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An estimated 100 Thousand people marched in Montreal on May 1st 2021 to stand up against the very tyrannical measures that have been thrust upon them by a very corrupt government.
Every single day that passes, more and more people are waking up to what globalist powers are doing to them worldwide.

Weeks ago as over 20 countries suspended use of the AstraZeneca vaccine due to causing blood clots that led to deaths, the Canadian government with their cohorts in the mainstream media continued to assure citizens of it's safety.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Canadians himself that it was safe and effective, and that the best option for them is the first one given to them.
Two weeks after that debacle, Canada finally suspended its use for people under 55.
No reason was given as to why people under 55 would get blood clots, but people over 55 would not.
A day later, AstraZeneca changed their name to "Vaxzevria".

From September 15th 2020

Raw footage of an estimated 30 thousand people in Quebec who came together on August 8th 2020 in downtown Montreal to protest the drastic measures that are being implemented by the provincial and federal government.
Measures including Quebec's controversial Bill 61 proposal, mandatory masks, mandatory vaccines that are currently being discussed by powerful individuals who have the ear of many world leaders, the shutdown of "non essential" jobs (all jobs are essential), and many other issues that have struck a cord with people during these uncertain times.

Mainstream media has been downplaying the significance of this movement that has garnered the interest of not only people all across Canada, but people all across the world.
In an attempt to misconstrue it's viewers on what is happening, CTV news went as far as to report that only a couple hundred people attended this particular event, and as you can see from this video, that is a complete fabrication.

It is important to inform those around you of the truth on what is taking place. Word of mouth seems to be one of the very few ways to come across factual information these days. If the events taking place is something you believe is important for others to know, don't hesitate to inform them and share videos like this one with them so they can see for themselves what is taking place.

Quebecers united on July 25 2020 to protest against the draconian measures the government is taking during these unusual times we are in.
People were protesting against mandatory masks, mandatory vaccines, Premiere Legault's Bill 61, and many other issues.
This is just some raw video I put together so anybody who wasn't there, can still enjoy the day!

On Canada day 2020, thousands of Canadian patriots stormed Parliament hill in Ottawa Ontario to protest the many many injustices facing the nation at the hands of the current leadership.
Many different speakers whom represent many different groups took the stage to address the people.
This is the speech given by the leader of the People's Party of Canadan Maxime Bernier!

I had planned on putting together a complete video of Canada day, but I did not get the footage I had originally intended on getting throughout the day, and after reviewing everything that I did get, I am not happy with it.
So here is some raw video of what was basically the main attraction of the day.

On July 1st 2020, After a year of gathering it, Norman Traversy has completed a document showcasing legitimate evidence tying Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to a colossal amount of corruption.
Corruption involving:
- Child trafficking
- Corporate corruption involving SNC Lavalin
- Workplace safety boards

The significance of thousands of Canadians coming together with Norman on this cancelled Canada day, is that this particular day was the official start date of the new USMCA (United Stated Mexico Canada Agreement) which indicates in section 27 that all 3 countries are obliged to adopt or maintain anti-corruption measures while encouraging the promotion of anti-corruption organizations and campaigns.

The mainstream media has obviously remained incredibly silent on this issue as they are under complete control of the Liberal administration.
The only reporting they did on this day was "a couple hundred people gathered in parks away from Parliament Hill". Which couldn't be farther from the truth.
There were between 5 to 10 thousand people on hand to witness this historical moment.
What will come from all of this? Only time will tell, but Canadians will not be letting it become a forgotten spectacle.

I will be putting together a special feature video on this topic this week for sure. So be sure to keep a lookout for that.

*This video was created prior to the 2019 Canadian Federal Election*

Created by Gordon Burling
Twitter: @GordonBurling
[email protected]

*I am not a member of the People's Party of Canada, nor am I involved with the Federal Election campaign of Maxime Bernier whatsoever.
This video was created voluntarily in support of Maxime Bernier and the People's Party of Canada in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election*

Follow Maxime Bernier on Facebook and Twitter @MaximeBernier
The Mainstream Media will not be giving Maxime or The People's Party of Canada any fair or truthful coverage. So the only way to get honesty is to follow him yourself.
Also check The People's Party website at https://www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca/

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