Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/gAVLNRqAMGE Yeah, I think Bloodwing can wait. We try our skills on the Creature Slaughter missions. Four rounds completed, one death. Where's round five, you're probably asking. I'm still working on that. You see, round five is infamous for having a Badass Pyre Thresher at the end and it's super fucking hard to kill unless you're at the right level and/or have the proper guns. I've died multiple times, but I'm not mad. So far it's proven to be full of grinding opportunity. Currently, I've reached level 30. That's about as good enough to take a break and wait for new Shift Codes to be announced. There should be a couple new ones soon to be posted within the coming days. I'm gonna spend five keys and see if I get any better equipment and then I'll keep trying round 5 over and over again. If I keep losing so often despite what gear I have and the XP gained stops being lucrative to where grinding is no longer worth it, I'll skip it and come back when I'm a few levels more powerful.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/J5FyoRj6jXA Rufus and McChronicle are stranded in the past while in the lower port of Elysium. Rufus tries to access the elevator, but he needs either a brain implant or an ID card. Just then, an elevator comes down and Rufus hides amongst the luggage. Cletus and Past Goal come out and they bicker and argue and they're not even married yet. Goal wants to go down to Deponia and take her poisonous lizard too. It gives Rufus a lick while he's hiding and he becomes ill. Luckily, the argument betrays the location of the antidote. It's inside a bag full of mousetraps and taking it can cause flatulence. Goal goes off to do some more packing and Rufus creates a distraction for Cletus by letting Goal's pet loose in the pipes. He also knocks McChronicle into the pipes so he can get licked by the lizard. Rufus gives him the antidote so he can start farting up towards Cletus who's still searching the pipes for the lizard. Rufus takes Cletus' ID Card and accesses the elevator. Rufus gets caught by Cletus, but then is interrupted by the arrival of Argus and Ulysses from the high boat. Rufus sneaks into the elevator while the three gentlemen discuss plans to keep the Elysian Elders from knowing Deponia is still inhabited and the infamous backup cartridge that contains the ascension codes and can reset Goal's memories if need be. Rufus and Ulysses take the elevator up to the residential district of Elysium. Ulysses takes a hot shower while Rufus sees Goal go off to her trip to Elysium unbeknownst to her father.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/uiX_dw_qEOU On with the plot. So to get to Angel, we'll first need to get Claptrap an upgrade that gives him certified Hyperion clearance to get past an anti-competitor force field. Bloodwing managed to snag one in a collar around her neck, but got captured and sent to the Hyperion Wildlife Exploitation Preserve where they use Pandora's wildlife in unethical slag experiments. They're torturing her even as we make our way through. Mordecai needs our help to get her back. Once we reach the entrance to the main facility, we come across the Natural Selection Annex where some Hyperion punk is hosting a slaughterhouse. Bloodwing can wait right?

