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Explore how to take apart FACT from THEORY, think for yourself, and shift out of fear-based, judgmental control to curiosity and wonder driven living.

Shared video from Corbett Report:

Rosemary Frei and Aimee Hoffman take a look at a recent article published in Children's Health Defense's online publication, The Defender. Learn how to read an article with a critical mind, examine its components, and investigate the relevant claims.

Many factors come into play when new information is presented. Examine the presentation itself. Examine the aim of the article/video/post. Examine the citations. Investigate the claims. Try to find source documentation to get the raw data and not just interpretations. Examine the "experts". Examine the author. Are there conflicts of interest? Are there biases? Are they substantial enough to cause reasonable doubt?

Links for this interview:
Verkerk article:

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Sixteen South African variants hyperlink:

Selection pressure hyperlink (Neil Ferguson):

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Dr. Lifton, Rockefeller Institute:

WHO: Global Framework for Development & Stewardshipto Combat Antimicrobial Resistance:

Rosemary Frei's website:

New Variants article:

Modelling Paper Mafiosi article:

The Antibody Deception article:

The Curious Case of Geert Vanden Bossche article:

The following is an example of what is included in the Storyteller's Circle for Kids, which is basically the Free Thinking Course for Kids re-made for kids ages 10 and under. The materials used are modified and the timing is shorter.

Fridays are specifically about providing the tools to empower kids to face difficulties in life, on their own, with confidence, grace and resiliency.
This is just one sample of how that session can be structured.
We have also had a guest speaker attend and talk about self-awareness, negativity bias, and how to help oneself.

In this session, we explore how to tune in with nature and what something as simple as a tree can tell you.

This empowers kids to start paying attention, observing, asking questions, and relying on their own direct experiences for the answers.

In this session, we explore the microbiome, naming and classification, questioning assumptions and "foundational" scientific bases, exploring the world anew and developing theories, and more.

To learn more about the Free Thinking Course for Kids, visit:

Brittany is a mom in Ontario who has decided to help make the world a better place for parents and their kids. Not only has she been an advocate for her own daughter at school, but she has created groups for moms where they can network, arrange play-dates, explore alternative schooling options, and simply connect again.

Mamas Making Moves began with its original group on Telegram for all of Ontario and now has 12 regional groups for the province.

To join, visit:

Brittany has also requested that kids send in their stories of how the covid measures have personally been affecting them. She is asking for a video recording simply of the person's mouth, speaking about their experience. This is to raise awareness, give kids a voice, and provide that safe space to be honest without fear of repercussions.

To connect with Brittany, you can email: [email protected]

The group mentioned in the interview also taking stories are Kids Voice Informed Choice:

Newfoundlanders' call to action.
Be Kind.
Be Brave.
Be You.

Stephanie Kozak left work with the school board after facing frustration time and again with how children were treated, especially those children given labels and sectioned off into "special education." She began her own school instead of trying to fight through a web of systems. Her creativity has brought about a beautiful learning space for children that centers on three principles: 1) Always be truthful, 2) Always be respectful, and 3) Always be kind.

Stephanie shares some advice on re-imagining what education can be for children, how parents can let go of the fear of following a particular structure (especially if they are new to homeschooling), how a day's learning can be adapted to the children's state of being; and she shares great tips on how to help with children's mental well-being, including listening openly to them; how to be an advocate for children; and finally, her new project, Alternative Path.

Alternative Path is a website Stephanie is developing that can be a hub for alternative education providers, seekers, and mentors.
It is composed of three parts:
1)Learning My Way: for anyone who currently runs an alternative education school or pods
2)Learning on the Fly: education A La Carte, like book clubs, cooking classes, playground meet-ups, homeschooling groups, etc.
3) Learning As We Go: mentorships, resources for educators, support teams, etc.

This project is for all of Canada.

If you are an educator and would like to be part of the Alternative Path, please email [email protected].

We are the community. We are the change.

Leslie Wendland of Sweaty Successful Moms shares her personal journey of discovering her intuition and abilities to heal herself.

Sweaty Successful Moms is composed of a trio, Leslie providing the spiritual awareness; Kristen Nagel (Canadian Frontline Nurse) providing the nutrition, health, medical awareness; And Miriam provides decluttering, taking action to manifest that new state of awareness.

Her journey mirrors that of many individuals who have found they somehow lost part of themselves while growing up and fitting into the systems we constructed. Much of our fears come from the "not knowing" what will come next when everything changes.

Leslie talks about FEAR, what types of fear exist for us, whether they are helpful or a hindrance, and what a person can do as a first step to break through a fear-based paradigm.

She talks about Intuition, how it may feel when one tunes into it and starts to follow it, and how it really isn't a "sixth" sense at all, but actually employs ALL of our senses.

If you're a mom who wants to find more meaning in life, check out

Contact them to learn more about their program, Meaning More (More Passion. More Peace. More Purpose).

If you are looking to dive into your intuition, especially if you are interested in healing, visit here:

You will receive the Top 3 Reasons Why You Can't Hear Your 6th Sense and a FREE 45 minute call with Leslie.

Aimee Hoffman of Good Food UnEarthed interviewed Retired Toronto Inspector Len Faul about Police on Guard For Thee.

