Golden Credit

A licensed money lender can provide you an immediate loan in Singapore which can fulfil your needs. Watch the video to know about the things you must consider before choosing a licensed money lender in Singapore.

If you are going through a medical emergency, unexpected debt, bad credit history or repayment after using credit cards, then apply for payday loans. Watch the video for more details.

Personal loan is the best option when you require money in case of emergency as it doesn’t require any kind of collateral, for this you can approach the lender. Visit them at to know more.

If you are a foreigner living in Singapore, & feel that you are running out of funds, you can apply for foreigner loan to fulfill the financial needs. Visit them at to know more.

Golden Credit (S) Pte Ltd is a comprehensive moneylending firm in Singapore offering best loan services for various fiscal crisis. Watch the video & know how Golden Credit delivers personalized solutions for all your money related problems.


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Golden Credit - licensed moneylender for fast cash personal loan in Singapore. Get fast approval quick cash in 30 mins. Visit the website for more details.