How The Jewish stranglehold over Germany was broken.

Ronald Babbs, who mocked anti-vaxxers, is dead, 7 days after having taken the Johnson & Johnson bio-weapon jab.

Jesse Hamm, comic book artist, develops blood clots in his lungs after taking Moderna MRNA bio-weapon jab

Anne Van Geest, 35 year old mother of four from Michigan dead, 11 days after taking Johnson & Johnson bio weapon jab

Mysterious blood clots kill New South Wales Australian woman after taking Astro-Zeneca shot.

Jack Last from Stowmarket in Suffolk dies 21 days after having taken the Astra-Zeneca bio-weapon jab. He was fit and healthy prior to having had the jab

After taking the Astro-Zeneca shot, Canadian woman Francine Bayer is dead, leaving a husband, children and grandchildren.

Of all the examples of anaphylactic reactions to this satanic assault on mankind this one upset me the most. Most distressing.

All about Antifa in the USA

Dr Dolores Cahill lays it on the line regarding the LONG TERM effects of their satanic bio-weapon.

Jews ran the Black slave trade.

All about Cultural Marxism aka Critical Theory and its Jewish origins.

The Frankfurt School - Critical Theory - Cultural Marxism.

Felix Weil - Jew,
Erich Fromm - Jew,
Herbert Marcuse - Jew,
Max Horkheimer - Jew,
Walter Benjamin - Jew,
Theodor Adorno - half-Jew, Catholic mother,
Georg Lukacs - Jew,
Claude Levi-Strauss - Jew,
Jurgen Habermas - German?

A Jeff Berwick video. Serious, but quite funny.

Two days after Minds.com banned my Minds Channel, I thought this video would make for interesting viewing.

A very interesting video - some would say a MUST WATCH, albeit she doesn't name The Rothschilds when referring to Mr Global. It has also come to my attention that she's allegedly worth $83 million - so bear that in mind.

Not a David Duke fan but cannot fault this video.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman - Danish make-up study is beautiful.

The latest from Michael as the UK goes into Lock Down 2 bollocks

Make this video go everywhere.

He ties 'em in knots - LOL.

You just can't beat these oldies - Germany at it's finest hour.

A 7/7 reminder so that we don't forget.

To date I have not uploaded any of the Kaufman videos, as I wanted to wait and see if he was legit, and being a Jew, you never can tell which way they are going to turn. Thus far he's been OK, with the exception of being lukewarm on the 5G/Coronavirus connection, which raises a red flag for me. Moreover, he hasn't ruled it out, but says there is not enough evidence, which I find questionable. However, he is what he is, so take from his videos what you can.

This video is the first video of his that impressed me and the interviewer, Cravat, asks some good questions.

The only thing I would add is that these kike motherfuckers have no allegiance to the USA whatsoever, so the charge should be alien criminal terrorist subversion, not treason.

Video courtesy of Harry Rhodes at Chemtrail Chemtrail on Jewtube


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