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Joe Biden's open border policy is creating a new revenue-stream for Mexican cartels by trafficking children.

✈️ Air travel topped 1.5 million for the first time since March 2020

😷 56% of Americans claim they will wear masks post-pandemic

🚨 62% of voters believe Biden will raise middle-class taxes


Details are starting to emerge about the mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado on Monday that left ten people dead, including one police officer.

The shooter has been identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Al-Issa. He is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder.

Here is what we known about Al-Issa:

He's a Syrian immigrant who came to the U.S. in 2002.

On his Facebook and Twitter profiles, he posted left-wing news articles, anti-Trump messages, conspiracy theories, and homophobic slurs. [Both profiles have been deleted]

He was already on the FBI's radar because he was linked to another individual under investigation.

He was arrested on two separate occasions for assault in 2017 and 2018.

There are allegations that he has ties to or was inspired by ISIS. I can't find anything that verifies this claim, but I'm sure we'll find out more in the coming days.

It's important to note that before we knew the shooter was a Muslim man, the media and the left spent 24 hours pushing the narrative that this was an example of 'white terrorism' and an 'epidemic' of white male aggression.

Kamala Harris' niece tweeted that “Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country" before deleting her post after the shooter was identified.

❎ Twitter failed to respond to repeated requests for comment about a tweet from the Root that compared whiteness to a disease, refusing to say if the tweet violates its policies against dehumanizing language. [Breitbart]

📧 A leaked email reveals the White House is instructing all agencies to refer to the Biden administration as the “Biden-Harris Administration” in place of the “Biden Administration.” The subtle move to diminish Biden was also reflected in the official Twitter account for the White House. [Outspoken]

🔫 President Biden urged the Senate to pass two recently passed House measures on gun reform that include provisions for an assault-weapons ban and tougher background checks on the sale and transfer of firearms. [Just the News]

🦆 Democrat Senator Tammy Duckworth vowed that she will vote against the confirmation of every upcoming white nominee selected by President Joe Biden (unless they are LGBTQ), until an Asian American or Pacific Islander is put forth for consideration by the administration. [The Blaze]

🚸 Ruthless Mexican cartels are exploiting Joe Biden's relaxed immigration stance to turn people trafficking into a billion-dollar racket 'worth more than dope'. [Daily Mail]

🚨 A lawyer for one of the women who have accused New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment charged Monday that he is trying to interfere with a state attorney general’s office investigation of the women’s claims. Cuomo is having his staff lawyers "debrief" staffers after they are interviewed by the AG - an alleged intimidation tactic by Cuomo. [CNBC]

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Where is the Lefts Outrage About The Border Crisis

Graham rips Biden, Harris on the border; demands access during a visit
A fuming Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., railed against President Joe Biden and his administration's role in the crisis at the southern border Tuesday, suggesting the White House is gaslighting the public into believing the U.S.-Mexico frontier is secure.


This is the ultimate "KIDS IN CAGES" This is 100 times worse than during the Trump administration. Where is CNN, MSNBC, and The View's outrage now????? I hear crickets????
Democrats where are your outrage?

Graham demanded congressional Democrats show the same outrage that they showed during the Trump administration, pointing to now-Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., joining a protest held outside a Trump-era detention center in the Everglades near Homestead, Fla. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., also traveled to Texas during the Trump administration to stage a similar protest.

In other developments:
- Media shifts rhetoric on migrant facilities, from Trump's 'concentration camps' to Biden's border 'problem'
- HHS asks Pentagon to house migrant children at Texas military facilities
- Ted Cruz ‘fighting for’ media access at the southern border
- Biden HHS to turn San Diego Convention Center into a migrant shelter

Boulder mass shooting suspect identified, charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder
Boulder, Colo., police officials updated the public regarding Monday’s mass shooting at the King Soopers grocery store that left 10 people dead, including the first police officer to arrive on the scene, revealing they have charged the suspect with 10 counts of first-degree murder.

Police identified the suspect as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a 21-year-old Arvada, Colo., man, though his motive for the attack was not specified at this time. Police also identified the 10 victims, whose families were notified by 4 a.m. local time. They range in age from 20 to 65 years old.

