Education serves to teach us enough to run the machines, but not nearly enough to know why. “In God We Trust” printed on money so many years before, was the subtle, but massive spiritual exchange.

The point here is again, cutting to the chase, extracting the maximum amount of production from the minimal expenditure of energy, because in the end, it’s all about energy. We are energetic beings, zero point producers of all types of energy and light, whether you know this or not.

The ruling class knows it and has from the beginning, which has always been their way of keeping themselves in that position. Language was developed and cultivated as was all new technology, it was seen as a means to control and manipulate the masses.

No one should ever be disappointed or feel negatively that the information is too overwhelming or preposterous to grasp, but allow it to 'present itself' as it has the entire universe. You are 'of' it, you can never fail or be left behind, you've already been chosen, you're here.

Maybe by chance, being born to an environment, an ever evolving manipulation, just might have been waiting for us. In other words, a predestination, a pre-planned existence, one designed and destined to control our every desire, through subtle guidance and disguise. A world within a world, owned and controlled by others we’ve never seen, or learned about, been educated toward. Just as a fish, being born of the water in which he lives, never suspects the possibility of a world without it. If he had even the capability of wonder and consciousness, could we even comprehend he’d understand such a thing? Would he in fact believe there was more than just the bowl in which he was born to? Would he understand that concept of water and air, detrimental to his survival?

Do we really have a choice? or just a different school to the same end, in the same society? Because you could come to the distinct conclusion that it’s also the cannabilization of individual potential, the guidance to serve some other entity, one we’re not really sure of, but pacified by the system itself to the extent that it really makes no difference.

All you receive from the outside in is based upon your capacity to accept it as truth because we count on the ‘external’ to be based in the same.
The ‘truth’ though, is kept from us in a closely guarded secret more precious than any wealth ever imagined. Because we are the supine value in the equation, discovery (truth) would end the reign of lies that have plagued this world for thousands of years.

We are each, vessels carrying fractals of the creator, we are all gods in our own right with no need to be validated by a counterfeit reality.

The reason we call out to another is to stir awareness, to cause another human being to change their thoughts, and the patterns in which they've been arranging the same. Your mind, ego, id, has been groomed to serve an agenda that would never have been chosen by you or your parents. It's been a long term "drip" of deceit and outright lies, manufactured by a hidden hand with an agenda serving only them.
But, the content of this film and many others is for anyone to prove or disprove to themselves, it's all up to the individual, it has to be, where else can you imagine finding any truth? TV? Newspapers?

You're here because you suspect something's not right and the good thing is, we're capable of instantaneous change, such is the power of the human mind. You'll realize we weren't meant to take orders from lunatics posing as important people on behalf of their handlers. We were all born to a world containing enough for all of us, not just a small group of interbred, self important psychopaths.

The original wireless internet, your intuition, the silver cord to all hidden truth. The holiest of grails your Super- Natural connection. Is your Temple in order, or is it still hijacked by the false “profit”?


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We are each, vessels carrying fractals of the creator, we are all gods in our own right with no need to be validated by a counterfeit reality.
Authentic discovery and sharing should never be stifled.