Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/sz_5ArhzQ3U After getting caught inside the bank vault, Henry Stickmin was immediately thrown in jail. The guards come by and give him a package that was delivered from an anonymous sender. Luckily, the guards haven't checked what's in it so Henry goes through it himself. Inside the package is a cake and inside the cake are several items he can use to break out of prison. He uses a cellphone to call a lawyer. What follows is a trial straight out of the Phoenix Wright series of games. Henry's Lawyer tries to explain that it would be impossible to tie a knot on the bag from the inside and accuse the security chief of deliberately beating Henry 'til he was unconscious and stuffed him inside bag and left for dead inside the bank vault. Henry is proven not guilty and is now a free man. It's not long before another money delivery truck roams by and Henry chases after it. Some things never change.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/eb5IwgFHfzA I loved playing these games back when they were on Stickpage. I just had to get this series when it finally released on Steam. Breaking the Bank has been redrawn and reanimated and as for the others, all copyrighted music and sound effects have been replaced. Anyway, today's a great day for a heist as professional criminal Henry Stickmin tries to rob a bank in the middle of the desert. He's notorious for utilizing items and gadgets which may or may not be of convenience to him depending on the situation at hand. Once he's inside the vault, he trips the alarms and he's quickly arrested.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/c7z6fjjsZMk We battle Psycho Johnny Maniac in one last match, a Demolition Derby. We kick his ass and then proceed to destroy the rest of the place since we didn't get enough destruction during the fight. Afterwards, we return to The Director with the smelling salts and consume them. This makes us wake up during a cyberpunk police chase, which ends things for now.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/KnUFfAVcnUg More consumption of gag food products and we meet up with Psycho Johnny Maniac promoting his new food product of hotdogs called Psycho Sausages. He challenges us to another match this time out in the parking lot. We'll get to that in the next part. Right now, we need to buy those smelling salts.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/R834kTBkDUs Welcome to the Flavour Nexus DLC. The Director finds us in some catatonic state since we got back from being eaten and he's returned to normal. He sends us on a quick shopping trip to get some smelling salts for our ailment. We have a little fun in the parking lot before entering the store and checking out half the isles and consuming every product and finding every gag we can find.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/nL5vlMO_vYA We've been eaten by The Director. Might as well trudge forward. At the end, The Director leaves a message saying he left a failsafe in case he got turned into a reptilian. We take the medication and the game ends. Even though this is the final part of the main game, it's not over yet. Stay tuned for Flavor Nexus!

