The Lower Ascension Station, abandoned for many years. This place has a history of abandonment. First the upper class abandoned the lower class to live on Elysium leaving the Deponians to rot in their own pollution, then Rufus' father abandons him in the candy shop while he sneaks on board a vessel towards Elysium, and now we're abandoning an unconscious Goal while we explore the place.

It was pure luck that I managed to get Baron Flynt stuck like that. With him dead we now have access to the final...what the hell is this? Where's the final piece of the vault key? Commandant Steele, noooooo!

The last vault key is in the hands of Baron Flynt, the king of the bandits. He lives out in the Salt Flats, but the Claptrap unit that would let us in is held captive by the Crimson Lance in Old Haven. After rescuing that Claptrap unit, we rescue a another nearby Claptrap unit that's in need of repair.

Fix the cart, light the tunnel, learn how to get high from meditiation, fix the crane controls, put goal onto the cart, adjust the track route, run over two douchebag Organon soldiers, and reach Lower Ascension Station.

We've made it to the Garbage Mine. It's not too far from the Lower Ascension Station where we need to meet Goal's fiance Cletus, but we'll need fast travel if we're going to make it in time. Unfortunately, everything is broken and we need to fix it. We meet a new character named Doc who knows a lot about women as he does about power inverters.

Behold the biggest thing on Pandora we've had to fight so far. It's size may look intimidating but stay on the cliffs and its more devastating attacks won't hurt you. It'll dispatch rakks sometimes but they can be killed with ease. Aim for the eyes; it's the only weak spot. With the Rakk Hive dead...or rather dying, the next piece of the vault key is ours.

Watch here for better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0z8Tdegzcw Just completing all odd jobs taking place in the Trash Coast. We rescue Crazy Earl's pet skag Skrappy. He's friendly now, but when he grows up, we'll have to put him down.

We kill Taylor Kobb and then we finally have access to the Trash Coast as well as some new jobs.

Taylor Kobb promised us access to the Trash Coast if we killed his brother. After collecting nudie mags from dumpsters, we find out his reward is a trap and that he's basically the new leader of the bandits in Jaynistown, I mean Taylortown. They'll be plenty of time to go after him once we've gone fishing with grenades and destroyed a few bandit pirate ships.

Continuing where we left off on Borderlands over on the Enhanced version, the next piece of the vault key can be found in the Trash Coast, but the bandits of Jaynistown control access to it. Taylor Kobb wants us to kill his brother who leads the bandits in town. After Jaynis Kobb is killed, we finish up circle of slaughter out in the Rust Commons.

And so the journey of East Clintwood comes to a close. I asked around several places of what I should do about my Borderlands Let's Play since the Enhanced version got released what feedback I got has spoken. Next video, the game shall be continued on the Enhanced version.

We finally go after Norton, who hijacked the train way back. Off screen, we max out Safe Crackin' and then get ready for the final showdown as we chase down Norton to the front of the train. With him brought to justice and the train brought back to Frisco, up next is the final cutscene. Stay tuned to see how well we did.

We're finishing up Gun Manor. It turns out that Mrs. Gun is actually a ghost herself and all this time she didn't know it. Up in the attic, we meet Chet Bullet who summoned the ghosts to Gun Manor so he could scare Mrs. Gun to death and claim her fortune for his own. We summon the ghosts to get revenge on Chet because it was not the guns that killed them; it was the bullets. The manor is ghost free and so we return to the main quest.

While grinding to max out intimidatin' and lock pickin', I got tired of waiting for them to show up and so I did what I should have done long ago which is turn off automatic spending. With intimidatin and lock pickin' maxed out, I decide to finish up everything I missed out on besides the main quest before heading back to Gun Manor.

We finally got the equipment we need and contact Cletus. We make a deal with him; we hand over his fiance and he gives us a ride to Elysium but first we must head to the Lower Ascension Station. We check up on Goal at the clinic only to be ambushed by Gizmo who arrests us. Apparently putting a parrot that's been listening to Toni brag about our misdeeds on the emergency hotline wasn't a smart idea. Goal has been taken to Wenzel's and the Organon led by Bailiff Argus arrive in town to take her back. After much chaos, we escape with the unconscious Goal on a wheel barrel and end up in the garbage mines.

What we gotta do is take advantage of the Postbot's sexual fetish for popping bubble wrap and then overload the phone operator with too many incoming calls.

We need to contact Cletus and tell him that Goal is safe (despite her damaged brain implant). Unfortunately, all radio contact equipment is not available for public use, long distance calls are prohibited, and postbot won't let us into the vault where the equipment is.

They had to include at least one puzzle in the DLC to try your patience. After that, with only two ghosts remaining and our intimidatin' not enough to deal with one of them, it's back to grinding off-screen.

No April Fool's joke here. I don't have any material for that kinda thing. Anyway, GHOSTS.

Off camera, I decided to fill my stomach, liver, and spleen with whatever I had that could raise my muscle, mysticality, and moxie all at once. Now nothing can hurt me and we can finally get onto some ghost hunting. For this, we're gonna do things the pacifist way by helping the ghosts move on.

With nothing else to do, we try out The Reckonin' At Gun Manor. Mrs. Gun, the inventor of the gun, currently resides in her mansion which is open as a tourist attraction. The problem is the place is haunted by ghosts; 13 of them to be exact. We team up with a ghost hunter and enter the haunted mansion. The basement is filled with spiders. After losing to three big ones at once, we try out the hedge maze where the plant life is being brought to life by a hedge wizard. We chase the wizard down by fighting him a couple times then he defeats our team. I step back from the game to do some strategizing.

Good god, the beginning of this part was unbearable. Being pinned between a respawn point and a badass with some crimson lackeys, holy shit. I managed to get through it and get the tasks done. Turns out the lost bandit treasure was some hidden red chest out in the Dahl Headlands containing some weapons.

We're tasked with investigating Old Haven. It used to be run by bandits until they were wiped out by the Atlas corporation's private army, the Crimson Lance, and now they occupy the place. Our goals: Turn off the smoke signals and find three keys to the strong box containing the location of a lost bandit treasure.

We reactivate some communication beacons then we check back on that religion that the local bandits have started then we wipe out their god.

We warm things up with a round of circle of slaughter then we get a claptrap to let us access the other half of Rust Commons East then we go hunting for two rare spiderants.


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