When it comes to Discord, they are the BIGGEST protectors of FURRY FILTH, hackers, doxxers, Malware spreaders, psychopaths & FURRIES who chase after "CUBS!"
I was banned by Discord HQ, you know, those FURRIES who created Discord, for the following: "Engaging in or posting content encouraging the harassment of individuals or communities." Are they serious? Discord is a community of FURRY FILTH who sponge off their parents & act like they're early-retired 'ballers' who got rich during the 2000's "dot com boom!" When they were nothing more than a sperm swimming around in somebodies testicle during the DOT COM BOOM!

Due to ChosenTube nuking my account due to one video about some COMPUTER DORK IN SEATTLE pedaling his unqualified medical faux-expertise; I had my whole GodBotherer1 YouTube account NUKED.... All the fun, footage & travel videos gone.
I was requested to re-upload this video so I have. She was fun to talk about guns with, she got a laugh out of the picture in this video's cover pic.

You know what it's like, listening to dance music & your body has a sudden urge to LIVE IT UP! Your body's heart starts racing & you then want to go racing. The beats recharge your soul, they stimulate your brain & fuel your adrenaline. Turn up the music, enhance the bass, build up the revs, drop the clutch & you'll be "Running in the 90s" in a heartbeat.

We know them in our Churches, they are the type of people who do whatever they want & claim Christ's Blood is the freedom to sin. Rather than it being FORGIVENESS FROM SIN. Every Pentecostal Church is full of these "Naked-Atheists." These people wear 'Christian Clothes' but when 'naked'; they live like an Atheist.... PUN INTENDED!
But these people like to "judge" you for every swear/cuss word you say & for every pint of beer you drink.

Crossing a border can be easy as walking over a line. The hardest part is being let into that country you want to enter.
The Rainbow Crossing has pedestrian access, which you cross & you get this view. Just remember to take your passport.
Both sides of Niagara Falls has its own unique landscape & beauty, it should be enjoyed for the natural wonder it is.

These "energy efficient" LED bulbs are not a light, they're a diode that emits light. There is a science behind a diode, same as there is a science behind the old projection television sets children who used to watch cartoons throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s & we had sore eyes if we sat too close to the TV screen & were told we would get "square eyes"? The light bulb manufacturers are not producing incandescent, halogen, fluorescent & mercury bulbs anymore. They're only producing these eye-bashing LEDs because "it's what the market wants." Oh yeah, just like the same 'market' that wants to bu these garbage SUVs........ Not everybody is a housewife, same as not everybody is an environmental hypocrite.

I'm sick & tired of being told I'm not allowed to use cash & many cashiers are not or REFUSING to take my cash.
They're all hypnotized into obeying their government masters & can't wait for that Computer Dork in Seattle who dropped out of college to save them from a disease.
The world is going mad & they're believing what they're told by politicians who only care about their own power & expanding it; not those who elected them.


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