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Monetary expansions by governments around the globe continue unabated to finance pandemic stimulus packages. Yvo Timmermans, a portfolio manager from the Netherlands focused on real-estate securities, makes three bullish cases for gold.

In our weekly sponsor segment, the CEO of Tarachi Gold, Cameron Tymstra, explains how the company plans to build Mexico’s next high-grade gold producer.

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Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in 2021 so far has investors wondering whether it will overtake gold as the preferred inflation hedge. Nick Giambruno, chief analyst of The Casey Report and Crisis Investing, argues the cryptocurrency, despite its volatility, is more convenient and therefore more suitable for the global online economy.

In our weekly segment with our sponsor, Inventa Capital, Chris Donaldson, the CEO of Outback Goldfields, explains why the company decided to purchase land in Victoria, Australia, home to one of the amazing gold rushes in history.

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While Brexit is finally happening, there’s one country within the United Kingdom that will maintain closer ties with the European Union: Northern Ireland.

Maurizio Liberante, the founder of Economics Alumni and the Discourse Institute, explains how the special arrangement is creating both benefits and problems for the Northern Irish.

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Interest rates in developed countries have been falling for years as governments prop up economies with easy credit. For Keith Weiner, president of the Gold Standard Institute USA and CEO of Monetary Metals, this cheap borrowing comes at the expense of capital productivity, ultimately eroding trust in fiat currencies such as the dollar.

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Countries around the world are waking up to the Chinese government’s real intentions: eroding US influence and exporting its authoritarian model, argues Zineb Riboua, founder of the China in the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) Project.

The dollar’s global hegemony persists in part due to the US government’s sway in international affairs. For Charles Goyette, a leading libertarian author and political analyst, that influence is coming to an end—fast.

He argues several factors such as the trade disputes with China, the war on cash, the decline of the US military abroad, and the rise of socialism in the United States are accelerating the collapse of the current economic order.

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Financial bubbles have grown more frequent and globalized over the past decades. For John D. Turner, a professor of finance and financial history at Queen’s University in Belfast, there is possibly one growing now in the US tech industry, with wide-ranging ramifications.

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This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview Claudia Tornquist, the CEO of Kodiak Copper (TSX-V: KDK), who explains the MDP project’s upside potential amid similar copper-porphyry ventures in British Columbia.

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Economic freedom in Canada has fallen back to 2013 levels in the latest annual report by the Fraser Institute. To learn why, we interview the economist and resident fellow Fred McMahon. He argues the inordinate spending by the federal government in recent years has led to distortions and dependency.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview Brandon Macdonald, the CEO and director of Fireweed Zinc (TSX-V: FWZ), who explains the Macmillan Pass project’s expansion and its new search area.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed panic all over the world. For Barry Cooper, a professor of political science at the University of Calgary, politicians and bureaucrats are thriving, taking power away from frightened citizens.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview David Terry, the CEO of Genesis Metals (TSX-V: GIS), who explains the exceptional assay results from the firm’s Chevrier gold project in Quebec.

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Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) used to be an outlandish thought experiment from starry-eyed academics. George Gammon, a real estate investor and financial educator, explains MMT now finds an echo in the US government’s stimulus response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He argues the Federal Reserve’s endgame is taking over the economy and enforcing wealth redistribution, which will ultimately lead to social unrest.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview Frederick Bell, the CEO of Elemental Royalties (TSX-V: ELE), who explains what a recent acquisition means for the company’s future.

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Despite failing repeatedly across the world, communism refuses to go away. For Roman Skaskiw, a crypto-entrepreneur based in Ukraine and a US veteran, communism is more popular than ever in the United States.

While claiming a healthy democracy needs a moderate progressive faction, he argues investors should remain vigilant about polarization and class-warfare rhetoric.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview Steven Swatton, the president and CEO of K2 Gold (TSX-V: KTO), who delves into the recently completed first phase of the drilling program at the firm’s Mojave gold project in California.

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Almost every country in the world has a central bank with a monopoly on money and that is independent of politics. But is it?

For Alex Salter, an economics professor at Texas Tech University and research fellow with the Free Market Institute, the US government’s pressure on the Federal Reserve to help it finance deficits is larger than ever. He argues that, absent credible restraints on the Fed, investors face a perpetually unfavorable, low-growth environment.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview Frederick Bell, the CEO of Elemental Royalties (TSX-V: ELE), who makes the case for investing in royalty companies as a way to gain exposure to precious metals.

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Rather than welcoming open debates and fostering research that challenges the status quo, universities are enforcing conformity to politically correct thinking on matters such as gender and sex.

Debra Soh, a neuroscientist, public intellectual, and columnist, explains not even tenure protects independent researchers anymore. She argues activists have taken over the academy from within and that scientists have to adjust their research to please the public.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview Claudia Tornquist, the CEO of Kodiak Copper (TSX-V: KDK), who argues the latest drill results from the MPD project are some of the most impressive ones reported from a porphyry project in southern British Columbia.

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A growing anti-capitalist mentality is sweeping the United States. For Robert Shoss, a lecturer at the University of Houston, private investor, and former fund manager, young people’s confidence in the system that made the country great is on the wane, undermining economic growth for all.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview Frederick Bell, CEO of Elemental Royalties (TSX-V: ELE), a new company to the public market that is attracting investors with solid gold-royalty projects.