In other developments:
- Boulder grocery bloodbath chilling dispatch audio paints terrifying moments for cops, 'setting up an ambush'
- Boulder mass shooting victims: What we know
- Colorado cop killed in Boulder shooting gave up a lucrative career to be an officer: 'He just wanted to serve'
- Biden considering executive action on gun control, Psaki says
- Ilhan Omar faces backlash for tweet about Boulder massacre suspect's race
- Boulder gunman's sister-in-law upset he was 'playing' with a gun, took it away two days before the rampage, cops say

VP Harris to speak at a summit with ties to disgraced former Women's March leader
Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to speak at a summit with ties to Tamika Mallory, who stepped down from The Women's March in 2019 after facing criticism for her praise of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

In other developments:
- Kamala Harris' laughing answer to border question sparks backlash
- VP Harris repeatedly fails to salute the military on Air Force Two, breaking with precedent
- Cornyn responds to Kamala Harris on 'Fox & Friends': Border situation is 'no laughing matter'
- Kamala Harris is 'laughing, Mayorkas is 'lying,' and Biden is 'lost' on border crisis: Patrick

More Notable News:
- Hong Kong suspends Pfizer vaccines over packaging defects
- Mexico's president says Biden immigration policies prompting border surge
- Canada's $645,000 toilet questioned by critics
- Trump congratulates Project Veritas on 'big win' in an ongoing lawsuit against New York Times
- Tucker Carlson: The left, mainstream media turn Boulder shooting into yet another racial powder keg
- Bernie Sanders admits 'I don't feel comfortable about' Trump ban from Twitter


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To Hell with the Constitution, THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS

Biden Administration Urges Supreme Court To Let Cops Enter Homes And Seize Guns Without A Warrant


The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear oral argument in Caniglia v. Strom, a case that could have sweeping consequences for policing, due process, and mental health, with the Biden Administration and attorneys general from nine states urging the High Court to uphold warrantless gun confiscation. But what would ultimately become a major Fourth Amendment case began with an elderly couple’s spat over a coffee mug.

Meanwhile: "I Don't Have Any of the Facts on Colorado, But We Definitely Need a Gun Ban" says Joe Biden

Speaking from the White House Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden admitted he doesn't know or have all of the facts about the shooting that took place in Boulder, Colorado Monday night. Regardless, he called for additional infringement on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.

Which Leads to Biden calling on the Senate to pass gun control measures 'immediately' after Boulder shooting

Biden also urges Congress to ban 'assault weapons'

Biden said he didn't "want to wait another minute, let alone an hour," to act on gun violence.

He urged the House and Senate to ban "assault weapons," as he said he did as a senator.

"I got that done as a senator. It brought down mass shootings, we can do it again," Biden said. "We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again."



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Photos of crowded migrant holding center in Texas released by Democratic congressman

The migrants, who are in clear pens akin to cages, are seen sleeping on pads on the floor with aluminum blankets. In some instances, it appears that dozens are sharing individual pens. Most appear to be wearing masks.


The White House has said that it is limiting media access to border facilities in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday that the Biden administration is aiming to finalize details on how the media can access border facilities like the one in Donna, Texas.

In other developments:
- Candace Owens says border crisis is really a 'border plan' by Dems
- Border crisis: Biden now tells migrants 'Don't come' but had a different message in a 2019 debate
- Kamala Harris laughs after the reporter asks if she plans to visit the border: 'Not today!'
- Border Patrol in Rio Grande Valley releasing illegal crossers into the US without a court date

Remember that Mass Killing in Boulder? The news will not cover it much now that...

Police identified the suspect as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a 21-year-old Arvada, Colo., man, though his motive for the attack was not specified at this time

Those damn white supremacists

10 killed, including police veteran, in Colorado grocery massacre

Boulder grocery massacre leaves 10 dead including a cop, suspect in custody

Ten people were killed, including a veteran police officer, during a mass shooting Monday inside a grocery store in Boulder, Colo., authorities said at a late press conference.

In other developments:
- Colorado Rep. Boebert decries 'senseless violence' in Boulder
- Colorado sports teams react to Boulder supermarket shooting
- Colorado's Tad Boyle talks Boulder supermarket shooting after NCAA Tournament loss

Arkansas’ Republican Gov. says Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said over the weekend that he signed a sweeping anti-abortion bill into law earlier this month with the sole purpose of setting into motion a review of the landmark Roe v. Wade case. only signed abortion bill as a ‘direct challenge’ to Roe v. Wade

In other developments:
- Arkansas governor signs legislation banning almost all abortions
- Arkansas lawmakers send governor near-total abortion ban

- Evanston, Illinois first in the US to pay reparations to Black residents
- Tucker asks Noem if she is 'caving to the NCAA' over bill banning transgender women from girls' sports
- Biden regularly consults with Barack Obama on a 'range of issues', Psaki says
- A second House Democrat objects to overturning Iowa congressional election GOP won by six votes


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A new bill targeting Section 230 that focuses on how platforms amplify content is being put together.

