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Unicorn startups are just one sign there is something deeply wrong with the stock market.

Chris Irons, a financial pundit with Quoth the Raven and an independent researcher, blames the huge valuations on the media and its commentators’ pretense of knowledge.

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He argues central banks’ unprecedented monetary policies have led us down an unknown path, and that owning gold is a bet there will be an inevitable correction.

Our weekly Discovery Group interview features Claudia Tornquist, president and CEO of Dunnedin Ventures (TSX.V: DVI), who shares exciting assay results from the firm’s copper-porphyry project in British Columbia.

The mainstream media and investors alike routinely attribute powers to the Federal Reserve that bear little resemblance to reality.

Scott Sumner, an economics professor and researcher with George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, dispels two common myths: that low interest rates always mean easy money and that the Fed directly controls interest rates.

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Furthermore, he argues current monetary policy should move away from its focus on inflation and instead adopt a market-driven approach: nominal GDP targeting.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, Tom Martin, director of Corporate Development with Ethos Gold (TSX: ECC), offers updates on the firm’s Quebec and British Columbia projects.

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In a world of ever-easier money, greedy markets have become addicted to central-bank profligacy.

However, in times of fear, investors flock to a proven safe haven: precious metals. Rich Checkan, president and COO of Asset Strategies International, explains gold is a true measure of wealth and store of value, unlike fiat currencies.

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He argues one should want to own gold all the time, but when crises loom it is the best asset to protect one’s savings.

This week in our Discovery Group segment, Stephen Williams, VP of Corporate Development and Investor Relations with Bluestone Resources (TSX: BSR), explains what lies ahead in 2020 for its gold project in Guatemala.

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Despite the increasing role of the United States as an oil producer and exporter, most of her reserves remain in the ground, untapped.

One reason for the wasted potential is political gridlock. Wayne Christian, the Texas Railroad Commissioner, claims Democrat officials are holding back the production of billions of oil and gas barrels from deposits in West Texas and New Mexico.

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In turn, the political uncertainty reduces financing opportunities, he argues, granting big companies with deep pockets a leg up in the market.

This week, Brien Lundin interviews Jim Paterson, CEO of Valore Metals (TSX-V: VO), which is part of the Discovery Group, our sponsor.

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The global monetary system underpinned by massive government debt can subsist for only so long before reality kicks in. What will come next?

Massive wealth transfer, says Christopher Martenson, CEO and co-founder of Peak Prosperity. He argues faith in the US dollar is not eternal, and those holding bonds, stocks, and fiat currency will bear the brunt of the fallout.

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That is why big players from billionaires to endowment funds are already taking cover in hard assets such as land and precious metals, Chris notes.

In our first Junior Mining Update, a new segment sponsored by the Discovery Group, Jim Paterson of Valore Metals explains how the end of the year presents great opportunities to investors in this industry.

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As a towering libertarian figure and former presidential candidate, Ron Paul has been advocating for reform of the Federal Reserve for years.

Recent political drama obscures the fact that the current monetary system, he argues, works to the benefit of an out-of-control government and its insiders, not the average citizen.

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Leading US presidential candidates rightly rail against crony capitalism but fail to understand a major piece of the puzzle: sound money.

Joining us for our weekly interview with the Discovery Group is Tom Martin, CEO of Ethos Gold, who follows up on the promising Ligneris gold project in Québec.

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A lot of dysfunctions within America’s economy can be traced back to the Federal Reserve’s heavy hand in setting interest rates and tweaking the money supply.

Danielle Dimartino Booth, CEO of Quill Intelligence and former advisor to the Dallas Fed, believes the US central bank lost its way in the 1970s when Congress tasked it with ensuring both maximum employment and price stability.

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Instead, she argues the Federal Reserve should have a single goal—keep inflation low—and must allow the business cycle to run its course.

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What would happen if China or Russia cut off the United States from key supplies of aluminum or uranium?

This scenario is what keeps Michael Fulp, AKA the Mercenary Geologist, up at night.

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The experienced explorer, analyst, and consultant believes the United States could fall into dependency from other nations unless she rolls back anti-development regulations.