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/bWAJzmR0DWA We find The Director trapped in a tube of liquid. The Editor finally shows up and he challenges us to a series of sports for the freedom of The Director and his Secretary. The first challenge is mini-golf and The Editor happens to cheat at it. The next is a gravy boat race, which we can either win or lose. I suck at it so the result is obvious. The final challenge is Virtual Tennis. I manage to win at this one, but win or lose, The Editor claims himself as the victor so we might as well celebrate his "victory" by showering him with enough gifts to inflate his ego enough that we can pop him like a balloon. Once The Editor is dealt with, we return to find The Secretary trapped in cherry flavored gelatin. We managed to free her then we see to The Director who's trapped in what he describes as whiskey. The Editor gets the last laugh since either button we press frees The Director, but also transforms him into a reptilian. Only one way this could end.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/uNEthQ2uQVg We head up to The Editor's penthouse disguised as a bug exterminator. The Editor is away at the moment so we have plenty of time to fool around as usual once the bug situation is taken care of.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/7GLh_2oGF30 We come to some sort of electric labyrinth in an attempt to escape the simulation. We eventually find a terminal and dump some coffee on it to short it out. We end up back at HQ, where we find that the The Director and his Secretary are cardboard cutouts. We receive a message from The Editor saying he's kidnapped them and if we want to see them alive again, we must come to his address.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/enUnjsk9ih4 Approaching the exit of the hotel room, we receive a cut and paste message saying we're in danger and to meet at the back pool. We explore a bit first. It's nighttime. Everyone is silent and wearing tiki masks, kind of creepy. There's no new gags, they're all the same from the previous chapter. We reach the back pool where a man in a spaghetti strainer hat has built a secret bunker. Just to be safe, he helps us yank out a tooth from our mouth containing all sorts of tracking technology. He then tells us that this whole resort is a simulation and the only way out is to kill and roast the mechanical pig seen skating around the entrance.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/7cRzLq8Yj9A Alright, enough fooling around. Time to check in at reception. Once we reach our hotel room, The Director gives us a call. It's another mission. That suspicious gentleman we saw earlier is part of a notorious syndicate. He has a briefcase containing something vital. Our mission is to disguise our self as a seductress and then switch the briefcase with an empty one and then make our way out. At the exchange, the gentleman develops a crush on our disguise and he introduces himself as The Editor. We switch the briefcases and then some lady in red orders us a complimentary drink and we accept. On our way out, it turns out that the drink was drugged and that The Editor wasn't really fooled by our disguise. Everything goes dark and we wake up on a torture chair in an unknown hotel room.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/n75nGSPIOwo Part 2 of our vacation. We get into a fight with Some Honda in a Street Fighter parody then partake in a dimension hopping adventure with a couple of scientists. We visit a dimension where Earth is flooded, a dimension where society has regressed back to the Wild West, a dimension where the world is ruled by a giant spider, a dimension where nudists take over the world, and finally, a dimension where something something about a She-Stalinist. We get back home where one of the scientists is turned into a pie. Only one thing left to do after that, check out the bars. After several drinks, we eye a suspicious gentleman in the back.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/Y_MulR7bBN8 Finally arriving at an island resort hotel, we get this vacation started. We check out the beach and find some lost treasures with it, enjoy the swimming pool, and even sneak into a few hotel rooms. I avoid the wedding cake because it takes you to a mini-game based on Quake's multiplayer and I suck at FPS deathmatch. I wish they'd make another Quake Single-player experience because we haven't had one since Quake 4.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/vqapYhUWq74 We're lead to a sushi restaurant where The Cowboy is gorging himself on the finest raw fish. There's one dish he won't try and that's fugu, the infamous poison blowfish sushi. We'd go into the kitchen and give him a taste, but the one of the cooks won't let us in. The cook is afraid of spiders and there are spiders scattered throughout the restaurant. After throwing a jar full of spiders onto the cook, we sabotage one of the sushi dishes with blowfish poison and The Cowboy eats it and gets fatally sick. We take his kidney and exit to find agents ready to ambush us so we go knock 'em over like bowling pins and enjoy a short prayer at a Buddhist temple. Back at HQ, The Director sends us on an all around the world trip before we settle at an island resort.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/PN20w1l-MRg Our next mission is to take out a cowboy biotech engineer and take his artificial kidney. But first, we've got some fooling around to do such as, retiring replicants (literally), swatting flies, destroying expensive vases while swatting flies, rob a bank in a cyberpunk universe, wrestle Psycho Johnny Maniac in the main event, and more.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/FZhwtF3Bum8 Forgive any hint of cluelessness here. I've been interrupted a couple times between segments which ruined the flow allowing me to forget what to do. So anyway, we finally infiltrate the building by fooling everyone into thinking it's lunch time so we can take the window washers' platform up to the lab. We watch two microorganisms have sexual intercourse, prank call the Kremlin, order barnyard porn, give Satan a house call, photocopy our butt and use it in the retinal scanner. We get the cartridge and escape and then spend time at the Koi pond before we're called away for our next mission.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/tS2XwBun2Pg Warning: This game will fuck with your mind. The sotry begins with our hero Polyblank mailed to a top-secret espionage agency operating out of an abandoned subway station in a fictional place called Japanada in the late 1950s. He's given his first mission of infiltrating a Soviet consulate to recover a data cartridge. But first, there are so many side activities. Getting a Frog free WiFi so he can watch virtual frog porn, degaussing and smuggling pigeons, making pigeons attack people, going to the movies to annoy everyone, paying for sex with a female roboprostitute, etc.