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"The War of the Worlds" is an episode of the American radio drama anthology series The Mercury Theatre on the Air directed and narrated by actor and future filmmaker Orson Welles as an adaptation of H. G. Wells' novel The War of the Worlds (1898). It was performed and broadcast live as a Halloween episode at 8 p.m. on Sunday, October 30, 1938 over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. The episode became famous for causing panic among its listening audience.

Early “Psychological Warfare” Research and the Rockefeller Foundation

"The Rockefeller Foundation was the principle source for funding public opinion and psychological warfare research between the late 1930s and the end of World War Two. With limited government and corporate interest or support of propaganda-related studies, most of the money for such research came from this powerful organization that recognized the importance of ascertaining and steering public opinion in the immediate prewar years.

A roommate of Nelson Rockefeller’s at Dartmouth College in the late 1920s, Cantril took a doctorate in psychology at Harvard, coauthoring The Psychology of Radio with his doctoral mentor Gordon Allport in 1935. “Radio is an altogether novel medium of communication,” Cantril and Allport observed, “preeminent as a means of social control and epochal in its influence upon the mental horizons of men.”

The work garnered the attention of Rockefeller Foundation Humanities Division officer John Marshall, commissioned by the Foundation with convincing commercial broadcasters to include more educational programming into their advertiser-driven schedules. To this end Rockefeller was funding fellowships at the CBS and NBC broadcasting networks.

The opportunity for such an analysis presented itself when CBS broadcast Orson Welles’ rendering of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds on on October 30, 1938. Lazarsfeld saw the event as especially noteworthy and immediately asked Stanton for CBS funds to investigate reaction to what at the time was the largest immediate act of mass persuasion in human history. Over the next several months interviews with War of the Worlds listeners were collected, provided to Stanton at CBS, and subsequently analyzed in Cantril’s 1940 study, The Invasion From Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic."

David Niven stars in this first radio production of George Orwells' novel; "Nineteen Eighty-Four". The story of Winston Smith and his struggles with life in a future totalitarian nation of Oceania. Orwell wrote "1984" in 1948, he reversed the last two numbers of the year for the title. It was published in the UK by Secker & Warburg on June 8, 1949. This US radio broadcast was aired August 27, 1949, less than 3 months later. Eric Blair, a.k.a. George Orwell's former instructor, Aldous Huxley, writes Orwell comparing their two futuristic novels on October 21, 1949:

Apparently, Orwell got the idea for "1984" from Huxley's "Brave New World". Or were they both H.G. Wells styled predictive programming?

H.G. Wells, "The New World Order", 1940, non-fiction

"Brave New World" free audio book:

"1984" free audio book can be found here:

Hard to tell
Or recognize a sign
To see me through
A warning sign
First the thunder
Satisfied, if the past it will not lie (then the storm, torn asunder )
The future you and I get blown away (in the storm)
In a lifetime, in a lifetime
And as the rain it falls
We begin again (heavy in my heart)
As the storm breaks through (believe the light in you)
So the light shines in you
Without color, faded and worn
Torn asunder in the storm
Unless the sound can save your body and soul
Unless it disappears
Selfish storm (first the thunder)(then the storm)
Torn aside (one life)
In the storm
In a lifetime
In a lifetime
In a lifetime
In a lifetime

Released 1985.

Huxley explains the "controlling oligarchy" have use false flag terrorism from "time immemorial" to control the masses.
He describes new methods of "making people love their servitude .. a kind of concentration camp for entire societies, people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them .. because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing .."

Transcript & audio:

A Project Camelot global roundtable discussion on directed energy weapons & the covert attack on the world population with host Kerry Cassidy, Ole Dammegard, Dr. Katherine Horton, Deborah Tavares & Aleksandra Jitka Brozikova. Discussion took place on November 20, 2018.

Kerry Cassidy

Ole Dammegard

Dr. Katherine Horton

Deborah Tavares

Aleksandra Jitka Brozikova

January 27, 1956 Premier episode in this dramatic series is the classic "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.

