Good Robot

Good Robot

Good Robot


Poor Children pushing the New World Order Agenda 21.
Finish school, work a job, think for yourself then i'll listen.

We are Royalty not them.
The Royals are Degenerates
"Funny thing, I can't sweat"

Stopped working

Does this dude wear make up?

Old Heather Swanson


Duel of Fates
2km Hit Russian Sniper

Maybe she should take her own advice

Mad Scientists

I used to love Kanye. I don't worship any man but Jesus (Yahusha)
I do not wish to offend or any Kanye fans but educate them. Have no Idols

Who do you trust Emotional Idiots or Cold hard facts?

He who denied it supplied it.

Will someone shut him up!

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Dies Irae Mozart


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What is a Natsarim And who is Yahusha and Yahuah. Thanks for subscribing, this channel will be for the things that push the boundaries of my own thinking. I will try to make them as entertaining or as educational as possible. Thanks for coming on the Journey Yah Bless.