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In a program recorded in 1989 Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas offers an Orthodox Christian perspective on the question of the Antichrist. This program is in GREEK with ENGLISH subtitles.

Η Εξόδιος Ακολουθία του Αειμνήστου Επισκόπου Μαγνησίας κυρού Χρυσοστόμου Νασλίμνη + 13/26 Ιουλίου 1973

Archimandrite Niphon Astyfides was the elder brother in the flesh of His Eminence Metropolitan Petros of Astoria. Presiding at his funeral was His Beatitude Chrysostomos II (Kiousis) of Athens and All Greece. This program is in GREEK.

The Feast of St Markella of Chios as celebrated at the Cathedral of St. Markella in Astoria, NY in 1992. Metropolitan Petros of Astoria presided. This program is in GREEK.

Orthodox Iconographer Paul Azkoul explains...

Go behind the scenes with an experienced expert virologist who worked under Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. She was jailed, and now tells all.

Vincent Niemann reads from "Orthodox Psychotherapy", a book by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos of Naupaktos. The term "Orthodox Psychotherapy" does not refer to specific cases of people suffering from the psychological problems of some neurosis. Rather it refers to all people. According to Orthodox Tradition, after Adam's fall man became ill, and his "nous" was darkened and it lost communion with God. Death entered into the person's being and caused many anthropological, social, even ecological problems. In the tragedy of his fall man maintained the image of God within him but lost the likeness of God because his communion with God was disrupted. However the incarnation of Christ and the work of the Church aim at enabling the person to attain to the likeness of God, that is to reestablish communion with God. This passageway from a fallen state to a divinized state is actually the healing of the person, because it is connected with his return from a state of being contrary to nature, to that of a state that is according to nature and even above nature. By adhering to Orthodox therapeutic treatment as conceived by the Holy Fathers of the Church man can cope successfully with his thoughts (logismoi) and thus solve his problems completely and comprehensively.

The book can be ordered here:

This program is in ENGLISH

Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas offers a sermon for the Holy Nativity at the Cathedral of St. Markella in 1991. This program is in GREEK.

“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matt. 11:12) Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas explains the hard truth of the Gospel message that is for many hard to swallow.

An in-depth round-table discussion about this controversial subject.

Archimandrite Pavlos explains the Orthodox understanding of what the soul of a man experiences at the moment of his death.

Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas explains the significance of the Four Day Resurrection of Lazarus by Jesus Christ.

In 1992, on the Feast of the Dormition of the Holy Theotokos, at the Cathedral of St. Markella in Astoria, Archimandrite Pavlos gave a sermon...

Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas explains the reason many Greek Orthodox Christians have lost their genuine identity. This program is in GREEK.

Archimandrite Pavlos discusses what the actual reality of the Holy Eucharist is. This program was originally cablecast July 18, 1989 on NGTC in NYC. This program is in GREEK.

Archimandrite Pavlos (Stratigeas) interviews Fr. Bessarion, a former Benedictine Monk who was just ordained to the Deaconate in the Greek Orthodox Church by the hands of Metropolitan Petros.

While editing the old U-Matic camera original video tape this program was recorded on the editors of GOCTV noticed something near the end of the cassette. It is a short clip of the Astyfides brothers sitting for a light and sound check in order to be interviewed by Archimandrite Pavlos. We have left it in for our viewers to see. The archivists at GOCTV are searching diligently for the tape of that actual program. We have also left in a candid moment when Arch. Pavlos shows a moment of amused irritation with Met. Petros.

His Eminence, Metropolitan Pavlos, discusses the persistent behavioral problems, and the spiritual disconnect, that parents often have with their children. This program was cablecast May 11, 1992 on National Greek TV (NGTV). It is in GREEK.

What it was like to experience Pascha while "Geronda" Metropolitan Pavlos of America was presiding. This program was recorded at the Cathedral of St. Markella in 1998.

Fr. Pavlos Stratigeas (the future Metropolitan of America) discusses the view of the Church regarding the status, place, and purpose of Woman in Creation. This program is in Greek with ENGLISH subtitles.

Met. Petros of Astoria and Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas celebrate the Universal Elevation of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross at the Cathedral of St. Markella of Chios in 1990. Both Met. Petros and Fr. Pavlos speak some words regarding the significance of this Great Feast Day. This program is in GREEK.

His Grace +Maximos, the Titular Bishop of Pelagonia speaks on "The Contemplation of God and of Divine Things".

Fr. Pavlos Stratigeas offers a few words on the Holy and Salvific Mystery of Theophany, and on the meaning and importance of preserving Orthodox Christian ethnic culture and tradition, and the purpose of a man's life.

This program is in GREEK with ENGLISH subtitles, and was cablecast in NYC on January 21 (n.s.), 1992

This program is in both GREEK and ENGLISH. The English section begins at the 6:16 point of the timeline.

A Message to Yianni from Metropolitan Petros

Yianni (John) Tsimpirlis was a spiritual son of Metropolitan Petros of Astoria who reposed in January of 1997. John was born and raised on the same island of Chios, as was Met. Petros. John met Met. Petros in America in 1990. John was a novice at the Cathedral of St. Markella in Astoria for around six months. Eventually he returned to the world and he got married. H now lives with his wife in Chicago, Illinois. This little miracle occurred in 2017, in Chicago, and on eBay.

In 2007, at an Orthodox Conference on Ecumenism at the University of Chicago, Fr. Maximos Marretta (now Bishop Maximos of Pelagonia) took up the challenge of demonstrating that the New Calendarist, and the Ecumenist Orthodox churches, even though they contain pseudo-traditionalist movements such as that of Elder Ephraim of Arizona, have officially accepted heretical teachings. NOTE: a transcript of the essay presented by Fr. Maximos can be found here: Another of his essays on the subject of Ecumenism:


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