First episode. A classic tale of the future, narrated by author. Aldus Huxley introduces and narrates the classic novel he wrote 25 years earlier. Based in AF 632, six-hundred and 32 years after Ford. In the words of Mr. Huxley himself “Brave New World is a study of the future as it may be unless we are extremely careful. It depicts a society in which man has replaced nature by science, morality by drugs, individuality by total conformity. It is a hideous prospect and yet we seem determined to follow this path of self-destruction. The brave new world need not be our future the choice after all is always in our own hands”. The book is certainly a gripping read and this dramatization is equally enthralling. This is the first part of two half-hour parts.

2/03/1956 Part Two & the conclusion of the famous story of the future, narrated by the author, Aldus Huxley.

The CBS Radio Workshop was an "experimental dramatic radio anthology series" that aired between 1956 and 1957. And it premiered with a two-part adaptation of Aldous Huxley's now classic 1932 novel, Brave New World. Huxley himself introduced and narrated the program.

Huxley was also an instructor of Eric Blair, better known by his pen name as George Orwell, the author of "1984" which was written in 1948, Orwell switched the last two numbers around for the title.

Saturday night I was down town
Working for the F.B.I.
Sitting in a nest of bad men
Whiskey bottles piling high
Boot legging boozer on the west side
Full of people who are doing wrong
Just about to call up the D.A. man
When I heard this woman singing a song.
A pair of forty fives made me open my eyes
My temperature started to rise
She was a long cool woman in a black dress
Just a five nine
With just one look I was a bad mess
Cause that long cool woman had it all.
Saw her heading to the table
Well a tall walking big black cat
When Charlie said "I hope that you're able
I'm telling you she knows where it's at
Well suddenly we heard a siren
And every body started to run
A jumping out of doors and tables
Well I heard somebody shooting a gun.
Well the D.A. was pumping my left hand
And a she a holding my right
And I told her don't get scared
Cause you're gonna be spared
I gotta be forgiven
If I want to spend my living with
A long cool woman in a black dress
Just a five nine
With just one look I was a bad mess
'Cause that long cool woman had it all
Had it all
Had it all
Had it all

"I Was a Communist for the FBI" radio series rode the coattails of movie from 1951. Based on the book by the same name by Matt Cvetic, an undercover operative who joined the Communist Party to spy from within.

78 episodes were recorded, without any assistance from the FBI, which refused to cooperate.

Blair Cottrell discusses the Melbourne terrorist attack of 12/21/17, other recent immigrant attacks & the controlling political force behind it.

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell joins Timothy Kelly on "Our Interesting Times" podcast to discuss his book Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations. We talk about his theory that there were not just two levels to the 9/11 event, but three. Building on his previous work investigating postwar intrigues, secret finance, corrupt politics, occulted technology, Dr. Farrell identifies this third level as a transnational fascist mafia or "Nazi International."

In this third installment on the Richie Allen show for November 13, 2018, Dr. Katherine Horton addresses the international crime cartel responsible for covert war and human rights violations on the citizen population in western societies and covers a number of related topics that may at first glance appear unrelated to the untrained eye.

Visit Dr. Horton's website @

Kevin Shipp, Bill Binney and John Kiriakou join Jason Goodman & Crowdsource The Truth to discuss their unique experiences as whistleblowers in CIA and NSA.

William Edward Binney is a former highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) turned whistleblower who retired on October 31, 2001, after more than 30 years with the agency.

Kevin Shipp, former CIA Officer and Anti Terrorism expert, held several high level positions in the CIA. He was assigned as a protective agent for the Director of Central Intelligence, a counterintelligence investigator, team leader protecting sensitive CIA assets from assassination, manager of high risk Counter Terrorism Center protective operations, lead instructor for members of allied governments, internal staff security investigator and a polygraph examiner tasked with protecting the CIA from foreign agent penetration. He is the recipient of two CIA Meritorious Unit Citations, three Exceptional Performance Awards and a Medallion for overseas covert operations.

Shipp also supervised the Department of State Anti Terrorism Assistance program and managed the protective detail assigned to the president of Afghanistan following the US invasion.