Joining us this week for the Discovery Group interviews is James Paterson, CEO of ValOre Metals, who tells us all about the promising acquisition of a palladium, platinum, and gold project in Brazil.

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Whereas some analysts predict the popping of the US debt bubble in an explosive event, Kevin D. Williamson believes the snowballing could go on for a long time.

The roving correspondent for National Review believes politicians will keep kicking the can down road, accumulating malinvestment, and sapping the economy.

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Instead, Americans can expect a combination of less growth, confiscatory taxes, and reduced social benefits.

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Policies that disregard the risks of loose credit such as quantitative easing and modern monetary theory are all the rage nowadays, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Asset manager Adrian Day argues the 2008 bailout of Wall Street has inflated the stock market and deepened the divide that is corroding our social fabric.

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The Federal Reserve and economists have begun realizing this, but no one is willing to make the hard choices to correct course.

As for our weekly interview with the Discovery Group, the CEO of Bluestone Resources, Darren Klinck, joins us for an update on their promising Guatemalan gold project.

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Cryptocurrencies have promised to usher in a new era of finance, yet mainstream institutions have been reluctant, slow adopters. Further, the cost of transactions and fluctuating prices have impeded viability for general purchases.

Diana Barrero of Yale University’s Blockchain Initiative explains that stablecoins, given their lower volatility, offer better integration into the existing regulatory framework.

She argues that stablecoins have potential in retail commerce and remittances, since today’s legacy systems require unnecessary and expensive intermediaries.

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The parallels between today’s economy of unicorn IPOs and the Roaring Twenties just before the Great Crash are easy to miss for those without a knowledge of history.

Grant Williams, the experienced financier and co-founder of Real Vision Group, identifies similar trends of extreme monetary policies and social unrest over inequality.

He argues the day of reckoning will eventually come for financial institutions that go against human nature, at which point a gold standard will need to be reinstated to contain the resulting chaos.

This week we interview Claudia Tornquist, CEO of Dunnedin Ventures, a Discovery Group company that is fast delivering value to its shareholders.

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Known for its beautiful mountains, national parks, and low taxes, Wyoming is on track to becoming the most attractive US jurisdiction for blockchain businesses.

Caitlin Long, a veteran Wall Street financier turned bitcoin evangelist, has helped the state enact forward-looking legislation to foster the next generation of crypto ventures.

Long believes Wyoming-based entrepreneurs can even dislodge New York’s restrictive license through a legal challenge that will define the national industry.

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This week we interview Stephen Swatton of K2 Gold Corporation, a Discovery Group company with a lot of potential focused on grass-roots exploration.

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Elliott Wave Theory is a powerful item in the toolbox of financial analysts that seeks to predict market ups and downs by looking at crowd moods.

Steven Hochberg, chief market analyst with Elliott Wave International, argues there are recognizable patterns of aggregate human behavior one can keep an eye out for to make investment decisions.

Employing this kind of technical analysis, he shares his views on gold, bitcoin, and stocks.
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For our weekly update on the Discovery Group companies, we interview Brandon Macdonald, CEO of Fireweed Zinc, who has amazing news about a zinc mining project.

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The price rises of gold and other precious metals in recent months should have propelled the junior-mining industry. What is holding it down?

For Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global Investors and a regular commentator on financial television networks, the answer is regulation. Many banks and brokers cannot recommend junior-mining stocks due to government limits on investors and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.

On the other hand, crypto mining, a virtually unregulated industry, did see a rise in investing across the board.

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In our weekly interview with CEOs of the Discovery Group, Chris Taylor, head of Great Bear Resources, tells us how gold exploration drives the company's impressive growth.

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Many US states claim to balance their budgets, but for decades they have underreported or understated huge liabilities in pension benefits.

Every year, Bill Bergman, director of research with Truth in Accounting, shines light on the real situation with the Financial State of the States report. Total unfunded state debt amounted to $1.5 trillion in 2018, and there has been little improvement since the study's first edition in 2009.

He explains one day investors will see the writing on the wall and stop showing up at bond sales, leaving state employees in a perilous position.

