Hospitals were paid to kill:

- $39,000 per patient on a ventilator

- $12,000 per patient in the intensive care unit

Biden Covid coordinator @ashishkjha: "Much harder than I thought" to overcome Covid "misinformation.
"Adds: "Right now, we have Americans die every day. If everybody was up-to-date on their vaccines and people got treated with Paxlovid, that will be close to zero."

You were instructed to stay at home to protect the healthcare system. But while you did so, hospitals essentially had a holiday, and this is backed up by official data. You were told the answer to everyone’s prayers was to get the Covid-19 injection. But now that you have done so, the healthcare system is on the brink of collapse.

Waiting times for ambulances are at an all-time high. The number of emergency calls due to people suffering cardiac arrest is at an all-time high. The number of people dying is at an all-time high, with hundreds of thousands of excess deaths occurring around the world every single week.

Will Trudeau have to go through his own Tyranny when he comes back from his trip to Costa Rica I think not , Trudeau can stick his Arrivecan app up his ass
- Source Canada Proud

A global governmental you didn’t vote for is shaping society to suit themselves. We are just collateral damage.
It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s an agenda.

"James Lindsay was suspended on Twitter for simply pointing out the truth about the current state of adults trying to take kids to drag queen story hour and introduce them to adult material. They are now punishing the defenders of innocence."

— BlazeTV

Interview with Brook Jackson, former Regional Director of Operations for Ventavia Research Group, turned whistleblower.

A Vet came in and vaccinates the animals against the fashionable disease, and then they all die.

đŸ‡ș🇩 In Gostomel, the "directors" of the Kyiv regime are filming a staged video about the alleged atrocities of Russian troops against civilians


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