Reboot Engaged

More Death then you can shake a wooden spoon at

Chaos takes over the world!

More adventure.
More Gold.
More death!
All For the King!

A fun little Rouge Like Rpg

Good News Every Body!
I have returned once again!
More content coming soon as well!

After all this time I have returned With more Eve Online
Also Clicking the Link Below Will let you start a New Character with +1 Million Skill points

Its the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine!

The continuing adventures!
Hoping the Audio is not scuffed this time....

The continuing adventures of an Iksar Necro
Better Audio Coming soon [tm]

Gotta love over tuned Tank mercs

After 15 years I have returned to one of the Most important Mmorpgs in my life.

Entering this rather badass Game for the first time.

Welcome to the first of My monster hunter World series
Videos will start to come daily
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And so we begin our journey into Space!
Come along for the ride it's gonna be good!

Welcome one and all to my new Eve online videos!

#eveonline #Alphaclone

First battle in a new war with White Sky. To get in as a Buddy! +250,000 SP!

Last nights Structure Bash
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