Abram starts his journey

Patriarchal line from Noah to Abram

The Tower of Babel

Noah leaves the Ark

Are there Dinosaurs still alive today?

Do we have any evidence of Dinosaurs alive?

Are there dinosaurs in the bible?

Are dragons actually dinosaurs?

Are cave men real?
What evidence do we have for cave men and is it accurate?

Why did people live for almost 1,000 years

How old is the Earth?
Are there scientific ways to show how old the earth could be?

Noah is called to build an Ark

Does the big bang theory explain how the universe was made or does the creation model explain it better?

Adam to Noah

The first murder

The first sin

Is the gap theory true
Is the creation model true

Is the day age theory correct?

Issues with the Day Age Theory

The first people Adam and Eve

Bible study of Genesis Chapter 1

The beginning of everything


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