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Godly Dragon Reviews and Apologetics


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Godly Dragon Reviews and Apologetics is an independent non profit Christian ministry founded by Mr. Ethan Horn. Ethan Horn uses cartoon dragon mascots in his videos to review media from a Christian perspective and go over Christian apologetics topics such as Young Earth Creationism, Faith vs Works, Mormonism, Messianic Judaism, church buildings, Homosexuality, Abortion, the Rapture, Tithing, and more to come!

The purpose of this channel is to reach out to the lost and hurting with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to educate Christians both old and new on how to defend Christianity. All while using dragons and cartoons. No matter how mature you are in your Christian faith, and no matter what you believe already, please watch this channel!

Channel images and arts done with Wyndbain's dragon maker, dragon maker 2 on doll divine, and by OkytheOky on Furaffinity

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Blog link: http://www.godlydragonreviewsandapologetics.com/

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