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/LQMQJhTveCE Rufus and McChronicle are on Elysium about a year or two in the future. Rufus checks the place out only to find no one is home and there's no electricity. How Ominous? He decides to venture outside and...it's beautiful...so beautif...oh, oh my god. Yeah, Elysium is burning down much like Kuvaq in the past. They must have ran out of time before they could find an alternative solution for keeping Elysium afloat or launched towards Utopia. Rufus tries to help an Elyisian citizen who's trapped under some rubble only to completely collapse everything around the balcony Rufus is standing on. Goal arrives and she's looking quite different. New hairstyle? Anyway, after some mishaps with a hook on a rope, Rufus, Goal, and McChronicle use the time machine again and end up on the lower port of Elysium on the day Past Goal went with Cletus to inspect Deponia. Future Goal steals the time machine for a personal mission thus stranding Rufus and McChronicle in this time period.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/E9pVNysU840 Once the Bagman is killed and the whole place robbed, Mick Zaford decides it's time to escalate the clan war. His idea is for us to sneak into the Hodunk village at night and then set fire to all their trailers. Burning people while they're asleep, can't think of anything more cruel than that. After that, Jimbo Hodunk ups the ante and has us crash the Zafords annual wake for Lucky Zaford. A bit of a recap, Lucky Zaford was the guy we met in the Dahl Headlands in the first game. He plowed Moxxi at one point in time and "ruined her girls parts". Scooter got so upset and killed Lucky by burying him alive in a shallow grave. Anyway, we can't get into the wake unless we get drunk first. A quick trip to Moxxi's bar in Sanctuary and we down three $5 bottles of lager. We enter the wake and kill everyone inside. Once that's done, it's time for the final showdown at the Lynchwood train station. We must decide who wins. If I had to choose between Hillbillies and the Irish, I'd go with the Irish. With the Hodunks dead, the clan war is finished. Off camera I decided to take a peak into Lynchwood for more grinding opportunities. Turns out the shops and the enemies are currently on my level so I'll be busy in Lynchwood leveling up and getting new gear before I resume the plot. I suggest you do the same. Watch out for the Sherriff though, she's a bitch...and Handsome Jack's girlfriend.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/Rkafn-7iumU I saved the best batch of side missions for last. The Zaford clan and the Hodunk clan used to have a nasty feud some time ago, but things have gotten boring since they made a truce. Ellie wants us to reignite the Zafords' and Hodunks' hate for each other. We blow up something each clan takes pride in (the Hodunk's tire billboard and the Zaford's distillery) and place an emblem of the clan they hate to pin the blame. The war is on now. Mick Zaford, head of the Zaford clan is hiring anyone interested in helping them get some payback. Our first job is to sabotage their daily auto race by blowing up all the cars before they reach the finish line. Now Jimbo Hodunk is hiring for revenge too. He wants us to find a dead drop and await further orders. When we reach the dead drop, our orders are to find the Zaford's secret money stash. A short man leaves the bar once in a while to check in on it. We follow the little guy undetected and when he's lead us right to the stash location, we kill him and loot the place. This is a good opportunity to get some extra cash if you need it. If you're wondering why I cutoff before finishing the mission as well as why there is a nasty stutter towards the end, I just have one thing to say: "AVAST, I SWEAR TO GOD!" Don't worry, everything is continued in the next part.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/Plz5i1yyxV4 The people of Overlook need our help. As you know, they've been affected by Handsome Jack's Eridium mining operations and are now afflicted with a severe case of the Skull Shivers, that and they're stuck in a permanent curfew. The Skull Shivers is a terminal illness that rots your brain from the inside out, but it's treatable with the right medicine. We disable the town clock tower to power the town's only medical vendor. This pisses off the town asshole, Dave. We go around The Highlands looking for other vending machines selling Skull Shiver medication. Once the townsfolk receive their Skull Shiver meds, they now require a shield like the one Sanctuary used to have. One can be made by salvaging shield cores retrieved by feeding shields into the town grinder. It's best to go back to Liar's Berg in the Southern Shelf to purchase shields there since they'll be insanely cheap compared to the amount of money we have now. We give the shield cores to the town's admin, Karima. She makes a shield and now wants us to test it by going over to a nearby Hyperion base to fire a mortar shot at the town. First things first though, we must get rid of that asshole, Dave, because he won't shut the fuck up. The mortar destroys his house and sends it plunging down a cliff. A second mortar is fired and the town's shield is proven to be effective.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/XrgU903XJpM Dr. Zed got a good deal on some arms...literally. It's our job to pick them up and deliver them to his PO box before they rot and go bad. This timed mission is trickier than the previous one since the area we're working with is bigger, but you can use the Catch-A-Ride to cheese it. Keep running, keep driving, and do not stop to kill anything unless it really gets in your way. Next up, Sir Hammerlock wants us to take his mechanical arm to attract a Thresher named Slappy who ripped and ate his original arm. Once Slappy surfaces, we must kill it so that Sir Hammerlock may have his revenge. A golden rule for killing giant Threshers besides the fact that rocket launchers are your best friends is if you end up dying, shoot the tentacles and you'll revive quicker. Up next is my second favorite overarching batch of side missions. Before that, however, a short grind to level 26 off camera.