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Come with us and discover the love of God in action as we show you what Gospel For Africa does day to day in West Africa and what are plans are for the future.

Mobile Eye Clinic in Cote d'Ivoire. Gospel For Africa partners with Dr. Jeremie Agre to provide mobile eye care, including all phases of vision care, treatment of diseases of the eye, and cataract surgery. Visiting surgeons and nurses also come to assist. They donate there time and talents to help Dr. Agre on the mission field. Gospel For Africa facilitates the projects with Dr. Agre and provides spiritual help including prayer for the sick, evangelism and counseling.

Our son Louis jones was accepted into the Florida Institute of Technology to study Mechanical Engineering. This was his dream and now it has come true for him. Thank you Jesus Christ and thank you to all of our friends who assisted Louis with prayer and financial support.

Gospel For Africa Director Noelle Jones takes us to the local public school where she shares the love of Christ and teaches the students about biblical sexuality and living a pure life.

Gospel for Africa Pastor Chris Jones shows what a cocoa farm looks like.

West African Wonders with Pastor Chris Jones of Gospel for Africa. Showing us Cocoa tree saplings used for planting in the mission farm.

Pastor Chris Jones shows us how to make bricks using the dirt under his feet in Côte d'Ivoire West Africa. Gospel For Africa is building a bible school, primary christian school for village children, mission housing, medical clinic and homes for widows. Our first building needs a minimum of 27,850 bricks. We have started making two at a time. It will take 50 days to make all 27,850 bricks.

Louis Jones asks everyone to help him raise $10,000 to complete his college tuition expenses for the 2018-2019 year. He was accepted into the prestigious Florida Institute Of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. He want to major in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Business Administration. Louis is the son of Pastor Chris and Noelle Jones. They are missionaries in West Africa. Louis grew up on the mission field and has been homeschooled his entire life. His dream is to go to the USA, get his masters or phd in mechanical engineering, then return to Africa to continue helping better people's lives and futures through the gospel of Jesus Christ and new and better engineering of Agricultural, Hydroelectric, Water Delivery and Purification, Manufacturing Processes, and new product engineering and design. Please consider helping him achieve his goals.


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Gospel For Africa is a Christian organization that serves the people of West Africa. We teach the Word of God, preach the salvation message found in Jesus Christ alone, make disciples and plant churches. We also offer help to the poor and needy by facilitating medical missions, providing clean water sources and water filtration, literacy training and direct assistance to those in extreme need. Support Gospel For Africa today at: http://bit.ly/SupportGFA