The ruthless attacks - torture and killings - of farmers in South Africa are, contrary to the opinion of western media sources, very real. The attackers have taken advantage of rules that prevent convoys from defending farmers during lockdown conditions. Attempts to dumb down the seriousness of the attacks are made by western media and Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Worth looking into:
Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields


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The way that the media plays with numbers has a not insignificant impact on public perception. This video offers a crash course in some new words to learn in the context of the current affliction. Testing kits that produce false positives are especially lucrative to western governments. On-selling biometric data can't hurt the bottom line.


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Australia is gradually succumbing to the rule of self important medical experts who want Australians to be as sick as possible. The healthier you are the more that big pharma's bottom line suffers. Here are some suggested foods that will help to keep the doctor away.


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Even though people around the world are waking up to the ulterior motives of lockdown the UK is still meekly submissive (it's only August, give it time). We now know that there is no correlation between the harshness of lockdown measures and lives saved. Governments are conspicuously uninterested in assessing the real impact on human lives.


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Nations around the world are going to extreme lengths to draw out the current crisis in order to justify imposing ever harsher rules. So called 'health experts' are liberally redefining statistical parameters, while downplaying the economic and psychological costs of lockdown. New Zealand and Victoria Australia are cases in point.


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Australians want to demonstrate their subservience by undertaking horrific and demeaning medical procedures in the name of defeating 'selfishness'. One way to achieve this is to inject arcane substances into the human body. It is only fair to the citizens of Victoria that they are locked down until given this opportunity. In New Zealand Jacinta Ardern gears up for a new election by taking a leaf from Dan Andrews' playbook.


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The Victoria Lockdown has earned a stage 4 jersey with the help of a black lives matter protest and some stir crazy security guards. Our expert public servants manage to pass the buck to each other and never fail to sleep at night.

Hanlon's Razor "Never ascribe to malice what is more accurately ascribed to incompetence."


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>select Victoria

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Our dear leader Daniel Andrews has excelled himself in delivering a shock and awe response to the misbehaving people of Victoria. Jenny Mikakos has taken on the important task of not answering questions regarding the catalyst for a new lockdown. Powerful stakeholders are posturing for the advent of an NWO (new world order) but need the right pretext. It doesn't help that countries like Sweden are doing just fine right now.

Some provocative memes...

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Mahir Beats Links:

Discussion regarding the current medical crisis and media response - relevance to Australia.


Breitbart website:
Allum Bokhari, "Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference" viewed on 29/07/20,

Tyler Durden, "Hydroxychloroquine: The One Chart You Need To See – LewRockwell" viewed on 29/07/20,


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