Our weekly interview with the Discovery Group, our valued sponsor, features Dunnedin Ventures CEO Claudia Tornquist, who explains the company's new focus on copper.

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America’s fundamental ideals are more likely to be found in history books than in the rhetoric of the 2020 US presidential primaries and election.

Julia Song, a conservative activist and commentator, fled Brazil’s socialist meltdown—which preceded Jair Bolsonaro’s rise—and moved to North Carolina, only to find the same drift toward statism.

To make matters worse, she believes prominent conservative pundits are ill-equipped to counter the rise of leftist candidates who have succeeded in convincing voters of their solutions to both real and manufactured crises. Her concern is the conditions are in place for the United States to be one election away from what she defines as outright socialism.

In our weekly interview with the Discovery Group, we talk with Tom Martin, director of Corporate Development at Ethos Gold, about the firm’s four mining projects.

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Ross Gerber loves Tesla. Unlike many in the precious–metals industry, the president and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management believes there is no bubble in tech companies.

He argues that behavioral adaptation to global warming will drive oil demand down in the long term and make eco-friendly innovations profitable.

Where he does see a bubble is in fiat currency, and deems gold and bitcoin solid monetary alternatives.

Our weekly Discovery Group interview features Jim Paterson, CEO of ValOre Metals.

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A minor truce between Washington and Beijing to ease off the trade war will not be enough to avert a recession.

Matt Warder and Sean Levine, directors of research and product development at Energy Capital Research Group, believe the wheels are already in motion for a global slowdown.

They argue we should accept the trade dispute may not find any resolution at all. The upside of a new normal of cold relations with China is that gold and other precious metals will keep soaring.

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As the globe braces for an imminent downturn and investors accept negative-yield bonds, all eyes are on central banks. However, Mark Rossano, founder and CEO of C6 Capital Holdings, contends the monetary tools offer little salvation for productivity.

Growth in dollar-denominated debt from emerging countries and preference for US treasuries keep the greenback in a dominant position. Further, given the decline of other major currencies, relatively speaking the dollar will strengthen and be positively correlated with gold, he argues.

Our weekly Discovery Group interview features Brandon Macdonald, CEO of Fireweed Zinc, who makes the case for investing in world-class zinc deposits.

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Signs are growing for a worldwide economic downturn. This time, central banks may be powerless to stop it.

Ronald Stöferle, a partner of the Liechtenstein-based investment firm Incrementum AG, explains how his "In Gold We Trust" report was able to foresee the coming storm. He argues the United States has probably already entered a recession as big players seek refuge in gold and mining stocks.

This week we are also launching the first of a series of sponsored interviews with the Discovery Group. Chris Taylor, CEO of Great Bear Resources, tells us about exciting new discoveries in Red Lake, Ontario.

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Despite the righteous demands of environmentalists and politicians, fossil fuels are not going away anytime soon.

Peter Hartley, a professor and scholar of energy economics with the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, argues natural gas will play an essential role in the transition to clean electricity.

He explains how the United States went from being the world’s largest importer of gas to one of the major exporters thanks to innovation, infrastructure, and property rights.

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The banking and financial elite may disparage precious metals as a relic of the past, but the joke is on them. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling personal finance book of all time, retorts that he became rich by saving silver and gold—not by doing what was politically correct.

Gold has existed for centuries and will continue to be sound money years after the US dollar has disappeared.

Show notes:

Gold’s breakout has unleashed speculation regarding whether other precious metals will follow suit.

Lobo Tiggre, CEO of Louis James LLC and editor of the Independent Speculator, notes the buzz on mainstream media is drawing new funding to the sector.

He argues that, while one should always focus on the fundamentals and plan into the future, there are short-term opportunities in silver and uranium stocks.

Show notes:

The market is showing increasing signs that the gold breakout is genuine. David Skarica, founder and editor of the investment newsletter Addicted to Profits, sees a confirmation in junior-mining companies starting to rally.

The future of precious metals looks bright, he argues, unlike corporate debt, which will probably trigger the next financial crisis.

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