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/XPg5PJPHxtU Marty and Doc sneak into Mad Dog Tannen's Saloon and soon enough Edna and Tannen have a little standoff. Marty is able to knock them both out and Edna escapes. Chasing after Edna, Marty has to get the two DeLoreans to sync up so they'll jump through time at the same time. Once that's done, Edna is sent crashing into the prison back in 1931 and she's arrested. Edna's stolen DeLorean disappears, but Marty still can't shake the thought of his grandfather Artie not marrying Sylvia since he married Trixie Trotter instead. Turns out Trixie is just a stage name because she is Sylvia. With everything right with the timeline, Doc and Marty go back to 1986. The bank sale was changed to garage sale and Doc hands Marty a graduation present, a detailed history of the McFly family tree. Things get weird when Edna shows up and she's married to Kid Tannen. Luckily, they're both reformed now. Then a DeLorean shows up with Marty from 2015 asking for help to save the future, then another DeLorean shows up with another future Marty asking the same thing, and then another. With all three future Marty's arguing over who's future should be saved and who's should be overwritten, Doc and present Marty go off in their DeLorean towards an unknown time destination. Sadly, this will not be continued.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/09dz4Rg26fc Marty and Doc visit Mary Pickford's cabin and it turns out to be old Edna Strickland. She no longer cares about the past or the future, only now. After jogging her memory of today's date, she remembers the fateful events that happened at the expo. She's clearly repressed something in her past so Marty attempts to use set pieces around Edna's yard to reenact what happened. Apparently after she stole the DeLorean, she drove it 88 mph and landed in 1876. She met Mad Dog Tannen, who was opening up a saloon in town so she tried to burn it down, but the fire spread to the rest of town and instead of rebuilding, the townsfolk left and moved on and Edna sheltered herself because of her guilt of becoming a hooligan. Once the reenactment is finished, Edna tries to shoot Doc and Marty, but William McFly intervenes having heard everything. Doc and Marty take the time to escape to 1876.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/yCo935pquh8 Double title. A lot happens in this one. Emmett and his father have a nasty argument, but luckily, Marty is the mouthpiece needed to get the two to listen to each other and patch things up. With that settled, Emmett demonstrates his invention. Meanwhile, Marty catches Doc and Edna having a nasty argument of their own and she steals the DeLorean and escapes. Doc realizes his mistake in trying change her and he begins to disappear due to change in the timeline. In his last moments, he's relieved to see a newspaper article showing that his career as a scientist really does pay off in the future, a future he can't be a part of. After seeing Emmett changed for the better, Marty sees another DeLorean appear. It's Doc! The original Doc! He's Back! It's too soon to celebrate though because Edna still got away with the other DeLorean with the faulty time circuits that could take her anywhere in time. Soon, Hill Valley vanishes. No buildings. Just unflattened hills and mountains. Marty meets his great-grandfather William McFly who tells him a town used to be here a long long time ago but it's gone and no one knows what happened. He suggests an old crone named "Scary Mary" Pickford would know since she's lived in the area the longest.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/QChRqXwWY-w Marty meets the legendary Jacques Douteux and asks him what happened to Emmett. He points to the glass house exhibit where Marty sees Emmett and Doc together. Let me say that the glass house maze can eat my ass. I hate sliding door maze puzzles. Anyway, inside the glass house, Doc is discussing a business proposal to Emmett and then gives him the ol' chloroform treatment and drags him away. Marty talks to Douteux again who has a different and atrocious accent this time around. Marty suspects it's Doc in disguise and that Emmett is stashed inside the Bathysphere. Marty manages to gain access but then Doc fakes a control malfunction so that he won't raise the Bathysphere. Marty does the unthinkable to get Doc to cooperate. Once Emmett is rescued, Doc runs away and then Emmett is free to demonstrate his eletrokinetic levitator. Just as the demonstration is about to begin, Emmett's father shows up and he's furious.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/Bbh0XgUZoU0 Marty wakes up in Emmett's lab to a phone call from Emmett. His invention is finished and ready for the expo, but he needs Marty to deliver his static accumulator. He gets cut off when he meets Edna. At the Expo, Marty runs into Doc or rather Doc nearly runs over Marty. Doc has a new plan and it involves getting Young Emmett to give up on Science. He believes that his pursuit in science is what made everything so miserable and he hopes Edna and Emmett can get back together without any of it. Emmett is missing and his booth is shut down for the time being thanks to Edna and Officer Parker. Edna's been told by Doc that Marty is the cause of everything that's troubled her and that Marty is apparently a Soviet Agent named Yakov Smirnoff. Luckily, he isn't arrested since Officer Parker is aware of screws loose in Edna's head. Wiretapping a phone conversation, Marty tricks Edna into confessing that she was the one who burned down the speakeasy and she runs off before she can be arrested. Meanwhile, the time for Emmett's demonstration becomes agonizingly closer.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/uXjff1hSvN0 Sam & Max are able to stop the volcano's devastation by sending the lava through a big Bermuda Triangle portal. Easter Island saved and yet the Statue Heads are not happy because they have to sit through another thousands of years of nothing happening. Sam & Max return home on the head of Statue Abe after he gets rejected by the Wind Statue and the Statue Heads themselves are later abducted into the sky.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/BQya0KvVLJM Marty finds Emmett on top of the courthouse. Thankfully, he's not gonna jump off and well, off himself. Emmett's grown tired of Marty's meddling ever since he's arrived and Marty tries to explain himself. Meanwhile, a thunderstorm is is arriving and like a bolt of lightning, Emmett gets a flash of inspiration to get the rocket car to work. He's back and interested in more worthwhile science. Unfortunately, he falls and knocks over the courthouse roof statues and gets his pants caught while he hangs upside-down. Marty rescues him and then it's off to finish that rocket car before the Hill Valley Expo concludes. Meanwhile, Doc meets up with a heartbroken Edna to discuss possibly taking down Marty.

