I lost 9 kg and I feel great. /Myles Munroe, How to Fast and Pray Efficiently:

*Sorry for the not so good video quality, forgot to set my camera to a higher setting.
This is a review of Q Acoustics 3020 bookself speaker. Using NAD 310 Stereo Amplifier, NAD 510 CD Player, Indiana Line Basso 830 subwoofer (2nd part) and recorded on Zoom H1.

Songs from CD:

The Roy Hargrove, Christian McBrtide, Stephen Scott Trio - Parkres Mood (1995)
1. Klactoveesedstene
2. Star Eyes

3. Eric Bibb, Panama Hat, Roadworks (1999)

Songs from Youtube:

4. Survivor, Eye of the Tiger
5. Michael Jackson, Wanna Be Startin Something
6. Boomfunk MCs, Freestyler

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This countdown timer was originally created for TEDxLjubljana and global TEDx community. It is best used when timing presentations, public speaches, for practicing, hosting business meetings, startup pitches, seminars and similar professional events.
Huge red timeout screen will force speakers into finishing their talk on time!

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