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/5eDw-5CNXiY Rufus gets the elephant gun with ammunition and everything and gives it to Tuck. Now let's hunt down that elephant. The tunnel leads back to a hatch right near where the glasses used to be. Now we know where it's going to pop out, let's set a trap, but first we must turn back time once more. Rufus gets to work on the trap and once it's set, he goes to get Toni. When they get back to the balloon, they find that the crystal glasses are safe, but what's caught in the trap it's not the Pink Elephant, but rather Toni's mom. Ohhh shit. Toni is now more pissed off than she's ever been in this series. Rufus tries to mend his relationship with Toni one last time then completely gives up, but he drops the ball when says that he's the one who tolerated her in their relationship. This makes Toni so mad that she lights her cigarette causing the fireworks shop to explode and the debris destroys the chronicar. To hell with Toni, to hell with Kuvaq, and to hell with this planet, Rufus gets on his balloon alone, but something is holding back. A big fat pink hairy beast is hanging onto the balloon...oh wait, it's just Toni's mom, I mean Oh No! It's Toni's mom! Rufus lets her go causing her to fall back down before she tells him the balloon is on fire. Rufus evacuates the balloon and it crashes into town burning it. The Pink Elephant confronts Rufus and tells him that everything must happen the way it should be or should've been. It's a bit late for that because the town is burning which really damages the timeline so far. Rufus knocks the elephant away and he and McChronicle escape into the tunnels just as an angry mob arrive. They find some kind of spaceship time machine and pilot it towards Elysium about a year or two in the future.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/YpIXV2m5MK0 This Rufus completing most of the tasks required to get the elephant gun. Two mini-games are featured such as the rotten fruit mini-game and the Killbot Mode! puzzle.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/zpUNGVCz_KU Tuck called Rufus to tell him he saw the Elephant. Rufus goes to get Toni knowing Tuck will protect the glasses. Toni goes ahead first and Rufus follows. He finds Toni really upset then she punches him. He sees that the Pink Elephant managed to strike the glasses and Tuck is nowhere to be found. Rufus finds a piece of glowing pink cloth from the Elephant and he, McChronicle and, Tuck work together to track it. The glowing elephant tracks lead them to an underground passage. They can't go any further until Tuck gets a weapon because he's a coward. Rufus then goes to Toni's father's fireworks shop to explain, but she's not having it.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/YIQbrNJO3aQ Previously, we completed The Cold Shoulder side mission and then a Goliath named Crank spawned. We killed him and he dropped an ECHO of himself asking Marcus about a delivery of guns. A weapons cache lies deep in the Rat Maze. We fight our way to the center of the maze and find the cache. After opening the chest, a large Goliath named Smash Head attacks. The mission is already turned in, but we are determined to kill this guy for completionist sakes. Remember the golden rule for taking on big bad guys: Rocket Launchers are your best friends. After killing Smash Head, we still got some time to kill before ending the video so we continue going through the maze to discover The Rakkcave where Rakkman lives. We kill him and take his gun which one of the worst Tediore weapons I've ever seen despite being legendary tier. It's a boomerang type when it's thrown while reloading. If it doesn't find a target, it has a chance of hurting you instead. I'd rather sell it for cash.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/TfVqlKw8wq4 Now for a couple of Scooter's missions. Scooter had a crush on a girl named Laney who's recently joined the Tunnel Rats. He hopes that by bringing her flowers and pizza, she'll come to her senses and return to Sanctuary. It turns out she only joined the Tunnel Rats to get away from Scooter. Well, gotta kill her now and her seven midgets. Next up, Scooter wants us to kill a man named Shorty for defacing his Catch-A-Ride stations. We discover that Shorty got eaten by a Stalker named Sinkhole. We kill Sinkhole and then Shorty is coughed up and still alive, but not for long.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/fBrXVcrML8s Rufus enters the bar and gathers some items to make a tinfoil hat with for Tuck. He also tries to dissuade Toni from leaving until he's managed to secure the safety of her glasses. He brings the tinfoil hat to Tuck who reveals he already has one. Now we're all gonna try again to turn back time and get chronicar parked away from Toni's glasses and all Tuck has to do is watch for that pink elephant and shoo it away or something. The chronicar is parked neatly away from Toni's glasses. Is the timeline fixed this time? Tuck calls Rufus for an emergency.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/flrQ8-Moh2s So we are currently in the events taking place before Deponia. Rufus and Toni are still together...for now...and Rufus' current plan to get to Elysium involves a hot air balloon of some sort. All he needs is to take care of Toni's crystal glasses. If anything happened to them, Toni would be P-I-S-S-E-D. Rufus has a sense of Deja Vu and suddenly unlocks memories of all that is to come in his adventures. To prevent it all that, he goes back inside to get the bubble wrap to protect Toni's glasses then some idiot backs his truck into them and they get destroyed anyway. The driver realizes what he's done and fears his actions may have doomed all of time and space. He introduces himself as McChronicle and his Chronicar can wind back time. Rufus resets time and despite reversing time should erase memories, his memories are intact and remembers McChronicle. He tries to guide McChronicle to park away from Toni's glasses, but gets distracted by a giant mysterious pink elephant and then the glasses get broken again. We need to get rid of that Elephant somehow. Rufus meets a town drunkard named Tuck who's also had encounters with the pink elephant. Rufus learns that if one wears a tinfoil hat lined with straw, they become immune to temporal memory wipes. Good thing he already has a metal implant. Rufus goes into town where everyone is celebrating BBQ Thursday. They have to be careful though because Rufus + open flames = you get the idea. Rufus heads over near Lonzo's bar. Inside the bar, a guy named Lotto is making fun of Toni for dating a loser like Rufus. Toni beats the fucking shit out of him so bad that it traumatizes him into becoming a woman named Lotti.