The flamethrower gets more screentime this time around. Anybody up for some flame-grilled Gnaarburgers?

If you liked the intro cutscene in the original Second Encounter, you'll be as disappointed as I am to know that Croteam didn't add an intro cutscene in this game. You're just sent straight into the level with no explanation as to what happened. This game loses quite a bit of points from me for that. I will say it was nice of them to add a secret tommygun early on in the first level of this remake along with some ammo.

And that finishes up The First Encounter HD. I'll try and get through The Second Encounter HD before October.

Here's the arena portion of the level. The finale is up next.

Almost done.

Only two more levels to go.

I was hoping to get the perfect kill achievement for killing all enemies in Karnak. I'm not sure where I missed any.

Seeing how many levels I have to go before First Encounter HD is finished, I think I can raise how sure I am on getting Second Encounter HD on this channel this year up to 60% from 40.

I like how the lava golems now have very bright glow to them.

Another boss fight is coming up next. So soon after a DLC Boss fight.

After falling down for a bit, Sam finds himself in a blood-soaked room with a Khnum seated on a throne, who is wearing the Sign of Amon-Ra that Sam needs. Thanks to a conveniently-placed trap, Sam manages to kill the Khnum, retrieve the Sign of Amon-Ra from its neck, then start his journey to Karnak. Even though Khnums become a common enemy in Serious Sam 3 and are much weaker in that game, just this one time, an really powerful Khnum is fought and our weapons are no match against it. Maybe it's the Sign of Amon-Ra around its neck giving it more strength. Anyway, you have take this bastard out in a manner similar to how you took down Ugh-Zan III. With the Sign of Amon-Ra finally in our hands, we'll return to the main First Encounter campaign.

Sam returns to the front while under heavy fire by Mental's forces. After going through one more wave of enemies, Sam finally managed to get inside the great obelisk, but finds a large hole in the floor that leads to the sacrificial pit. At the Deja Vu Secret, other than a super health and super armor, nothing else happens so I skip ahead bringing us back to the entrance of the obelisk. It's not over yet though. The boss will be in the next video.

Sam has finally reached the great obelisk, but the door that leads to the sacrificial chamber is locked. Sam heads to the back of the great obelisk and finds a key. As you can tell, this level takes a few pages from the Tower of Babel level in The Second Encounter. The boss is in the main building so we have to go all around it and grab some item that opens the door.

Finally, this level is done. It took me over an hour to complete this. I can see why fans consider this the worst level in Legend of the Beast. This level can be needlessly complex at times. My least favorite area is the one surrounding the temple where you get the tommygun. Kleers can continuously spawn and roam around the paths surrounding the temple and there's no knowing when you've killed them all unless you periodically check the level statistics after destroying several at a time. I didn't want to bother since I would've ended up spending way more time in this level than I intended.

So following my now deleted "I smell by PC burning..." video, I shut down my computer for the time being to prevent it from burning out. Over the next few days, my brother and I went over a couple of plans. Plan A was to buy a new power supply. Plan B was to save up to buy a new computer. We looked over some products and made our choices. We started with Plan A. The power supply we were using was 400 watts. My brother brought home a replacement that was 450 watts. It took some time to get it all connected and when it was installed, our computer wouldn't start up. We feared the worst after taking the power supply out and reinstalling it again and again with no results. We tried the paperclip test and it turns out the power supply worked fine but we don't know why it couldn't power up our computer. Again, we feared the worst. After a week and a half of saving up money we reached over one-third of our intended goal for purchasing a new PC when my brother decided to try the power supply idea one last time. He took the 450 watt PSU back to the store and exchanged it for a 700 watt PSU that was a different brand. After it was installed, my computer was back to life. No grinding fan noise whatsoever. My heart was pounding with joy. Still, two weeks a lot of lost time. When I first started Serious Sam HD, I was 80% sure I could fit First Encounter, Legend of the Beast, and Second Encounter with enough time left over before October for some intermission Let's Play projects including a Sam & Max episode and an itch to record Jazzpunk and maybe QUBE Director's Cut. Now, I'm 40% sure. Maybe I'll end up doing Second Encounter HD next year along with Serious Sam 3 and Jewel of the Nile.

Sam enters the section of town meant for priests. He continues his trip to the great obelisk, but finds that the door to it is locked so he takes a quick trip to a nearby graveyard to find the key. You're probably wondering how fixing my computer went. That's a story I'll post in the description of the next part. I'm going to a rock concert tomorrow so if that video is not up today, you'll see it late tomorrow night or the day after.

I know what you're thinking, what are we doing playing The Second Encounter HD? Well, there's a DLC campaign for that game that chronologically takes place after the previous level we played. Legend of the Beast is a three level campaign. It's often criticized by fans for it's level design, terrible flow, lack of good weapons at the start, etc. Anyway, let's pretend we never got the Sign of Amon-Ra at the end of Metropolis and instead, it was relocated to the Grand Obelisk. We start by going through the commoners' part of the city in our three part journey towards the grand obelisk.

After this level, we're not going to Alley of the Sphinxes just yet. Instead, we're going to take a little side journey to a different part of Egypt.

The area where you have to collect the golden scarabs in order to move on is just as annoying with the enemy spawns as ever.

Good thing we can't smell anything in a video game. I bet this place would smell worse than it did in the original game.

With nothing to say about this level, let's explain why Mental feels the need to wipe out every life form in the universe. In the earliest eons of the universe, it was ruled by an ancient race of alien gods known as the Hum-Tah, or Infinite Ones. Of the Hum-Tah, there were three kinds: The Ones that are lost, the Ones that create, and the Ones that destroy. The Lost Ones traveled to infinity within the universe and were never seen again, the Creator ones were given limitations on their powers and eventually became extinct, the Destroyer Ones wiped out intelligent races to extinction for their own sick amusement and so they were banished. Only one Hum-Tah remained, Mental himself. He was slowly driven insane by loneliness and developed deep hatred and jealousy towards the younger races as they were able to escape the terrible fate that befell his Hum-Tah brethren.

While I've got nothing to say about any of the levels here, I might as well talk about what was mentioned in Serious Sam 2. Even though Serious Sam 2 in its current form in non canon, we must still speculate the possibility that Mental could be Serious Sam's father. That would mean that Sam is a half human demigod. It would also explain how Sam has such fighting and endurance capabilities that allow him to take on large hordes of Mental's army by himself.

Nothing to say here.


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