It MIGHT Happen!

A short video to consider about Corona Virus
Stay Safe Everyone! GoJnn.com

This looks like a city council meeting that gets REAL at the drop of a gavel>>>
Historical Background>>>
Civility is a tool of the powerful to maintain their power at the expense of the vulnerable.
– Benjamin Dixon

I did this 5 min interview with Howie Hawkins I like the guy I do>>> Flashback to #DemExit 2016 and voting Jill!
Check him out at https://howiehawkins.us/

Not too many people KNOW MORE about the 2016 election theft by the DNC from the Bernie Sanders Voters than Debbie. WE BOTH SAY that there is treason active in our nation people and it is NOT from the foreign influences that your TV tells you it is. WE BOTH KNOW that Bernie is LYING TO US! All the Establishment are setting us up to steal our election forever more and BLAME it on Russia and Iran and North Korea instead of laying the CAUSE at the feet of the Oligarchs right here in the USA where the BLAME Belongs! And Look OUT Folks if YOU are standing up for the TRUTH and against Election Theft then YOU are an official enemy of the State (Deep State that is) This video is one of the most important you can watch and share People! In Solidarity.... Too Bad About Bernie isn't it? #TooBadAboutBernie

Thanks to the reporting of 60 Minutes
Full Report Link

Del explains some history of corona related vaccines and the prescient for vaccines making the disease worse .
Included is a video clip of a Trump briefing about vaccine development must proceed with caution!

See more at Del's channel


do NOT surrender to this

Wow this is what the people who are Brietbart fans say while watching the Bernie Livestream in LA March 1 2020


Love Him Hate Him Not sure about Bernie Sanders?

Watch this short video

Pete Buttigieg is NOT who he seems. But then again what CIA backed Spook ever is?

The Syrian Reality

Listen to Tulsi

Right here on Camera!


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