Happy Holidays everyone!

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The darkness is here!

The sacrifice is here.

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What’s your favorite scary movie?

Artwork is by PWS18
Ghostface is by Wes Craven

Tricksters and promise keepers.

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More evil clowns.

A simple unicorn with some pudge.

White Baphomet for my Inktober list.

Inktober theme is Weak. Have Famine, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Inktober catch up and the theme is clock.

Today’s list theme is evil mushrooms. Enjoy!

My list and today’s theme is draw Freddy as an angel. Enjoy!

My Inktober list and today is tombstone!

My list day 11 and today’s theme is your favorite cartoon or anime character as a zombie. Enjoy!


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Inktober’s theme today is Cruel. Have Hope, the final thing from Pandora’s box.

A quick warm up in Sketchbook app.

The Idiot God Azathoth for today’s InktoberPWS.


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Hello, I'm a digital artist from NYC, and welcome to my channel! PWS stands for Penny Wereskunk, my mascot.

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