John Kiriakou was a analyst and case officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, counterterrorism consultant for ABC News, and author. Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, Kiriakou was named Chief of Counterterrorist Operations in Pakistan. In that position, he led a series of military raids on al-Qaeda safehouses, capturing dozens of al-Qaeda fighters. Kiriakou led a raid on the night of March 28, 2002, in Faisalabad, Pakistan, capturing Abu Zubaydah, then thought to be al-Qaeda's third-ranking official.

Original link:

Watch The Intelligence Assessment with Kevin Shipp every Thursday at 7pm eastern Only ON Patreon

This is an interview conducted by Dr. Stanley Monteith for Radio Liberty of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan giving his account of a Planned Parenthood conference with Dr. Richard Day on 20th March 1969, in which Dr Day revealed the world plans of a secret group of powerful people who he referred to as the New Order of Barbarians. The main tapes were recorded of Dr. Dunegan were recorded in 1988. Even since then, much of what Dr. Day said was going to happen in the world has - and there is more to come.

Visit for an analysis of Dr Day's revelations.

Why must I worry
Try not to hurry like other people
Why must I worry
'Cause you know yourself
That is not the way
Who am I to tell you lies
And then say I didn't mean it at all
You see me, you hear me
But you don't know what I'm saying
You feel it, you take it
In your stride
Why must I worry
Try not to hurry like other people
Why must I worry
'Cause you know yourself
That is not the way
When you call me
And talk about the yesterdays
It cheers me, it steers me
To follow better reason
To feel it, to take it in our stride
Why must I worry
Try not to hurry like other people
Why must I worry
'Cause you know yourself
That is not the way
Why worry, why worry
Try not to hurry, try not to hurry
Why must I worry
'Cause you know yourself
That is not my way

When it's a longtime dream
why is it like looking at
the beginning of the end?

Lost at the end of a world
filled with a deep, dark

All of my faded happiest
memories of you will
from this point on
forever knit up my
unraveled heart with love

You taught me the meaning
of the words "I love you"
Your smiling face will stay
in my eyes quietly, forever

Why were there too few
chance encounters then?
We can't go back to
those days
A harsh and difficult
sadness that I can't reach
no matter how painful

Oh you taught me the meaning
of the words "I love you"
Your smiling face will stay
in my eyes tenderly, forever

Cause I don't have a clue
what to say
thinking about the world
and how I changed
By facing each other, it's
like I figured it out
Oh who am I? It won't stop me
eventually we'll become one

Therefore I definitely
can't run away
Even though the days I
believed go by so far
Someday, eventually, after
longer experience
I will love you

Oh I wish that I was strong
yah I wish that I was strong
you got it, you got it
don't lose it
If the walls are caving in
I'll try to keep it strong
'cause the world is moving on

"The Engineering of Consent" is an essay by Edward Bernays first published in 1947, and a book he published in 1955. In his own words, Bernays describes engineering consent as "use of an engineering approach—that is, action based only on thorough knowledge of the situation and on the application of scientific principles and tried practices to the task of getting people to support ideas and programs."

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country." ~ Edward Bernays, "Propaganda," 1928


"Ménilmontant" was written by Charles Trenet in 1938 as a tribute to the famous Parisian neighborhood.

That’s where I left my heart
That’s where I come to find my inner self again
All my ardour,
All my joy….
When I see my little church again
Where the marriages were celebrated joyfully
When I see my old grey house
Where even the breeze
Speaks of yesteryear
They tell me
Lovely stories
Happy days of the past, I relive you
A meeting
A piece of music
Dreaming eyes which are in themselves a novel
A novel of poetic love full of wistfulness
Ménilmontant !

When the clock strikes twelve noon
Life reawakens
Everything resounds
With a thousand echoes
The bimbo has her lunch at the bistro
The gossipmonger
Reads her newspapers
Here is the green gate
Here is the open door
Which squeaks a little to say “Hallo, hallo
So you’ve come back?”

