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A big city detective learns that spreading the Truth can be deadly, but it's not as dangerous as the alternative of keeping silent.

A desperate man looks over the edge into the abyss.
A noir short film of redemption.

What Man Can Resist the Crowd?

Wisdom from St Justin Popovich

Wisdom From the Sayings of the Holy Desert Fathers

Psalm 139

The survivor of abuse tells the story of how she found redemption at the Church of Saint Theodora with the 17 trees in Hellas.

Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas, the future Metropolitan of N & S America, explains the meaning of Holy Week using video recorded scenes from Holy Week in Astoria presided over by Metropolitan Petros of Astoria. This program is in GREEK (G).

This is a recording made in 1995 of a live cablecast of Great and Holy Friday at the Cathedral of St. Markella in Astoria, NY. The recording shows exactly how this cablecast was presented by the National Greek Television channel of New York. Metropolitan Petros of Astoria presides at his Cathedral.

Archimandrite Pavlos (Stratigeas) offers a sermon on Great and Holy Friday afternoon immediately after the Apokathelosis (descent). This program was recorded in 1991 at the Cathedral of St. Markella in Astoria, NY.

This program is in GREEK with ENGLISH subtitles.

Archimandrite Pavlos discusses what happens to the soul of a man at the moment of his death. This program is in Greek with ENGLISH subtitles

Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas explains the meaning of PASCHA.

On the Feast Day of St Markella, the Virgin Martyr of Chios, in 1998, Deacon Theodoros Giannakopoulos was ordained to the Priesthood through the hands of His Eminence Met. Pavlos of N & S America at the Cathedral of St Markella in Astoria, NY.

On November 29, 1962, at the Parish of Saint Markella, in Astoria, NYC, Archimandrite Petros (Astyfides) was ordained to the Episcopal dignity by His Eminence Archbishop Leonty of Chile, who was assisted by His Grace Bishop Seraphim of Caracas. Serving as Hieromonk was Eleutherios Moschos, and serving as HieroDeacon was Nikodemos Kalantis. Chanting were Hieromonk Akakios Ntouskos, and Presbyter George Markou. Present were Gerontissa Syglitiki, her sisterhood, Subdeacon Igor, and the future priest Vsevolod Dutikov. Mr. Dutikov drove the Russian bishops from Synod Headquarters in Manhattan to St. Markella's in Astoria, Queens. The ordination was done in secret. No photographs were taken, and certainly no home movies were recorded on any film camera. Recently, by the will of God, an audio recording of the ordination has been discovered. This is that recording.

For an account of the circumstances that motivated the secrecy of Bishop Petros' ordination, and how the ROCOR (under the Omophorion of Metropolitan St. Philaret of New York) eventually accepted this ordination, and accepted Bishop Petros as a member of the ROCOR Synod of Bishops please see:


Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas (the future Metropolitan of N & S America) explains the meaning, and significance of the Triodion, and discusses the "signs of the times.". This program was originally cablecast on February 21, 1989. It is in Greek with ENGLISH subtitles.

Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas explains the significance of the Four Day Resurrection of Lazarus by Jesus Christ.

The Cathedral of St. Markella celebrates Theophania at the South Street Seaport with Metropolitan Pavlos of America. This year eight men dove into the Hudson River for the Cross.

Metropolitan Pavlos of the Holy Metropolis of America leads the people in the blessing of the great city's harbor. The temperature was so frigid that day that the river froze over. The ice floe kept our men from diving in to retrieve the Holy Cross. It was a blessed day, never-the-less.

On Holy Tuesday Evening (Holy Wednesday Orthros) Archimandrite Pavlos gave this sermon about the Hymn of Kassiani. It was delivered at the Cathedral of St. Markella in 1996. This program is in Greek with ENGLISH subtitles. This program is AUDIO ONLY

A discussion about the miraculous appearance of the Cross over the skies of Athens on September 13/14, 1925.

The Clergy and Faithful from the Cathedral of St Markella in Astoria, NY celebrate the Baptism of our Lord in the Jordan River at City of New York's East River in 1998. The Clergymen present include Archimandrite Pavlos Stratigeas, Fr. Emanuel Colombus, and Deacon Kleanthis Korkotas.

John Henry-Weston of Life Site News interviews Pamela Acker regarding how aborted human fetal cells are involved with the Wuhan Virus "vaccines". From Life-Site News:

Fr. John Fleser, of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece - The Diocese of Boston, discusses a recently published book that he edited. The book, "God Discriminates", is available here:

In this program Fr. Michael Azkoul discusses his recently published book, "The New Atheists".


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GOCTV is dedicated to presenting programs produced from a Traditional Greek Orthodox Christian perspective. The programs are Produced & Directed by Certain Romans of the Old World Order. The Resistance to the Ecumenism, and Secularism of the New World Order is the Holy Tradition of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Join the Resistance.

GOCTV is not affiliated with any Church jurisdiction. The Producers are from various jurisdictions.

Although acknowledging his contributions we do not endorse John S. Romanides - a clergyman who represented Ecumenist jurisdictions at the syncretistic World Council of Churches. He authored articles questioning the Orthodoxy of Saints of the Church, and calling Orthodox those whom the Church has anathematized as heretics. We reject un-Orthodox actions/statements of his, and while certain of his writings are examined in our programs, we do not endorse his writings, or actions in toto.

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