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The blockchain technology has disrupted several industries, and gold is no exception. Jon Deane, a former investment manager and the CEO of Infinigold, argues why tokenized gold is the future for long-term holding in the digital era.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview the CEO of Fireweed Zinc (TSX-V: FWZ), Brandon Macdonald, who comments on the significant mineralization discovered at the Macmillan Pass Project in the Yukon, Canada.

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Investing in mining companies without specialized knowledge can be daunting, but it is not impossible. Erika Sweeney, a geological engineer by training and investor by trade, shares tips for non-geologists. She stresses the importance of a project’s management team and its track record as starting points.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview the president and director of Bluestone Resources (TSX-V: BSR), Darren Klinck. We catch up on the firm’s Cerro Blanco gold project, which is entering the profitable preproduction phase.

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The hard-money movement, particularly in the United States, has had a bumpy ride over the last decades—from gold being illegal to essential and the explosion of countless cryptocurrencies.

For our 200th episode, we invited Gary Alexander, former editor of the Gold Newsletter in the 1980s, who recounted the evolution of the precious-metals industry and what lessons remain for new investors.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview the CEO of Valore Metals (TSX-V: VO), Jim Paterson, who shares promising drill results of its Pedra Branca project in northern Brazil.

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The mainstream press has called the Federal Reserve’s recent decision to let inflation run higher amid the pandemic a historic change.

For David Collum, a chemistry professor at Cornell University turned investment analyst, it is actually the admission of a long-running trend: the fiat-bubble economy needs ever-lower interest rates to sustain itself.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview the president and CEO of Kodiak Copper (TSX-V: KDK), Claudia Tornquist, who shares a game-changing discovery at the firm’s MDP project in British Columbia.

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The Federal Reserve has announced it is opening the floodgates of inflation to hold back unemployment. The pandemic was the last straw, and the economy is already seeing rising asset prices.

For Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group, even when the health crisis is over, demand will push consumer prices higher, given disrupted supply chains.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview the head of Corporate Development with K2 Gold (TSX-V: KTO), Alex Heath, who walks us through how the firm is fast-tracking the Mojave Project in California.

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Young people in the United States nowadays feel hopeless in the face of mountains of debt. For Jay Taylor, a precious-metals analyst and newsletter publisher, this is the crystallization of decades of wealth transfer to the top and currency debasement.

He argues few see the link between the monetary system in place since the 1970s to today's social woes—except for China, Russia, and other countries building up their gold reserves.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview Tom Martin, the head of Corporate Development with Ethos Gold (TSX-V: ECC), who updates listeners on the firm's two new exploration projects.

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Altcoins have come and gone over the last decade, but bitcoin stays. Why? For analyst and trader Tone Vays, the first cryptocurrency remains king because it is unconfiscable, uncensorable, and sound money.

He argues few altcoins are worth investing in and that most ICOs (initial coin offerings) are actually scams.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, we interview Chris Taylor, the president and CEO of Great Bear Resources (TSX-V: GBR), who makes the case for the Dixie project’s high-grade zones.

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If markets were as efficient as portrayed in textbooks, investors could only hope to obtain the average return. However, several funds and managers have consistently beaten the market over the years, points out John Dobelman.

A professor of statistics and the director of the Center for Computational Finance and Economic Systems at Rice University, he argues in a new book that market inefficiencies are what allows investors to thrive.

This week, we interview Frederick Bell, CEO of Elemental Royalties (TSX-V: ELE), the new company in the Discovery Group.

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Governments across the world have no choice but to keep interest rates near or below zero. For Jan Nieuwenhuijs, a precious-metals analyst with Voima Gold, the current fiat international monetary system is coming to an end.

He argues inflation is the only way out of the enormous debt bubble most countries have created and that some central banks are quietly laying the foundations for a new gold standard.

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In this week’s Discovery Group segment, Claudia Tornquist, president and CEO of Kodiak Copper (TSX-V: KDK), announces the firm has begun drilling at its MPD gold-porphyry project in southern British Columbia.

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The world-renowned investor Dennis Gartman has gone from “it’s time to own gold” to “gold is too crowded” in just a few months. However, he has not become a gold pessimist; rather, he is waiting on the sidelines for the inevitable correction to start buying again.

Expansionary monetary policies have driven people to gold, and they will become quickly disenchanted, he believes.

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In this week’s Discovery Group segment, Alex Heath, the head of Corporate Development with K2 Gold (TSX-V: KTO), announces the firm has received the permit to start drilling in California’s Mojave project for the first time since the 1990s.

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The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States will resume as soon as the stimulus checks stop flowing.

For Lyn Alden, an independent financial researcher and publisher, the federal government's response has the potential to trigger inflation.

Unlike the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the stimulus is ending up on Main Street and massively purchasing private assets.

In this week's Discovery Group segment, Stephen Swatton, CEO of K2 Gold (TSX-V: KTO), explains a silver lining from the pandemic that has helped with drilling permits in California for the firm's Mojave project.

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