We face Dr. Ned in a final battle. What does he have against popcorn anyway? After killing him, it's over, right? Wrong! Now he's a mutated zombie Cronenberg thing. After killing that, now it's over. We turn in the last mission and head back to the start. What's next? Well, I'll do the next two DLCs in November. I'll be skipping Moxxi's Underdome though. I don't have a team for that.

Can't think of a lamer title than that. We're just pushing through to Dr. Ned's hideout. We even save a downed Claptrap unit.

Watch here for better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qarkGIsITIk It's time to finish this. We've been given Jakobs' permission to off Dr. Ned as he's become a liability to the company. As long as we get paid, I'm all for it. Besides, I'm sick of Zombies at this point and I'm ready to move onto another Halloween project that doesn't have them. We just gotta connect the bridge before we make our big push to Ned's hideout.

Watch here for better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWLLev_shIY A much better map so far. Another level, another berserk pack. I can't help myself. Punching demons is so much more fun than using weapons. At least I take care to use them on Barons of Hell because they don't go down easy.

We head over to Dead Haven where the next batch of jobs take place. The whole area is more or less a copy/paste of Old Haven. There are Crimson Lance zombies now. We discover Dr. Ned's old ECHO logs in his secret lab detailing his evil plan for making zombies. We also take on one of his creations, Franken Bill. When dealing with Franken Bill, use the water tower as cover. Afterwards, we send the evidence to Jakobs and they give us a ride back to town where a Jakob's Claptrap offs Dr. Ned's Claptrap. We also get a one time opportunity to access a Jakobs' Guns vendor. It's available until you exit the area for long periods of time or exit the game. I want some popcorn.

Not as bad as the previous level but it has a couple annoying areas.

I told you I'd be back. I went to playthrough 2, did some missions, grinded some enemies, climbed a few levels, bought some better gear, and rearranged some skill points. Let's see how those Wereskag mutts like me now!

This map is terrible. The only saving grace is the berserk pack you can get early on which makes your punches really powerful. As soon as the level starts, run for the berserk pack then start punching everything. It'll last 'til the level ends. Save your ammo.

Heading up to the hospital, we learn that the Skag DNA based cure for the zombie infection isn't exactly what it seems. Wereskags are very nasty enemies. Be prepared for a brutal fight up close and personal. Heading back, we see the town Claptrap unit tied up and speaking with a familiar accent telling us that Dr. Ned is evil and the truth we seek lies in his old lab in Dead Haven. I try to do the Wereskag side mission only to die at the hands of the second one. These guys will be a common enemy in later maps so I might as well take my advice to heart. From here, I'm going to do Playthrough 2 main story off camera and come back when I'm at least 2 or 3 levels stronger.

Episode two starts now! We begin exploring the Deimos base while killing everything in our way. We meet a new demon, who's just a big red tomato with horns and one eye, as well as get our hands on a new weapon.

We warm things up with a battle against the zombie mini-boss, Pumpkinhead, then move onto reaching Dr. Ned's treehouse clinic. He tells us to go to Generally Hospital where he left a prototype cure based on Skag DNA. Here's a pro tip: If a DLC mission, enemy encounter, or boss fight is too difficult, don't be afraid to start some of Playthrough 2 on the main story to get some more EXP and better gear. This is crucial because as you progress through each DLC after the other, the likelihood of leveling up through combat and mission completion as well as getting new gear starts to stagnate terribly.

We reach the source of high energy readings coming from the base. We're greeted with two demonic Barons of Hell. After killing them, we take a portal to a trap where we are seemingly killed off. We end up at the lost Deimos Base, but that's impossible. We were just massacred by horde of demons and possessed soldiers. There's more going on here than you think. We'll find out in the next episode. This level was intended to be longer but was cut down. The uncut version of this level is downloadable somewhere. Look it up.

Anyone remember a show called Code Monkeys? It was an animated show about a group of game programmers working for a company called GameAvision. It was set in the 1980s and was animated with NES style sprite graphics. Sometimes real life game developers would guest voice on the show as themselves where they're just starting work at the company pitching their real life game ideas that would be turned down by the company's boss, Mr. Larrity. In one episode, John Romero was walking down a hall with Mr. Larrity pitching his game idea for Doom to him while the scene switched to 3D '90s graphics in a first person point of view with head bobbing just like in Doom. The idea was turned down by Mr. Larrity to no one's surprise.

Biggest map in the current episode but not in the entire game.

Watch here for better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y6q4IRC3zE It's finally over. We can get on with the plot after this. In case you're wondering, I'm not doing Playthrough 2. I figure once is enough. I'm gonna take a short break to finish up Episode 1 on Ultimate Doom before I come back to this. All that brain collecting burned me out a bit.

Watch here for better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyPx4UfRAxk God only knows what horrible experiments were conducted in these labs.

It's a good song from one of my favorite cartoon shows and some of the lyrics fit for what I'm doing. This part and the next were total nightmares to record. In my attempt to do the 250 collected brains in one sitting, OBS kept giving me encoding overload signals so I had to stop recording every time it popped up. I don't like seeing the frames go down because the encoder can't handle such a binge number of recording segments.

Did you know the guy who composed this soundtrack also composed the soundtrack for Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D? He's also filing a lawsuit over unpaid royalties for the use of his music in Duke Nukem 3D World Tour.

Yep, we're still doing this and I'm running out of ideas for clever titles. We reach one goal, and the next goal gets higher and higher.

