Showing how to escape a flooded area with no water proof items at your fingertips.

Just a brief video of the situation on typhoon Tisoy at Tagaytay. More to come, check back soon!

Power outage near CityLand Residences in Tagaytay Philippines. Balance officials and public Workers race to restore power, and road access due to a fallen tree.

New to protection warrior? Not sure how to play it correctly? Here is some helpful World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth Pre-raid info!
Enjoy guys!

Star Citizen game play on planet Daymar (Mars lol) talking about game play, future features, a few basics of Star Citizen. If you ever thought about playing, it IS worth it. Any questions you have just ask! Just having a good time. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy!

A series on helping you cleverly convey what your telling someone. Will it catch on? Only time will tell! Thanks for watching!

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Common Sense Isn't so common, I know but damn, I can't tell the sheeple to stop running towards the slaughter house, if the sheeple don't take a moment to listen, think, and/or assess whats going on. The problem is larger than the Syria issue. It arises from the people who control these massive corporations, transnational banks and other transnational companies. The sooner people realize this, the quicker people as a whole can do something about it.

Makes sense when you look into why china owns a boat load of our debt. They basically own america. What is actually made in america now days? I know a few things, but damn... the majority is from overseas.

Anyone else feel like this is a conflict of interest? i.e. having people you gave contributions (money) to "grill" you about something of this magnitude?

I smell some bull sh!t in this one. Just like when the story came out back in 2016. It's hard to get that fish smell off of you if you just can't keep your lies together.

Also forgot to mention, interesting the SS went in with firefighters to the presidents residence. Not saying anything was taken or moved or destroyed, just noting that the SS went in with fire fighters. I can see why they would as its the presidents residence, but just thought it was also an interesting part of the article. That being said, sounds like someone had to either, silence someone, or maybe there might of been some form of document(s) that needed to get delt with for specific reason(s). OR maybe it was a distraction from to throw the public and other authorities off. All speculation as I have no proof, just observations.

Hello welcome to Global Revolution Radio. Lets talk about what is happening in Q posts 1100 - 1114 - April 2018

Cancer Research Article: and how the "big pharma" came to be. Watch the full video, maybe you will take something good away from it. I forgot how to speak english a few times in the video, lol, still learning!


Check this app out if your interested in something other than using amazon for your online purchases. This app runs in the background and searches for deals while you shop on amazon. If you like it leave a comment, or if you use something else leave a comment and let us know. Thanks for watching!

Leave a comment about why all the sudden arrest(s) are happening in and around people associated with the vatican. Anyone think its kind of ironic the vatican police arrested a guy who used to work at a place established by the catholic church? Are they trying to arrest people now, because some bigger drops are coming soon about the catholic church? Or is it something else?

Sound the alarm! There was a fire at Trump Tower in NYC. Don't get to distracted people. If you can't tell, I was joking when I made this video, and i'm happy no one was hurt. Great job nycfd.

What is going on with the Chinese city of Chongqing? Does it have to do with the manufacturing, or military there? I guess we'll have to just enjoy the show as Q says.

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I'm curious your thoughts on the subject, leave me a comment about the issue. President Trump signed a memorandum to end catch and release practices. This is great news if you don't want illegals coming into our country and staying.

Very interesting, I was lookin at the post when it first came out, and all of a sudden, the link stopped working. Censorship of certain information is in effect it seems.


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