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/282Cf3fM6YA After we learn of the legend of Ol' Blue in the previous part, we go to where Marcus' safe is and apparently it landed on Blue. Blue's size may be intimidating, but he isn't hard to beat. It turns out that Marcus' stash is a bunch of Moxxi photos. After that, we finish an old task that was never completed by Dahl: taking the last chunks of minerals in a minecart to be crushed into raw Eridium. Plenty of wildlife get in our way, while Tannis tells us the story of the rise and fall of the Dahl corporation. After that's done, we turn in the other missions. I give the photos to Moxxi instead of Marcus. You ain't a true citizen of Pandora unless you're simping for Moxxi once in a while and she does give good rewards in the form of some pretty good guns to those who please her. See you at level 25 when we start taking care of side jobs in The Fridge.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/RJh_obufAEk I did some grinding in The Fridge until I reached level 24. Sir Hammerlock wants us to uncover the origin of Crystalisks. The Dahl Corporation used the Caustic Caverns for their mining operations and then one of the workers discovered a rare blue Crystalisk and decided these creatures needed to be protected instead of killed for their crystals. In retaliation to such disobedience, the head of the company shot her to death and that made the Crystalisks turn violent. Dahl couldn't get anything done after that.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/_wWiDo18N4U Once upon a time, Daedalic Entertainment released a trilogy of games called the Deponia trilogy. The trilogy was praised for its story and humor, but heavily criticized for its ending. Fans hated the ending so much that they pestered Daedalic to make another entry with a better ending. Daedalic complied and released an unexpected fourth entry to the Deponia series, but they didn't promise the ending would be better. We open with a narration from Goal as we watch civilization prosper on Deponia followed by the rise of garbage, junk, and scrap metal followed by the launch of Starship Elysium followed by a recap of the events of the Deponia trilogy. Now years into the future, Elysium had fallen and its devastation brought about an endless winter then the Fewlocks came. The Fewlocks killed and ate anyone they could find. They're relentless and unkillable so much so that even the mighty Organon were no match for them. Only one survivor remains and he's voiced by David Hayter! Our lone survivor makes it to an old Organon blast tower. Only one thing hasn't been tried to eliminate the Fewlocks once and for all and it's time to use it because there's nothing left of value on this planet anymore so might as well...BLOW IT THE FUCK UP. As our lone survivor makes his way up the blast tower, he's chased by a massive horde of Fewlocks. He reveals himself to be none other than...Rufus! He survived the fall back to Deponia, but that doesn't matter right now. Rufus releases the clamps and the bombs drop ending the planet for good. Just then, time freezes and reverses itself. After a musical Huzzah intro, we cut to Rufus who had just woken up from a nightmare. It was all a dream.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/OEtxpJcXn80 Yeah, we're basically getting some side objectives out of the way. We start by going after the wildlife listed on one side mission. Turns out The Fridge is one of a couple good places to grind now that enemies have scaled up a bit. Out in the Highlands while taking out some Threshers, I catch a couple Wormhole Threshers to demonstrate just how fucking annoying they are. Wanna be on your merry way? Nope, they gotta suck you back to 'em. Later, we visit the hole Sanctuary left behind and it didn't take long for bandits to start moving in. We kill them to fulfill another side objective and we witness Marcus' safe accidentally get dropped down into the center of the hole leading to the Caustic Caverns. We end with getting said location on the fast travel map so we can come back here any time.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/lAqKjSvfG0E I have to call them The Cola Poppers so I don't get bleeped. Anyway, Sam & Max & Satan return to Hell to deal with the Cola Poppers who then unleash their demon forms which turns out to be a wardrobe change with some demonic powers added. They take out Satan then perform a ritual that sends Sam & Max to the lowest level of Hell trapping them for eternity. Luckily thanks to an event from Season Two Episode One, Sam & Max are able to escape on Santa's sleigh and turn the whole office into a winter wonderland. An ice cream truck also appears with 666 different flavors...of white ice cream. Can't say the V-word either or that gets bleeped too. Also for the first time in the whole franchise, Max finally answers the commissioner's phone call without Sam interfering for once. While The Cola Poppers are busy snowball fighting with Satan, Sam & Max complete two parts of the ritual that'll send the trio down to lowest Hell. They put together a birthday cake of the damned and present it to them. The Mariachi's return to play one final birthday song and then The Cola Poppers blow out the candle completing the ritual sending them down to lowest Hell. With Hell restored and given back to its rightful ruler, all that's left is Sybil's wedding and everyone is invited. Meanwhile in lowest Hell, The Cola Poppers swear vengeance against Sam & Max and then a Bermuda Triangle portal opens up above to dump Easter Island's volcanic eruption onto them. Yes! YES! WE WON'T BE SEEING THEM AGAIN! THANK THE LORD ABOVE AND THE LORD OF DARKNESS! Thus concludes Season Two. Season Three will be later in the Spring.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/DFtMGTVmhec Now for the most disturbing. Peepers is in charge of getting a vessel to conceive the antichrist. He's trying to seduce Sybil into a one night stand by making her think he's a handsome '70s porn star. To reveal a devil's true nature and its true form, you must say its real name. Sam & Max go over to Tiny Timmy who's in better shape now, but unfortunately he still has the Tourettes. He also claims to be a big Soda Poppers fan and knows more Trivia about them then anyone. He knows Peepers' real name, but that goddamn FCC censors it. Sam replaces the list of forbidden swear words with Satan's grocery list. Doing this censors the word Soda. If you go to Stinky's diner after this where The Soda Poppers theme song plays nonstop, you'll be greeted with the hilariously censored version. Tiny Timmy reveals Peepers' uncensored real name and then Sam reveals it in front of Sybil. Peepers is no longer handsome and runs off. So are we supposed to call The Soda Poppers The Peacock Brothers now?

