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Zbigniew Brzezinski is possibly the most import strategist of the NWO in the late 20th century.

Daughter - Mika Brzezinski - MSNBC

Between Two Ages: America's Role in The Technetronic Era, 1970

Polt Pot 1975 - 1979

Zbigniew Brzezinski 1989

Mikhail Gorbachev State of the World Forum 1995

Zbigniew Brzezinski - The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. 1997

WeAreChange 2008

Zbigniew Brzezinski - Mujahideen- 1979

Jay Dyer -

Zbigniew Brzezinski - Chatham House London - November 17th 2008

Jacques Attali - Rothschild linked globalist and French political toast maker "euthanasia will be one of the essential instruments of our future societies"

Avancer Par Peur - L'Express Magazine - 2009

Channel 4 News - Swine Flu scandal expose - 2010 - Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, Council of Europe

Jacques Attali - A Brief History of the Future - 2006

Parlon de Medecine - Presented by Jean Paul Escande - 1979

Jacques Attali - L'Avenir de la vie - Interviews with Michel Salomon -1981

Stanley Johnson - ex World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, MEP, former UN Ambassador - believes that the optimum UK population is 15 million (down from almost 70 million today)

The Population Problem 1973

World Population and the United Nations 1987

The Daily Telegraph - Boris Johnson - 25th October 2007

Ted Turner, Chairman of the United Nations Foundation believes the optimum world population is 2 billion.

Don't take our word for it, take his.

We Are Change

Sunday Times 24th May 2009

The Guradian 31st May 2009

Wall Street Journal 26th May 2009

Corbett Report - The Good Club

Stanford Graduate School of Business - April 2010


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The globalists all write books, white papers, speeches and give interviews outlining their agenda - yet we are still called 'conspiracy theorists'. Instead let us show the sheep the globalists in their own words.