CICILLINE TALKS ANTITRUST STRATEGY — House antitrust chief David Cicilline (D-R.I.) plans to introduce as many as 10 proposals targeting big tech that build off their blockbuster report on competition online, he told Axios on Sunday. Cicilline said he’s breaking up his legislative plans into a flurry of bills to make it harder for Silicon Valley to lobby against. The tactic could also make it easier to figure out which ideas have bipartisan buy-in, given that even some of Cicilline’s closest GOP allies have expressed reservations about signing onto broader antitrust reforms that go beyond big tech. Cicilline said the bills will be ready in May.


— Yet another Section 230 bill inbound: Cicilline said he’s also preparing a bill targeting Section 230 that focuses on how platforms amplify content. The Democratic lawmaker last year floated introducing a bill to narrow Section 230 protections for platforms that carried “demonstrably false” political advertising, but he instead later introduced legislation to limit advertisers’ ability to target users online that didn’t touch on Section 230.


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Newsmax Reporter Presses Psaki To ‘Square’ National Guard Sleeping In Parking Garage While Illegal Immigrants Get Hotel Rooms

Outrage as the National Guard Sleeping In Parking Garage While Illegal Stay In Hotels


Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson pushed White House press secretary Jen Psaki to explain why National Guard troops had been allowed to sleep in parking garages while illegal immigrants got hotel rooms.


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Biden Loves Kids (In Cages)


They Never Cared About Kids In Cages They Just Hated Trump

Leaked images from inside his child detention center on the southern border.


These plastic pens are meant to hold up to 260 children but are currently holding over 400.

The children are legally only allowed to be held 72 hours, but some have been there for up to 10 days.


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem became a Republican superstar in 2020 when she refused to lock down her state during the Covid pandemic. But today Republicans are rethinking their support as she threatens to veto a bill that would protect female athletes from having to compete against transgender females [biological males].

💸 Illegal immigrants will receive $4.28 billion in stimulus checks

🚸 40% of voters blame Biden for border crisis, 27% blame Trump, 12% blame Congress

📉 CNN lost 45% of prime-time audience in the past 5 weeks

🍔 42% of Americans report weight gain during covid, average 29lbs

🚨 A gunman killed 10 people, including a police officer, Monday afternoon at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. The suspect is in custody but police didn’t provide his name or a possible motive. The suspected gunman used an AR-style rifle. The police officer killed was Eric Talley, 51, a member of the Boulder department since 2010. [WSJ]

🚸 Democratic Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, Texas, said Sunday the Biden administration is “disconnected with reality” on the issue of border security. [Daily Caller]

🛸 A forthcoming government report will reveal evidence of UFOs breaking the sound barrier without a sonic boom and other “difficult to explain” phenomena, according to John Ratcliff, former Director of National Intelligence. [NY Post]

🇮🇷 According to senior U.S. intelligence officials, the Iranian regime planned an attack against the U.S. Army base Fort McNair in Washington D.C. and an assassination attempt targeting Gen. Joseph M. Martin, the Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, who lives on the base. [Daily Wire]

🗳 Antrim County, Michigan voted to dump Dominion voting machines and switch to a hand count for its upcoming primary election in May. [Washington Examiner]

🎥 V.P. Kamala Harris gives the worst possible response when asked if she plans to visit the southern border, amid crisis.

🎥 Warning: This is going to be the most CRINGE thing you see today. Make sure you watch until the end.

🎥 A volcano in Iceland had erupted for the first time in 6,000 years!

🎥 A reporter asks Jen Psaki why the Biden administration is spending millions to house illegal aliens in hotels while the National Guard was forced to sleep in parking garages in D.C.


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Miami Beach spring breakers hit with an extended curfew after SWAT team forced to break up the rowdy crowd

Miami Beach officials on Sunday said the city would extend curfews and closures through April 12 after a SWAT team was called in Saturday night to break up a rowdy crowd of spring breakers that had defied an 8 p.m. curfew.


In other developments:
- Miami Beach police arrest more than 50 people during spring breaker raucous
- Miami Beach declares 'state of emergency' over spring breakers, police deploying pepper balls at partiers

Trump returning to social media with 'his own platform' in 2-3 months

Former President Donald Trump will be back on social media in the near future with his own service, according to one of his senior advisers.

"This new platform is going to be big," Miller said, predicting that Trump will draw "tens of millions of people."