Police on Guard for Thee are "a group of concerned retired and active duty peace officers looking to see the end of unconstitutional public health orders. Peace officers are being ordered to defy their oath to uphold the rights of the people they protect and this must end."

Len himself started out as a police officer in the London Met and later came to Canada, where he served for another 32 years (for a total of 43 years).

We talk about why Police on Guard for Thee was formed over the past year and what their mission is.

They are involved in filing a statement of claim soon with Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati; they are educating serving police on their Oath of Office, duties to serve the people and safeguard their human rights, and personal liability for committing actions that contravene the Charter and the Criminal Code of Canada.

Individual police officers in Canada have the benefit of employing their discretion when giving a ticket or making an arrest.

Unfortunately, in the atmosphere of fear and confusion that the media has played a key role in creating, many officers are conflicted about whether to abide by the Charter or to use force against lawful citizens under the directives of tyrannical political officials.

Now, both retired and serving police and peace officers have the opportunity to become more informed with the help of Police on Guard for Thee, and to choose to take a stand to safeguard the people in their communities.

Another branch of service the Police on Guard for Thee provides is education to the public, to remind them of their rights and what a police officer can and cannot do. For example, if you are out walking around, a police officer can speak to you but you do not have to produce ID or respond. It is illegal to be ticketed for exercising your right to protest and your right of peaceful assembly.

Len shares his story of why he became a police officer, how the hierarchy of the police is set up, how the public can try to reach out with their local police, and what we are looking at should the people find that they have lost their avenues of recourse for violations to their human rights.

Please share this video with everyone you know. Encourage those who are in uniform to ask themselves: "Why did you choose to become a police officer?" Encourage them to see that they can choose now to take a stand to safeguard the people, to become better informed about the "emergency", and to clarify their specific role in enforcement so that they are not left in the wind, open to personal liability when following orders.

You can find Police on Guard for Thee here:




Police on Guard for Thee's Cover of Mad World:

Police on Guard for Thee's Letter to the Public:

In this overview of how the Free Thinking Course for Kids works, I share a sample session exploring how the mind functions, challenging assumptions and paradigms, self-limiting beliefs, examining the psychological tricks in advertising, in films, in hypnotic suggestion; and posing a new way to look at people who see the world in a different way from you.

This sessions brings up the concepts of critical thinking, self reflection, open listening and effective communication.

Video links:

Image links:

To attend a session, email [email protected].

Solutions Podcast [for the kids]:

Roberto Pagliaroli is a soccer coach and life coach in Ontario, Canada. He comes from an Italian family, and when he was younger, he was an incredible soccer player, representing Canada and going on to play in Italy. After the soccer dream started to fade, he experienced the shadow phase of his life, which ultimately opened the door to his life's purpose: helping, empowering and healing.

Soccer, like many sports, mirror what we all experience in life. The training one gets on the field are life lessons that can be used off the field to assist one, especially when difficult and challenging circumstances arise.

Roberto shares his personal story; talks about how we can meditate all of the time, not just sitting cross-legged in a quiet room; how "fear" can be an aide, and how to shift one's focus so that it doesn't become the controlling factor; and he offers guidance for kids to help themselves during this time of suffering (due to the effects of the measures taken to isolate people).

Roberto is on IG and FB:

Here is a link for the promo video Roberto's club made -

Here's a link for a self awareness tip by Roberto -

These are players Roberto has personally coached in Bradford who have now moved on to sign a contract with the Toronto F.C Academy

The amazing short film, Numb, by Liv McNeil:

The Freedom Organization will be hosting the first ever online Freedom for Truth Conference on March 5, 2021 at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST/ 9:30pm NST.

Join Amanda Forbes, Tania the Herbalist, Alicia Johnson and Danielle Pistilli as the hosts, with experts: constitutional attorney Rocco Galati of the Constitutional Rights Centre, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, and Dr. Carrie Madej.

The Conference will be hosted on Microsoft Teams, which can host around 10, 000 participants. Participation analytics and polls throughout the conference will go into a statistical database which will show just how many Canadians are not in agreement with the Covid measures. Any participant can remain anonymous while still attending to make their voice/participation count.

This is an opportunity to empower yourself with actionable knowledge, to have a look at the evidence, to network with others, to take a step toward living a life that respects the inherent, inalienable freedom (to not be subjugated to the obligation or will of another), dignity (high respect due to all in existence, without distinction), and fundamental rights (these cannot be infringed upon without dehumanizing and degrading another).

Visit the website here:

Amanda Forbes (Youtube):

Tania the Herbalist:

Action4Canada (BC):

Other resources to check out and share (especially with those still not aware and believing the MSM):

Childrens' Health Defense Webinar on the Covid Jab:

Stand for Health Freedom's Conference Call to Investigate the CDC's Criminal Fraud:

The Constitutional Rights Centre Youtube:

The World Doctors' Alliance/The World Freedom Alliance:

Oracle Films (WFA):

Whistleblower Nursing Home Footage presented at hearing with Reiner Fuellmich:

Medical Freedom International:

Global Frontline Nurses:

Physicians for Informed Consent:

And more:


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