I guess they used all those caged imps in the center of the map as target practice before all the soldiers got possessed. They must've forgot to let them go afterwards.

Watch here for better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05Eeg8gXalQ Okay, I definitely deserve to be punched in the face for a title like that. I'm sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Watch here for better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CWHgeu8viU Just like past FPS games I've covered, if there's a path to a secret level, I will go for it.

Watch here for better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZSqb2Fh6K0 We take a detour to a remote cabin near a town in Hallow's End where we meet TK Baha who's undead and very very very famished. We need to feed him brains and lots of them. I know collecting these brains is a waste of time but it'll be worth it with all the experience points from killing zombies plus each feeding makes Zombie TK Baha barf up a random item that'll be really good or worth a decent amount of cash when selling it.

Watch here for better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kmbdaS_LM4 The vote for the next project or two once the current projects are done with plenty of time left in the month has concluded. No one managed to break the threeway tie, but the tie breaker was easy to decide. One of the voters was a jerk so his vote gets subtracted. The winners are Fran Bow and The Room. Now if the YouTube to BitChute transfer would pick up the pace, I could actually deliver on that promise.

After cleaning the main town of Zombies, we go out to see the town Doctor. Unfortunately, Dr. Ned has fled the scene and abandoned his clinic. We do two side missions. We collect audio logs of a guy going recording to his family the events of the zombie apocalypse. Apparently, Dr. Ned managed to create a "cure" from Skag DNA since Skags are immune to the infection. I can only see this as making the problem even worse. Also, some gross guy thinks Corpse Eater Eggs are worth eating. Be careful shooting multiple Corpse Eaters in a row while they're flying at you because it can create some terrible lag.


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I'm just an Aspie gamer who will use anything to beat the game. My preferred genres are first-person shooters, puzzles, and point n clicks.

This channel has four commandments.
Commandment number one: I shalt not play Call of Duty.
Commandment number two: I shalt choose what games I shalt play as well as what I shalt not play.
Commandment number three: I shalt use anything to beat the game whether it be cheats or a sibling's help.
Commandment number four: I shalt not surpass thirty minutes in length.

Who wants to play 20 Questions?
Q: Why put "Watch here for better quality" followed by a YouTube link in the description?
A: Sometimes the transfer from YouTube to BitChute doesn't always work so I have to manually upload the video to BitChute after waiting for a day since it was uploaded to YouTube. In the event it does work after some time longer than a day, I delete the manual upload and putting in the "Watch here" YouTube link helps differentiate which one is the manual upload.

Q: Why don't you like Call of Duty?
A: I have many reasons why I don't like that series. A big reason is that it saturated the market too much and every non Call of Duty game wanted to be just like it to compete.

Q: What's your favorite game or series?
A: I love all the games that I play. I'm not too good at picking one favorite and there's too many to list.

Q: What was your first video game?
A: Sonic 2 on the Genesis.

Q: What's Aspie mean?
A: It's a term people with Asperger's Syndrome use to refer to themselves.

Q: Can I request a game?
A: Maybe. I do have a schedule for games I want to record. Chances are either your request is on there and I'll get to it eventually or the request will probably be denied if I didn't enjoy it or if it doesn't run well on my computer.

Q: You do Let's Plays yet there's no commentary. Why?
A: I'm not a talker. Also, I can't call them Walkthroughs if I'm gonna cheat.

Q: What's your least favorite cheat and why?
A: Noclip. I hate using it. When I'm platforming or avoiding traps, I'd like to make it through on my own. Sometimes bullshit occurs and I'm forced to use noclip. Oh sure, let's just have our protagonist fly back up after falling into the bottomless pit or slip right out after getting crushed. It doesn't feel real, does it?

Q: You call yourself GodModeHeroes yet you seem to handle most games just fine without cheating. Why?
A: It's a reminder that I may use cheats during gameplay, though most games like point n clicks and puzzles don't even need them. FPS games are a different story. I won't use cheats until things get dicey even on the easiest difficulty.

Q: Why play the easiest difficulty?
A: Enemies die quicker which saves me a lot of time. Less time equals less file size.

Q: Why not play the hardest difficulty?
A: The hardest difficulty may have elements considered non canon. Enemies may come back to life and I don't like that. Also, I'm not that good.

Q: Why don't you git gud?
A: Why don't you git gon?

Q: What's your least favorite puzzle?
A: A puzzle that has the same solution, but the beginning is randomized each playthrough and getting the solution requires doing some algebra.

Q: Do you plan on going beyond PC games?
A: If I can get a successful capture device recording with no problems then probably.

Q: If you do go beyond PC games one day, what consoles will we expect?
A: Nintendo 64, GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Q: Can we be friends on Steam?
A: I have my guard up at the moment. I don't accept friend requests from everyone. I'm currently a target for scammers tempting me with free games or accusing me of "illegal" item duplication.

Q: What is your stance on violent video games?
A: I don't believe video game violence is to blame for real world violence. We here at GodModeHeroes do not condone the use of violence outside of a fictional environment.

Q: You mentioned having a brother. Will he be contributing any Let's Plays?
A: He might be playing games for this channel that he can complete that I can't, eventually.

Q: Will there be Co-Op Let's Plays?
A: Definitely at some point.

Q: What will you do once you've covered every game you've wanted to play?
A: I'll most likely retire until something new comes out and there's always a new game I want every month or so.