Trump slams Biden over border 'crisis', accused him of causing 'death and human tragedy'

Biden said that he intends to travel to the southern border "at some point," telling reporters that he is in no rush to visit because "I know what's going in those facilities."

President Donald Trump released a statement in response to Biden's remarks on Sunday, blaming his successor for turning "a national triumph into a national disaster" with his handling of the crisis.

"We proudly handed the Biden Administration the most secure border in history," the statement reads. "All they had to do was keep this smooth-running system on autopilot. Instead, in the span of a just few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster. They are in way over their heads and taking on water fast."

In other developments:
- Border Patrol in Rio Grande Valley releasing illegal crossers into the US without a court date
- Border crisis: 823 unaccompanied migrant children held in border patrol custody for over 10 days: report
- WH ignores illegal crosser crediting Biden for allowing him in US, wouldn't have come if Trump was president
- CNN joins other networks criticizing Biden for denying press access to border operations
- Operation Warp Speed Doc: 90% of Biden vaccine rollout plan was the same as Trump's
- Trump boosts Julia Letlow in Louisiana House race to succeed her late husband
- Capitol riot: Top prosecutor says evidence likely supports sedition charges in some cases
- Florida police say a man dies after jumping off resort balcony with a parachute: report
- Biden administration awards ICE $86M contract to secure hotel rooms for illegal families

<iframe class="rumble" width="640" height="360" src="https://rumble.com/embed/vcb7gt/?pub=5rh65" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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Trump is building his own social media platform.

Trump's senior advisor Jason Miller told Fox News: “I do think we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media and probably about two or three months here with his own platform."

Any guesses on what the platform will be called?

💸 Biden admin is paying $86.9 million for hotel rooms to house illegal alien families
✅ FBI Director: Atlanta shooting 'does not appear' racially motivated
💬 Politico [liberal news outlet] on Ron DeSantis covid response: 'He was right.'
⬅️ Liberal host Bill Maher: U.S. 'entering an era of re-segregation that’s coming from the left'



The Biden administration has lost control of our southern border, as thousands of illegal immigrants flow into our country daily. And the problem has gotten so bad that even his leftist allies in the press have turned on him.


Top Biden administration officials met with their Chinese counterparts in Anchorage, Alaska on Friday to set the groundwork for how the two will work together over the next four years. But what was meant to be a warm introduction ended up as a bitter cold encounter.

🚸 Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley have begun to process and release illegal border crossers who claim asylum without issuing a Notice to Appear - allowing them to depart custody without scheduling a court date for a hearing. [Fox News]

🏀 The entire Georgetown basketball team took a knee before their NCAA Tournament game against Colorado, then proceeded to get blown out by 23 points. [Daily Caller]

⛓ The razor-wire fencing that has surrounded the U.S. Capitol for 73 days was finally taken down this weekend after Capitol police staff found "there does not exist a known, credible threat... that warrants the temporary security fencing." [Newsweek]

✈️ Sen. Chuck Schumer personally pleaded with JetBlue’s boss not to shrink the budget airline’s Big Apple workforce as it weighs shipping jobs to Florida. [Fox Business]

💾 The Biden administration is preparing a series of aggressive cyberattacks on Russia in retaliation to the SolarWinds hack, the large-scale infiltration of American government agencies and corporations discovered late last year. [The Telegraph] Why are we telling Russia in advance that we're doing this?

🚨 An armed illegal immigrant wanted on 11 felony counts including child rape, was killed in Arlington, Texas, this week after pointing a gun at police during a traffic stop. [Fox News]

🎥 On Friday President Biden fell three times while trying to walk up the stairs to Air Force One.

🎥 Beautiful: Police in Texas pray with a homeless woman living in her car

🎥 ABC News on Biden’s border crisis: No “preparation,” “he owns this,” “tone-deaf,” “doesn’t have a plan.”

🎥 See why this idiot got kicked out of a shooting range.

📜 Former President Trump released a statement yesterday on the current border crisis: 'Our country is being destroyed!'


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Has Iran been plotting to attack a D.C. military base?

Intelligence points to Iranian threats to bomb Fort McNair in Washington, according to an explosive report.



A particularly disturbing report on Sunday revealed that Iran’s paramilitary forces threatened to launch water-borne “USS Cole-style attacks" on Fort McNair along the Southwest D.C. waterfront, home to some of the Pentagon’s top brass, the National Defense University, and the headquarters of the U.S. Military District of Washington.

