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Just more thoughts on my experiences and thoughts from living/growing up in Canada. This time about Jewish and Arab stuff that we as westerners have to deal with now in our cities and communities.

This channel is my backup channel & dogwhistle to whomever is intrigued by the name, hopefully some antifa end up here by accident.

My quick thoughts on the dishonesty of Sargon of Akkad against the Alt-right recently. In this case perhaps a lack of sincerity more then what could be called outright lies, except for the untruth most alt-right want death camps

a response or rather a shout out to Navy Hato/black pigeon speaks. Great channel, great content, worthy of supporting.

Link to Chinese Welding Terms fake ad:

Also uploaded to my other channel.

There's a reason they hate our culture, history, and freedom. It's based on spiritual truth and they are enemies of truth.

Damn- I hope the atheist bros aren't out in force, no offense my fedora wearing friends.


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This is my backup and dog whistle channel... heheh