286 cubic inch 59A Flathead engine for Randolf's Steel '34 Ford Coupe
in South Africa. Isky 400jr Cam, Eddie Meyer Intake, Sharp Heads all
Polished by Go Cat Speedshop.

Go Cat Speedshop 276 Cubic Inch Flathead for Gary Wilhelm
going in a 1988 Bronco II Beach Cruzer ! Ported Out and Port-
Matched, Full Flow Oil set-up. Rebuilt Holley 94's, PowerGen

Go Cat Speedshop big 304 Cubic Inch Flathead for Brian Neil.
Ported Out, Full Flow Oil set-up. Offenhauser Heads and Intake,
PowerGen, Pertronix, Rebuilt Holley 94 Carburetors.

1950 Ford Flathead for Paul Jennings' 1947 Ford Truck.
Clay Smith split duration Cam, Polished Offy Heads and Intake. Vintage Air AC kit, Stromberg 97 Carbs.


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