Watch here for better quality: https://youtu.be/hEX0e8NvA3k I've always wanted to use a title that calls back to Sam & Max's debut comic. Sam & Max head into the cave entrance that takes them into an undersea cavern where they meet a trio of Ocean Chimps. They are prepared to execute Sam & Max under the orders of the high priest, which turns out to be Mr. Spatula! Mr. Spatula was often neglected by the duo, which is why he turned evil, which is also why Sam killed him back in Episode Seven. Now he's a ghost standing atop a volcano machine. If Sam & Max want to stop the volcano from erupting, Sam needs to convince the Ocean Chimps that Max is more worthy of being the high priest. After being anointed by feet, providing Banang drink mix, and something about a statue, Max is made high priest. Mr. Spatula prepares to overload the volcano machine while revealing he was the one who lured Sam & Max here with Bermuda Triangles so he could kill them with a volcano eruption. Never have I seen a fish so evil since Mack Salmon. Sam & Max reach the machine's controls and pushes Mr. Spatula to his doom just as the lava starts making its way through the pipes.


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I'm just an Aspie gamer who will use anything to beat the game. My preferred genres are first-person shooters, puzzles, and point n clicks.

This channel has four commandments.
Commandment number one: I shalt not play Call of Duty.
Commandment number two: I shalt choose what games I shalt play as well as what I shalt not play.
Commandment number three: I shalt use anything to beat the game whether it be cheats or a sibling's help.
Commandment number four: I shalt not surpass thirty minutes in length.

Who wants to play 20 Questions?
Q: Why put "Watch here for better quality" followed by a YouTube link in the description?
A: Sometimes the transfer from YouTube to BitChute doesn't always work so I have to manually upload the video to BitChute after waiting for a day since it was uploaded to YouTube. In the event it does work after some time longer than a day, I delete the manual upload and putting in the "Watch here" YouTube link helps differentiate which one is the manual upload.

Q: Why don't you like Call of Duty?
A: I have many reasons why I don't like that series. A big reason is that it saturated the market too much and every non Call of Duty game wanted to be just like it to compete.

Q: What's your favorite game or series?
A: I love all the games that I play. I'm not too good at picking one favorite and there's too many to list.

Q: What was your first video game?
A: Sonic 2 on the Genesis.

Q: What's Aspie mean?
A: It's a term people with Asperger's Syndrome use to refer to themselves.

Q: Can I request a game?
A: Maybe. I do have a schedule for games I want to record. Chances are either your request is on there and I'll get to it eventually or the request will probably be denied if I didn't enjoy it or if it doesn't run well on my computer.

Q: You do Let's Plays yet there's no commentary. Why?
A: I'm not a talker. Also, I can't call them Walkthroughs if I'm gonna cheat.

Q: What's your least favorite cheat and why?
A: Noclip. I hate using it. When I'm platforming or avoiding traps, I'd like to make it through on my own. Sometimes bullshit occurs and I'm forced to use noclip. Oh sure, let's just have our protagonist fly back up after falling into the bottomless pit or slip right out after getting crushed. It doesn't feel real, does it?

Q: You call yourself GodModeHeroes yet you seem to handle most games just fine without cheating. Why?
A: It's a reminder that I may use cheats during gameplay, though most games like point n clicks and puzzles don't even need them. FPS games are a different story. I won't use cheats until things get dicey even on the easiest difficulty.

Q: Why play the easiest difficulty?
A: Enemies die quicker which saves me a lot of time. Less time equals less file size.

Q: Why not play the hardest difficulty?
A: The hardest difficulty may have elements considered non canon. Enemies may come back to life and I don't like that. Also, I'm not that good.

Q: Why don't you git gud?
A: Why don't you git gon?

Q: What's your least favorite puzzle?
A: A puzzle that has the same solution, but the beginning is randomized each playthrough and getting the solution requires doing some algebra.

Q: Do you plan on going beyond PC games?
A: If I can get a successful capture device recording with no problems then probably.

Q: If you do go beyond PC games one day, what consoles will we expect?
A: Nintendo 64, GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Q: Can we be friends on Steam?
A: I have my guard up at the moment. I don't accept friend requests from everyone. I'm currently a target for scammers tempting me with free games or accusing me of "illegal" item duplication.

Q: What is your stance on violent video games?
A: I don't believe video game violence is to blame for real world violence. We here at GodModeHeroes do not condone the use of violence outside of a fictional environment.

Q: You mentioned having a brother. Will he be contributing any Let's Plays?
A: He might be playing games for this channel that he can complete that I can't, eventually.

Q: Will there be Co-Op Let's Plays?
A: Definitely at some point.

Q: What will you do once you've covered every game you've wanted to play?
A: I'll most likely retire until something new comes out and there's always a new game I want every month or so.