We had a lovely day at the Pittock Mansion in Portland Oregon.

Every year the Orenco neighborhood, where my grandparents live, puts on a small Christmas Parade. It's not much, but it's kinda fun.

We stand in line an collect way too much candy.

We spent the morning at Disney's California Adventure.

A montage of our day.

We're taking a trip.

We fly to California and not do our and get tired.

Why I like Disney more than universal.

I show off the costumes I made for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

We spent the day at Oaks Park in Portland Oregon.

We took a family trip to the Oregon State Fair.

I discus how to use The Handmaid's Tale to better understand the disdain for socialism and help to others understand the how conservatives and libertarians feel about socialism.

I recently went to the Enchanted Forest amusement park near Salem Oregon. My whole family had a blast. I highly recommend it.

Old Ladies Shoes.

The things I do when I think it will be funny to hurt my self.

I really incoherently about the border/immigration for around 7 minutes.

Trump says he could negotiate a nuclear disarmament treaty...

Follow along and makes some ice cream.

Here's a link to the recipe I followed:

I took a trip to the Oregon Zoo with my wife on a quest to get some b-roll for my video dictionary. Particularly I wanted to get the giraffes, but I got a bunch of great footage.

Sorry about the music, I’ve never been great at music and I was messing with loops in a music program.

Walking around talking about the new year, and a short tour of where I work.

My Video Dictionary Channel: