Which reason is justification enough to violate your inherent, inalienable freedom, dignity and rights?

I Do Not Concede:

Raine Sillito is a beautiful soul, childhood educator, and creator of the new podcast, Life as if it Mattered, available on Spotify.

She talks about holistic education, how children learn and how adults can support that natural tendency to learn; the challenges we have created for ourselves and our children today with the social distancing, masks, and fear of an invisible enemy; and her amazing podcast, shedding light on mother-infant bonding, childhood learning, our relationships to one another, and other topics shining a light on our humanity.

Listen to her podcast:

Reawaken your humanity.

Connect with your inner child.

Connect with the unconditional love all around and within you.


I am developing an idea to be a support to empower kids right now. This is the concept:

2-3 evenings/week for 1 hour.

Age groups will be 11-12, 13-14, 15+.

It will start online, but the goal is to have other educators attend, see how it works, and then start their own local pod in person.

2 evenings: focus topic with a video to watch together followed by discussion.

The goal of each session is to present an educational video that stokes questioning and challenging perception, strengthening each child's trust and capability to reflect, analyze, think critically, and also find their focus on what matters and how new data can be applied to their reality. Each discussion period is a practice of open, receptive listening, presenting their own perceptions with confidence, not worrying about contradicting views but remaining curious, developing open-minded skepticism (not automatically rejecting or accepting anything), and developing good communication skills that respect themselves and the other person involved.

1 evening: focus will be on providing tools that empower kids to face difficulties with confidence, dignity, grace and resiliency.

This will be a space for meditations, breath work, role playing, finding ways to transform powerful emotions into a creative, manifestation power that grows them instead of overwhelms them, and more.

I will try to see if, apart from videos, I can get guest speakers on.

The foundation will be: no one is a teacher. We are storytellers, and each person is the captain of their own ship.

There will be no telling anyone WHAT to think, but encouraging kids to think for themselves and not fear thinking differently.

The groups will be composed of 5-8 children, to allow for every child space to speak during discussion.

If this idea interests anyone, please let me know. I am developing it now and will be putting together a structure soon. Email [email protected].

Take back your mental health today with some tips from Canadian Frontline Nurse, Sarah Choujounian.

Sarah shares her own story of suffering abuse, starting with child sexual abuse at the age of 5 at the hands of a relative. Her story is a long, difficult path but she made some decisions in her life that have changed her story completely.

Sarah bravely faces her fears time and again and practices every day the tools she learned to help herself stay well, both mentally and physically. It isn't easy, but it can be done; and practicing the tools that help us to heal ourselves is, as Sarah says, a lifelong journey. It is our intimate conversation with Life itself.

Sarah shares what we can do right now to assist our elderly and children, the two most vulnerable populations and the most harmed by the covid measures.

She speaks to the importance of self-care, self-love, boundaries, connecting with the inner child and providing yourself with the care you never received before.

Her website, Lighting Up Dark Corners, features her services, including an online course and a novel. Her services will be expanded soon, so subscribe to her website to receive updates.

How to Protect Your Kids from Child Sexual Abuse Online Course:

Sarah's novel:

Support Global Frontline Nurses:

Support Canadian Frontline Nurses:

Are you a healthcare worker and you have had enough and want to speak out? You can remain anonymous while still sharing your story. Contact Canadian Frontline Nurses: [email protected]

Are you outsourcing your health to others?

Are you outsourcing your thinking to others?

Who makes the decisions in your life?

Who is responsible for your life decisions?

This webinar is about empowering you to be your own advisor.

Learn how to step back into the driver's seat and claim your life for your own.

Learn how you are much more capable than you were led to believe.

Let go of fear. Explore. Become curious. Enjoy your life, and own it!

Stephanie joined me today to speak about Roots and Wings, community school pods that are growing in Ontario.

Currently, there are 6 pods and 5 teachers within the Toronto, Oakville and Waterloo areas of Ontario.

The school pods offer part-time and full-time learning options, and are hosted at the parents' home (some remain on at one home, others alternate between houses). The learning is in-person and the pods provide a space away from the psychological and physical stressors from the lockdown/mask measures as well.

The children are from the ages of preschool to 7th grade, and the curriculum is a mix of Forest, Waldorf and Montessori to provide holistic education.

Teachers are hired who are aligned with the school's philosophy and vision, with complete background checks and requirements such as a BA in education. The teachers are also trained to be able to teach yoga to children.

Some of the feedback Stephanie has received from parents:
-Their children love talking about what they did in school!
-The children practice emotional regulation techniques at home whenever they get upset

If you are an educator or parent who would like to get involved, please email [email protected].

Also, visit their new Instagram page @rootsandwingscs (a website is currently under development).

Understand the basic concepts of human freedom, dignity, and rights; children's rights; the role of a guardian over the vulnerable; and personal accountability and liability for violating another's basic freedom, dignity and rights.

Fear is a part of the whole. It serves as a messenger. Embrace it. Welcome it. Listen to it. Let it integrate with Love.

What is the role of a guardian of the vulnerable? How can one embody all of the elemental forces available? How and when does one be soft and clever, firm and strong, flexible and sharp?

Empower yourself to be a responsible guardian, in tune with your instincts and intuition, reconnecting your actions with your beliefs. Bring the thoughts and emotions into manifestation.

Rosemary Frei:
"After obtaining an MSc in molecular biology from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary with the goal of entering academia, I pivoted and became a freelance writer. That led to 22 years as writer and journalist focusing on medicine. I pivoted again in early 2016 to full-time, independent activism and investigative journalism."

Her articles have been published in OffGuardian, Global Research, and other news outlets.

View her work:
Follow her on twitter: @rosemaryfreiTO

And read her article on what has been happening in the nursing and long-term care homes in Ontario:

Reference to the MIT multidose vaccines:


German/ Koch Institute Story:

Kristen Nagle and Sarah Choujounian are two brave, outstanding nurses who have chosen to speak up against the harms being committed against Canadians, especially our most vulnerable.

Sarah Choujounian shares her incredible story of self-healing, and her experience working with elderly and how covid measures have affected them.

Kristen is a neonatal nurse, and she shares her story about discovering the gaps in medical education, like nutrition knowledge, and how the covid measures have affected pregnant mothers and children.

We cover medical ethics, informed consent, patient rights and recourse for those treated unethically.

In particular, Kristen shares options available for pregnant mothers who are afraid to go to hospital, afraid of forced testing, etc.

Support Canadian Frontline Nurses:

Support Global Frontline Nurses:

Support Kristen Nagle: Find her on Instagram @kristen_nagle and on Telegram at

Support Sarah Choujounian:

Watch the Canadian Frontline Nurses' Press Conference:

We are the community. We are the support for each other. We all have incredible skills and talents to offer one another. Let's connect, network, and start creating the changes we want to see in the world.

James Corbett on Declare Your Independence talk about refocusing our attention toward manifesting the solutions we want to see.

View the original source here:

Many thanks to James and Declare Your Independence for this information!


Part 3: International Treaties; Universal Declaration of Human Rights; International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Covenant Against Torture and Cruel, Degrading, Inhuman Treatment and Punishment; Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

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