God Bless Japan

God Bless Japan



The reality is that death is inevitable to all of us. The scary thing about death is that the entry door to heaven or hell is a one-way door. Once you have passed through that door, there is no way to turn back. There will be 2 judgments at the end of time. Those who stand with God will be judged under the judgment Seat of Christ. The Great White Throne judgment is reserved for those who have rejected God. In heaven, everything is so beautiful that we will be blown away. On the contrary, the existence away from the presence of God is darkness. One thing is for sure, hell is not a place you want to call it your eternal home.

God consistently manifests his unwavering love again and again in our lives. When you need help, this is the God whom you can always count on.
That is why what is impossible with humans is possible with God (Luke 18:27). To do life without divine help is risky because you will never know what tomorrow will bring.

About 2,600 years ago, it was foretold in the Bible that a day will come when the earth will be covered by darkness. Demonic influences have destroyed many lives across the globe. Demons are everywhere, lurking and waiting for the opportunity to take control over human lives. Demons can torture you with pain and suffering. The weapons to defeat demonic powers have to be spiritual. Do we have a legal standing to challenge the demonic power? We need both the authority and power to defeat the unclean spirits. We win or lose based on compliance with the divine law

Because the moment you stop forgiving others, God will also stop forgiving you. There is a nuance between forgiveness and trust. Though you should forgive a burglar, you still wouldn’t trust him to enter your home. Unforgiveness is a curse because it enslaves you. Unforgiveness is a disease because it can make you sick. Extensive research has shown that if you continue refusing to forgive others over time, it will have a similar effect as stress on you. Stress can affect your mental health negatively. It can result in depression and much worse. Unforgiveness is also very toxic. It can poison all the people around you because part of you is no longer a whole. Your negative talk will affect your loved ones and friends. The good news is there is a simple cure for unforgiveness. It is called forgiveness.

In the video at mark 7:07, I meant to say ”forgiveness will not invalidate restitution.” Instead, I misspoke: "forgiveness will not invalidate retribution."

The last 50 years witnessed the world moved towards moral decadence and self-indulgence. One of the social phenomena that emerged during this period is the entitlement culture. This entitlement culture has been one of the causes of rebellions, riots and uprisings across the globe. But God has a solution. While people with entitlement issue demand freebies from society, the Bible teaches us to give away freebies. God initiated this movement of giving when he gave the world his only son to die as a substitution for our eternal death (John 3:16). This principle of giving is the central theme throughout the Bible. God will bless us and through us others may be bless (Genesis 12:2).


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After the persecution of Christianity during Edo period and the subsequent 200 years of withdrawal from the world, Japan had not seen much, if any spiritual blessings. It's Japan's turn in God's calendar. Pray for Japan until the visitation of God come.