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greetings you plebeian mortals, as my page suggests, i'm the home of shitty pivot shorts, The Trashers and a few kaiju related stuff (aka BB (Beyond Beasts)).

Youtube channel:

my pivot shorts are most likely, random, and sometimes a bit explicit with some epic shitty jokes. they're somewhat in a chronological order. they didn't used to be, but now they seem to be connected.

The Trashers, an animated series of a corrupt family experiencing random shit, featuring Golden Spino (me), Indominus Wolf, E.V.O. Rake, Epic and Toastty27. Indominus Wolf makes the scripts together with me, and Epic makes the thumbnails for the episodes.
Golden Spino plays as the horny old grandpa, Indominus Wolf as the abusive mom, Epic as the 10 year old badass child, E.V.O. Rake as the 7 year brother of Epic who is also pretty badass and Toastty27 as the trash-ass dad.

the main plot for Beyond Beasts is basically that the PD's start conquering and devouring planets and when they came in contact with the wrong alien species, they created Spatium to stop them, Spatium one time got mad and escaped his enclosure which made him dangerous and got then sent to earth via a wormhole after some democratic bullshit, after he got caught again. not long after they get raided by the PD's again, letting them be on almost the brink of extinction. Spatium eventually gets on earth and the story plays out further on there on how he has to train and discover what his point of existence actually is, which is to destroy the PD's to save many lives (trust me this seems like a simple plot, but really there's SO much to add to it).

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