Good Robot

Good Robot

Good Robot


Poor Man

Fox News Special

Tucker Carlson

Tells them how to better their parenting skills.
RT News

Team America Songs
Pearl Harbour Sucks & Only a Women (explicit)

But we're on to their playbook.

RT News

George Galloway tells Jacqui Smith BBC News

This one is just weird.
It's gonna be fun to watch the lemmings if they have the ball bearings.

Tucker and Gore

RT News

On Trump Patraeus and having no regrets

On Next Giant leap for mankind.

Dr Peter David Beter

Small town boxing in Rural America

RT News

3d Holograms at forefront of Next Generation Surgery

Can Corey Booker pass Bender's Gaydar

Everybody's Welcome

President Trump's Inauguration Speech

On Homeopathy and Quackery

F.A.G's Against Trump
Team America

South Park Cock Magic the Gathering


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