Wallace has had quite a three year career (so far) on the main circuit. He has yet to win a race in either the main division or the secondary division. So far a total of 185 races without a win. Recently he has been able to get NASCAR to ban having the Confederate Flag at their Race Tracks and recently he signed up with Black Lives Matter who put their name on one of his race cars for a race. Last week in Talladega, Alabama (his home state) at the Talladega Super Speedway his crew member discovered a 'noose' in his parking stall. The incident went viral and Bubba was shown lot's of love by the other drivers and main stream media. Obviously a 'noose' found hanging in a half black man's garage is not good for the program. After several hours of 15 FBI agents (believe it or not) looking into this it was discovered that the alleged 'noose' turned out to be nothing but a door rope to open and close the garage door. NASCAR investigated it and found that the 'noose' has been on that garage door since November of 2019 (minimally). The 'noose' was not intended for Bubba Wallace after all. Instead of taking the news as a positive that no one was intending the 'noose' as a slight to Bubba Wallace, he doubled down and faced the wrath of social media. He is in a high profile position and is a half black athlete, he is under scrutiny and yes he should not be the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf'.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf:
The fable. The tale concerns a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his town's flock. When a wolf actually does appear and the boy again calls for help, the villagers believe that it is another false alarm and the sheep are eaten by the wolf.

I have to admit I had lot's of fun making this video at Trump's expense and a little Pence as well. I was unaware that Donald Trump had a phobia about heights and doing stairs until I was researching for this video.
Now I see why he is so uneasy when he is out and about in public.
I do not have a horse in America's Race for the next White House, I live in Canada, but I do observe and I do comment. If there is one thing that I totally disagree with is a lying politician. We know that they ALL lie; however, the amount of Bold Face lying that comes out of Donald Trump really irritates me. I am no fan of him blatantly using the racist term 'KungFlu' either in discussing the Wuhan Coronavirus. Today, I just can't let it go by without commenting on Trump's bold face lie in discussing his ramp walk at the West Point Graduation earlier this month. Trump said that he was having a tough time walking down the ramp after his Class of 2020 Graduation Speech because of his leather soled shoes. He said during his Tulsa Speech that the mainstream media only showed him struggling to keep his footing walking down the ramp, but when he got to the bottom he literally ran the last ten feet off the ramp. In this video which is a parody/satire we look at Trumps Ramp Troubles and his explanation during the Tulsa Rally.

From the Chicago Sun Times: "104 shot, 14 fatally, over Father’s Day weekend in Chicago. Five children were among the 14 people killed, including a 3-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl killed in separate shootings."

The Chicago Tribune does an excellent job tracking all the shootings in the windy city. As of the day that I uploaded this video on June 22, 2020 in Chicago, 1,508 people have been shot this year. That is 350 more than 2019. Even with people being locked down and in self quarantine the City of Chicago is well ahead of last years statistics regarding inner city shootings. My channel has covered the Chicago Killing Fields every year for as long as I have had a YouTube Channel (6 years). If Black Lives really Matter then I think it is time to focus on the Black on Black Killing Pandemic that has been a plague for years now. It is time for the Black Community to not only look at Police Brutality, but it is time to look at their own Brutality within their own community and Chicago is Ground Zero and a great place to start.

Do Black Lives Really Matter or are the victims just casualties of an inner class war and poverty?

In late January 2018 Fox News desk ace and Trump friend Sean Hannity had his Twitter account 'go dark' for several hours on January 27th. After several hours it came back up with no explanation from Twitter. It came on the heals of Trump losing his Twitter account in late November of 2017. Several people felt that both Trump's Twitter and Hannity's account were hacked by 'Deep State' operatives. After getting his Twitter account back up and running Hannity prophetically Tweeted out that he would be back on Monday with a vengeance and he finished his Tweet with "Tick Tock". I never forgot this story so when we heard that the Tik Tok kids trolled Trump's Tulsa Rally and embarrassed Trump's organizers with them predicting the 'numbers' so badly I could not help, but to re-visit this prophetic Hannity Tweet.

Saturday June 20th we had the 2020 Summer Solstice, we had a Terror Knife Attack in a park in Reading, England killing three, followed by the Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was then followed by a 4.2 earthquake in Oklahoma and then overnight we had the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse. Now let's add this all up and see where Donald J. Trump fits in.

Yesterday I was final editing a video asking the question why hasn't Black Lives Matters been demanding that a Statue of Freemason and (alleged) Klu Klux Klan founder Albert Pike's statue been targeted for removal by the black activist group. I found this great article written by Texe Marrs back in August 2017 that asked the same question(s). So today I come back to upload the final edit in my video maker and I look on Twitter and see that last night in Washington at around 11pm several people came to Washington's Judiciary Square and removed the statue. I agree that the statue needed to come down to ensure any civil disobedience credibility. With that said I still want to share with you the article from Texe Marrs as it explains a lot about who this 33rd Degree Freemason and founder of the KKK was and why he should never have had a statue in memory in the first place.

This is the ending clip from my last video. I thought that seeing as how today was Juneteenth Day I would give it it's own 'Air Time'. I just may edit his whole speech from his Inauguration Speech in January 2017 and see what video clips I can use.

"FAILED: USA Today Attempts to Debunk the COVID 19 '322' Conspiracy Theory - Over To You Batman" https://youtu.be/LjxfQ3MN7AQ

A strange thing happened while I was making my '322' video. While researching how many times we keep seeing the number 322 and the COVID 19 headlines throughout Internet media I came across a very recent article posted on USA Today that tries to debunk why we are seeing the Freemason Skull and Bones number '322' in all these Coronavirus headlines. USA Today had some very pathetic reasons as to why we see them and they actually give out the real reasons why we keep seeing them, but of course they call it an 'online conspiracy theory'. I use the '322 Skull and Bones' as my channels watermark and I see how they use it in the media and a lot of it goes back to the Satanic Ritual Date of March 22nd. Thanks USA Today for giving me the energy and reason to debunk your pathetic reason for trying to debunk this 'conspiracy theory'.


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I have been Conspiracy Realist for the past 25 plus years. I watched WACO, Oklahoma City Bombing and the NASA Challenger explosion happen in the 90's and something did not sit right with me regarding any of these events. Especially the fact that WACO and Oklahoma City happened exactly two years to the day (April 19th). I started looking into Freemasonry when I was 28 years old after attending my beloved Grandfather's Masonic Funeral which was very creepy. That led me to researching the New World Order and the Illuminati and then I purchased and read William Cooper's 'Behold a Pale Horse'. So when '9/11' came around I was prepared to investigate the false flag that it was and from there I always say to 'chew the meat and spit out the bones' when looking at these NWO events. I ave two YouTube Channels - Global Agenda and Global Agenda II and a Twitter account. Enjoy my work. I am now on BitChute.