The Secretary of Treasury today made a mockery of Freedom and Liberty!

If you want to follow blindly, they will gladly lead you to the slaughter. If you want to see through the propaganda, with clear eyes, understand the situation and SAVE YOURSELF, I expose their lies with real life examples!

Yes, I'm fed up!!!

If you agree with me, I created where I recommend you start educating and saving yourself here...

How to move $3,500 from paper to Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency now and become a Gold-Backed Millionaire on Jan. 1 2023.

You be the judge?!?!? Stuart Varney is convinced America is "the only game in town" and "the King of the Hill". I disagree and will prove his points incorrect "American brainwashing propaganda"!

You be the judge? Who's right?

I'll read you Thomas Jefferson's letter, he had Trump's "Fake News" problems even worse. Trump should quote Jefferson from now until November 2020.

This is a "demo" podcast. It was made to introduce myself to a couple people, however, I think the information is interesting and I'll stand behind every word in future video's. So if these subjects interest you and you'd like to learn more, I hope you'll join my channel. Also visit my website to start transferring out of the Federal Reserve System and into Individual Sovereignty!

"Centralization of credit in the hands of the state..." - Communist Manifesto

Let us show you how to Prep in Gold and get off the Federal Reserve System in the process.


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