Ménilmontant, yes indeed, madam
That’s where I left my heart
That’s where I come to find my inner self again
All my ardour,
All my joy….
When I see again my little station
Where every train passed through cheerfully
I hear again the din
Of strange words
Of words of farewell
I am no poet
But I am moved,
And in my head
There are memories which will never fade
A winter evening
A piece of music
Very gentle eyes, yours, Mama,
A novel of poetic love
And full of wistfulness
Ménilmontant !

You consider me the young apprentice
Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes
Hypnotized by you if I should linger
Staring at the ring around your finger
I have only come here seeking knowledge
Things they would not teach me of in college
I can see the destiny you sold turned into a shining band of gold
I'll be wrapped around your finger
I'll be wrapped around your finger
Mephistopheles is not your name
I know what you're up to just the same
I will listen hard to your tuition
You will see it come to its fruition
I'll be wrapped around your finger
I'll be wrapped around your finger
Devil and the deep blue sea behind me
Vanish in the air you'll never find me
I will turn your face to alabaster
When you'll find your servant is your master
You'll be wrapped around my finger
You'll be wrapped around my finger
You'll be wrapped around my finger

My love must be a kind of blind love
I can't see anyone but you
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
Are the stars out tonight
I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
I only have eyes for you dear
Sha bop sha bop
The moon may be high
Sha bop sha bop
But I can't see a thing in the sky
I only have eyes for you
I don't know if we're in a garden
Or on a crowded avenue
Sha bop sha bop
You are here
Sha bop sha bop
And so am I
Sha bop sha bop
Maybe millions of people go by
But they all disappear from view
And I only have eyes for you
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop
Sha bop sha bop

They say that you're a runaround lover
Though you say it isn't so
But if you put me down for another
I'll know, believe me, I'll know
'Cause the night has a thousand eyes
And a thousand eyes can't help but see if you are true to me
So remember when you tell those little white lies
That the night has a thousand eyes
You say that you're at home when you phone me
And how much you really care
Though you keep telling me that you're lonely
I'll know if someone is there
'Cause the night has a thousand eyes
And a thousand eyes can't help but see if you are true to me
So remember when you tell those little white lies
That the night has a thousand eyes
One of these days you're gonna be sorry
'Cause your game I'm gonna play
And you'll find out without really tryin'
Each time that my kisses stray
'Cause the night has a thousand eyes
And a thousand eyes will see me too
And no matter what I do
I could never disguise all my little white lies
'Cause the night has a thousand eyes
So remember when you tell those little white lies
As the night has a thousand eyes

Dr. Katherine Horton on the Richie Allen Show from 6th December 2016. This was her first public appearance talking about the Directed Energy Weapons attacks on her. The topic concerns crimes against humanity perpetrated against the global population, including all of the Western world. For the purpose of informing the general public, this interview is reposted here.

For an overview of the subject:
Extinction Level Threat - Mind-control: the Missing Link - Veterans Today

(English translation from Japanese)

I look up when I walk
So the tears won't fall
Remembering those happy spring days
But tonight I'm all alone

I look up when I walk
Counting the stars with tearful eyes
Remembering those happy summer days
But tonight I'm all alone

Happiness lies beyond the clouds
Happiness lies above the sky

I look up when I walk
So the tears won't fall
Though my heart is filled with sorrow *
For tonight I'm all alone


Remembering those happy autumn days
But tonight I'm all alone

Sadness hides in the shadow of the stars
Sadness lurks in the shadow of the moon

I look up when I walk
So the tears won't fall
Though my heart is filled with sorrow *
For tonight I'm all alone


When you just give love, and never get love
you'd better let love depart
I know it's so, and yet I know
I can't get you out of my heart
You made me leave my happy home
You took my love, and now you've gone
since I fell for you
Love brings such misery and pain
I guess I'll never be the same
since I fell for you
Well it's too bad, and it's too sad
but I'm in love with you
You love me, then you snub me
But what can I do, I'm still in love with you
Well, I guess I'll never see the light
I get the blues most every night
since I fell for you
Since I fell for you


"CREEPSVILLE: The Story Of Neuroweapons Testing In America" is a short introduction to the covert & illegal testing of neuroweaponry on American citizens by the US government.