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/05gEI5UbIL8 Over at Stinky's Diner, Whizzer is attempting to sell a new apple cider made from the apple of the tree of knowledge. One sip and supposedly you're enlightened about the difference between good and evil. Girl Stinky is unsure about whether or not to take Whizzer's offer and it's pissing off Grandpa Stinky because she can't make up her mind and she's the one handling his establishment. Thanks to a book about Girl Stinky's origins, she is turned into and revealed to be a cake, but not just any cake, a diabolical recipe featuring an entrée, an side, and a desert all in the same dish, the cake of the damned! With Girl Stinky reduced to her cake form, Grandpa Stinky is left alone to deal with Whizzer's offer which is a mistake apparently. He begs Sam & Max to bring her back to human form by adding an appetizer, spare ribs, to the dish. The duo head over to Abe's bachelor party where a stripper is hired. It's a budget stripper that turns out to be The Monster and everyone is so buzzed that they don't even care. This disturbing display of horror must stop so Sam spikes the punch with cider which later makes everyone come to their senses while hungover. Sam takes a rib from The Monster to put in the cake and Girl Stinky returns and turns down Whizzer's offer. You think the bachelor party was disturbing? You ain't seen anything yet.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/lpJTay5_5ZA Sam & Max return to the surface to find Satan unexpectedly living homeless since he lost his job. They take some of his belongings hoping they'll become handy in stopping The Soda Poppers. Specs attempts to win the soul of a computer by challenging Chippy of the C.O.P.S. to a fiddle contest. Chippy, unfortunately due to low system operation components can't even outperform Specs' fiddle playing skills, but thanks to a technicality, he is entitled to infinite do-overs. Sam finds an old Minesweeper cartridge and pops it into Chippy. Chippy plays the main theme song of the Minesweeper video game and beats Specs.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/7y4Il18Bw6U Sir Hammerlock has a friend who studies Stalkers and he wants us to find his audio logs so he can plagiarize them. We have to search piles of Stalker shit for them. Apparently, Taggart has been busy killing Stalkers while studying their defenses. He encounters a nasty one which he names Henry after his mother. Henry's minions eat the Mother's Day present Taggart made and kills his entire team. He then takes on Henry alone and predictably gets killed. After killing a Stalker that ate the present, we take on Henry and her minions in hopes of getting the key that opens it. It was a shield. The stats are not exactly worth it unless you're playing a character suitable for melee combat.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/z6HHhsa3XqY Now we take care of Tannis' side jobs and of course it involves us gathering ECHO recorded audio logs for her. Towards the end, OBS kept giving me Encoding Overload messages. I'll alter some settings and see what I can do before I upload the next two side jobs.