The intelligence also revealed threats to kill Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph Martin “and plans to infiltrate and surveil the base,” The Associated Press reported, citing two senior U.S. intelligence officials.


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Urging Republicans to work against future stolen elections Trump still believes the 2020 election was a fraud

Former President Donald Trump is urging Republicans to continue to push that the was a fraud, which is showing to be a driving narrative of the party.


Trump continues to state that the 2020 election was fraudulent — and is pushing the rest of the Republican Party to join him. “Sadly, the Election was Rigged, and without even going into detail, of which there is much, totally game-changing,” Trump said in a statement recently, where he called much of the federal judiciary “gutless” (including the Supreme Court), for not backing his bunk claims. “No wonder so much money is being raised on this issue, and law-abiding people have every right to do so!”


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President Trump slams Biden for the migrant surge: ‘They’re destroying our country’

President Trump ripped President Joe Biden and his administration over the migrant surge at the U.S. border recently during an interview.


Trump also said that Democrats are bringing violence from other countries into the U.S.

"You have a lot of bad people coming into our country and they're [the Biden administration] is doing nothing about it," Trump said, noting that murderers and sex traffickers are among those currently entering the U.S.

"It's crazy," Trump added. Trump went on to say he is speaking out about the situation at the border because he wants "to do what’s right."

While the Biden administration has maintained a message that now is "not the time" to come to the U.S. border, the White House still insists the overwhelming surge is not a "crisis."


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Trump returning to social media with 'his own platform' in 2-3 months

President Donald Trump will be back on social media in the near future with his own service, according to one of his senior advisers.


Trump was banned from Twitter following the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. He had been a prolific poster on that platform before and during his presidency.

"I do think that we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here, with his own platform," according to Trump senior adviser Jason Miller. "And this is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media, it’s going to completely redefine the game, and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what exactly President Trump does."

Miller said he was unable to provide much more in terms of details at this point, but he did reveal that Trump has been having "high-powered meetings" at Mar-a-Lago with various teams regarding the venture, and that "numerous companies" have approached Trump.

"This new platform is going to be big," Miller said, predicting that Trump will draw "tens of millions of people."


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Twenty-six words tucked into a 1996 law overhauling telecommunications have allowed companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google to grow into the giants they are today.


Free Speech on The Internet Hangs on Section 230 Of the COMMUNICATIONS DECENCY ACT

Under U.S. law, internet companies are generally exempt from liability for the material user's post on their networks.

Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act - itself part of a broader telecom law - provides a legal 'safe harbor' for internet companies.

But Republicans increasingly argue that Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms have abused that protection and should lose their immunity - or at least have to earn it by satisfying requirements set by the government.

Section 230 probably can't be easily dismantled. But if it was, the internet as we know it might cease to exist.

Just what is Section 230?

If a news site falsely calls you a swindler, you can sue the publisher for libel. But if someone posts that on Facebook, you can't sue the company - just the person who posted it.

That's thanks to Section 230, which states that 'no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.'

That legal phrase shields companies that can host trillions of messages from being sued into oblivion by anyone who feels wronged by something someone else has posted - whether their complaint is legitimate or not.

Section 230 also allows social platforms to moderate their services by removing posts that, for instance, are obscene or violate the services' own standards, so long as they are acting in 'good faith.'

What happens if Section 230 is limited or goes away?

'I don´t think any of the social media companies would exist in their current forms without Section 230,' Kosseff said. 'They have based their business models on being large platforms for user content.'

There are two possible outcomes:

Platforms might get more cautious.

This outcome could actually hurt none other than the president himself, who routinely attacks private figures, entertains conspiracy theories, and accuses others of crimes.

Another possibility: Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms could abandon moderation altogether and let the lower common denominator prevail.

Babies are Racist Now

The Arizona Department of Educations says your babies are racist!

We must at every moment, Fight back to these Ludacris leftists, Demand our Republican Reps do their FREAKING JOBS AND END THIS INSANITY!!!!



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Tyrants want to Take Control of America

We All know the Vote Count is Wrong, the Election is ALMOST Stolen. We have to fight for our REPUBLIC, America is the World, and if it falls so does the world.

Pure and simple we have to understand that our Government system consists of Representatives that WE THE PEOPLE elect and that these people decide for us what we need.

The original Consitution also said they decided who our President would be, but things are changed and the inmates are deciding who the warden is going to be and this is sad.

We have to fight for justice, fight our Republic, and fight for an open and honest voting system if we are going to continue this great nation.

For if we don't it all goes to the Tyrants... and then all is lost

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