Best selling author Janet Morris began writing in 1976 and has since published more than 30 novels. She wrote the bestselling Silistra Quartet in the 1970s, including High Couch of Silistra, The Golden Sword, Wind from the Abyss, and The Carnelian Throne. This quartet had more than four million copies in Bantam print alone, and was translated into German, French, Italian, Russian and other languages. In the 1980s, Baen Books released a second edition of this landmark series. This third edition is the Author's Cut edition, newly revised by the author for Perseid Press. Most of her fiction work has been in the fantasy and science fiction genres, although she has also written historical and other novels. Morris has written, contributed to, or edited several book-length works of nonfiction, as well as papers and articles on nonlethal weapons, developmental military technology and other defense and 'national security'.

Morris was elected to the New York Academy of Sciences in 1980. Morris served as Research Director and Senior Fellow (1989–1994) at the United States Global Strategy Council, as well as Adjunct Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (1993–1995). Morris partnered with John B. Alexander and co-authored The Warriors Edge, which explores embracing unconventional psychological combat techniques, in 1990. Janet Morris and the USGSC's campaign for the creation of a non-lethality panel resulted in the assembly of the Non-lethality Policy Review Group, led by Major General Chris S. Adams, USAF (retd.) in 1991. The group earned the political backing of Sam Nunn, chair of the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services. Janet Morris published numerous white papers in 1991, detailing the USGSC’s non-lethal war doctrine proposals. The papers promoted diversifying and expanding non-lethal weapon capability for use in increased American intervention in global conflicts. The papers urged additional development of anti-personnel incapacitants as well as vehicular area denial devices.

Morris visited Moscow in 1991 to the Moscow Institute of Psycho-correlations and observed the demonstration of the transmission of subliminal commands via infrasound.

In 2003–4 she served on the Council on Foreign Relations Independent Task Force on Nonlethal Weapons and Capabilities and contributed to the Task Force report, Nonlethal Weapons and Capabilities (2004).

In 1995, Morris and her husband and frequent co-writer Christopher Morris founded M2 Technologies. Since that time, their writing output has decreased in proportion to the increasing success of the company, which works with U.S. federal and military agencies on non-lethal weapon systems, novel technology applications, and software.

Following his retirement from the Army, Alexander served for several years as Program Manager for Non-Lethal Defense at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In this capacity, he conducted non-lethal warfare briefings at the highest levels of government, including the Executive Office of the President, the United States National Security Council, members of Congress, the Director of Central Intelligence and senior Department of Defense officials. In 2003, he served as a mentor to senior officials in the Afghan Ministry of Defense through the Office of Military Cooperation–Afghanistan. Beginning in 2005 and continuing for nearly a decade thereafter, he was a Senior Fellow in the Department of Strategic Studies at the Joint Special Operations University; during this period, the JSOU Press published several of his monographs on national security matters.

The Albuquerque Journal reported in March 1993 that "last year, Alexander organized a national conference devoted to researching 'reports of ritual abuse, near-death experiences, human contacts with extraterrestrial aliens and other so-called anomalous experiences.' " The Australian magazine Nexus reported that in 1971, Alexander 'was diving in the Bimini Islands looking for the lost continent of Atlantis. He was an official representative for the Silva mind control organization.

Morris & Alexander co-authored a book entitled "The Warrior's Edge.

Los Alamos National Laboratory • 1993
"Classified Conference at Johns Hopkins University
on Non-Lethal Technology and is sponsored by Los Alamos
National Laboratory. The featured speakers are to be the
Nobel Laureate physicist, Dr. Edward Teller; the Former
Military Advisor to President Bush, LTG Richard G. Trefry,
USA (Ret.), and the current Secretary General of the United
States, Janet Reno. The conference is to be chaired by Dr.
John Alexander, the Program Manager for Non-Lethal
Defense, Los Alamos National Laboratory."


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