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I'm just an Aspie gamer who will use anything to beat the game. My preferred genres are first-person shooters, puzzles, and point n clicks.

This channel has four commandments.
Commandment number one: I shalt not play Call of Duty.
Commandment number two: I shalt choose what games I shalt play as well as what I shalt not play.
Commandment number three: I shalt use anything to beat the game whether it be cheats or a sibling's help.
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Who wants to play 20 Questions?
Q: Why put "Watch here for better quality" followed by a YouTube link in the description?
A: Sometimes the transfer from YouTube to BitChute doesn't always work so I have to manually upload the video to BitChute after waiting for a day since it was uploaded to YouTube. In the event it does work after some time longer than a day, I delete the manual upload and putting in the "Watch here" YouTube link helps differentiate which one is the manual upload.

Q: Why don't you like Call of Duty?
A: I have many reasons why I don't like that series. A big reason is that it saturated the market too much and every non Call of Duty game wanted to be just like it to compete.

Q: What's your favorite game or series?
A: I love all the games that I play. I'm not too good at picking one favorite and there's too many to list.

Q: What was your first video game?
A: Sonic 2 on the Genesis.

Q: What's Aspie mean?
A: It's a term people with Asperger's Syndrome use to refer to themselves.

Q: Can I request a game?
A: Maybe. I do have a schedule for games I want to record. Chances are either your request is on there and I'll get to it eventually or the request will probably be denied if I didn't enjoy it or if it doesn't run well on my computer.

Q: You do Let's Plays yet there's no commentary. Why?
A: I'm not a talker. Also, I can't call them Walkthroughs if I'm gonna cheat.

Q: What's your least favorite cheat and why?
A: Noclip. I hate using it. When I'm platforming or avoiding traps, I'd like to make it through on my own. Sometimes bullshit occurs and I'm forced to use noclip. Oh sure, let's just have our protagonist fly back up after falling into the bottomless pit or slip right out after getting crushed. It doesn't feel real, does it?

Q: You call yourself GodModeHeroes yet you seem to handle most games just fine without cheating. Why?
A: It's a reminder that I may use cheats during gameplay, though most games like point n clicks and puzzles don't even need them. FPS games are a different story. I won't use cheats until things get dicey even on the easiest difficulty.

Q: Why play the easiest difficulty?
A: Enemies die quicker which saves me a lot of time. Less time equals less file size.

Q: Why not play the hardest difficulty?
A: The hardest difficulty may have elements considered non canon. Enemies may come back to life and I don't like that. Also, I'm not that good.

Q: Why don't you git gud?
A: Why don't you git gon?

Q: What's your least favorite puzzle?
A: A puzzle that has the same solution, but the beginning is randomized each playthrough and getting the solution requires doing some algebra.

Q: Do you plan on going beyond PC games?
A: If I can get a successful capture device recording with no problems then probably.

Q: If you do go beyond PC games one day, what consoles will we expect?
A: Nintendo 64, GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Q: Can we be friends on Steam?
A: I have my guard up at the moment. I don't accept friend requests from everyone. I'm currently a target for scammers tempting me with free games or accusing me of "illegal" item duplication.

Q: What is your stance on violent video games?
A: I don't believe video game violence is to blame for real world violence. We here at GodModeHeroes do not condone the use of violence outside of a fictional environment.

Q: You mentioned having a brother. Will he be contributing any Let's Plays?
A: He might be playing games for this channel that he can complete that I can't, eventually.

Q: Will there be Co-Op Let's Plays?
A: Definitely at some point.

Q: What will you do once you've covered every game you've wanted to play?
A: I'll most likely retire until something new comes out and there's always a new game I want every month or so.