In this rare director's cut, Surfer Lundgren knocks Warski Balboa out with one punch for the glory of the Soviet Cumin

My last 4 brain cells be like

Credit to Youtube channel strawman80

Evangelist Robert Breaker exposes the Satanic anime agenda and casts the eternal Nip into the lake of fire for super effective damage. Check out his Youtube channel for more kino sermons.

A little known song from a very little Youtuber named "Jim Higgins". You can find more of these musical gems on his channel of the same name.

An ancient meme from 2 years ago that I dug up in my backyard. Credit to Youtube channel Clorox Corner

Gas the hives, wasp war now. Credit goes to nwnjba which is the Youtube channel for "North West New Jersey Beekeepers Association".

A modern plantation owner shares his thoughts about his superior Niggeraquan tobacco. All credit goes to RavinTavin the "chimp daddy", or "Obama" as I like to call him.

It could be described as the finale in the series, but as we all know, IT CONTINUES!

A rare digital manuscript that accounts the pilgrimmage of Saint Terry to the mothership so he can stock up on holy elixir, which gives him the caffeinated energy to fight off the CIA glowniggers and build a FUCKING COMPILER.

As the puppets danced ignorantly on their strings, the Stepfather could only smugly chuckle to himself in the dimly lit, smoky room of the Swindon UKIP office at the foolishness of the pawns whom he had so thoroughly outplayed at every turn. The 20 year plan was right on track. The only thing left to do was wait for all the pieces to fall into place.


The second reading from the scripture if my chronology is accurate.

This heaping helping of gunt nectar is brought to you by YouTube channel musical helper

Normalfags don't even know about Esoteric Lycanthropism. OP is YouTube channel Virochana Asura

Godwinson uses his royal reptilian shapeshifting powers to take the form of DJwinson, a being of pure nasal and nectar, along with his background singer, Lord PPP in the form of a humble dabber named "SnaPPy P".

This guy's YouTube channel is called "howtohunt.com" and he makes some autistically hilarious boomer vids, check him out. He also hunts Sasquatches which is unironically based and redpilled. Bignose doesn't want you to know about Bigfoot.

Rated "G" even though Surfer says nigger, based

Shoutout to Godsilah the Hollywood God

Amazing grace


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PPP and Godwinson kino along with other kino collected from the burnt offerings of their channels.