Donald Trump attempted to drain the swamp, but, in the end, the creatures of the swamp consumed the 45th President. One man (even as President) can only do so much. We The people must engage by supporting Trump, yes, but much, much more than that. Graham Ledger is offering a roadmap for citizens in all states on how to fight for Liberty and protect our God-given constitutional rights. Graham also talks with Patriot Entrepreneur' Cliff Gephart about the Trumparilla boat parade in Clearwater, Florida and how this show of support for Trump must also be an activation moment! Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here:

50 years from now, America will look back at today and realize that the Republic was at a tipping point where the Marxist Cabal consumed all avenues of the Constitution, leading to the new “Socialist America”, year 2071. Or, America will look back at a “silent majority” that rose up – peacefully and/or violently – to their re-claimed the God-given, birthright that was stolen by ideologues who are drunk on power and greed. This, ladies and gentlemen – whether we know it or not – is our World War III. It is happening real time. Graham Ledger speaks with Sidney Powell about fighting back to protect our precious right to vote, winning back our government, and standing-up for each and every American’s constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here:

The Department of Defense is launching a domestic, covid bombshell: DOD data proves that hospitalizations among Medicare patients doubled after the vaccines were introduced and that 60% of those hospitalized are fully vaccinated! Graham Ledger speaks with attorney and warrior for constitutional liberty, Thomas Renz, about his discovery hidden in plain sight inside a government audit, titled: “Effectiveness of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines against the Delta Variant among 5.6 million Medicare Beneficiaries 65 and older”. Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here:

George Orwell’s 1984 is the script for what is happening today in America. An all-powerful government that is dictating life-and-death decisions upon the uneducated masses who appear powerless or unwilling to exercise their God-given and Constitutional rights to life, liberty and happiness. The free markets have been trashed by government! Vaccine mandates are causing a never-before seen worker and operational crisis across multiple industries, including medical. And that brings us to the hospitals. They are systemically and uniformly committing malpractice by literally starving patients of life-saving medical care through strict adherence to government’s non medically-driven covid treatment protocols. In short, hospitals are literally killing people. Graham Ledger talks with Dr. Elizabeth Vliet about how and why hospitals are refusing to treat covid patients in any manner except what the government (CDC/NIH) mandates often ending with lethal results. Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here:

The breathtaking mis-reporting from the mainstream media on the Arizona election audit hides the fact that tens of thousands of votes (ballots) are questionable at best. At worst, they are fraudulent. The evidence is overwhelming that systemic corruption took place in the 2020 election. And the job in not done. The next step is reclaiming the 11 electors (decertifying the results), however, one state senator is standing in the way of the truth. Graham Ledger speaks with Arizona state senator Sonny Borrelli about the options at this point and who that lone Republican senator is who stands against election integrity. Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here:

Thousands of more votes cast by mail than mailed-out. Thousands of voters casting ballots in two different counties. Election computers not updated and left vulnerable to remote access. Election workers accessing the internet in violation of state law. Election officials purging computer information just hours before turning over materials to the audit. The 2020 Presidential Election in Arizona was corrupt and should be de-certified. The remedy would be to hold a new vote. This is the blueprint for all the swing states. Graham Ledger speaks with Arizona Senator Kelly Townsend about what happens now after the overwhelming mountain of election fraud in the Grand Canyon state. Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here:

The southern border is under attack from within. Hundreds of thousands of illegals are decimating our civil society because the Marxist-Democrat machine is allowing them to attack and destroy our rule of law and our constitutional order. But it’s not just the border. Constitutional America is being attacked from within using COVID as the shiny object to cause fear and angst and anger and division while the swamp in DC purposefully runs up the national debt to crisis levels. Our history and culture are being decimated. And, then there’s the assault on our franchise; if we don’t fix voter fraud, then these internal attacks will ultimately destroy us. Graham Ledger speaks with Mike Lindell about where and how to fight back against this growing Marxist tyranny in America. Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here:

The Marxist-Democrat machine stole the 2020 presidential election by focusing on a few key precincts in a few key counties in a few key states. The Marxist-Democrat playbook has been for many years now to focus on key counties in once Red States in order to “flip” those once GOP strongholds Blue. Virginia is a great (and horrible) example of this nefarious attack plan producing politically abundant results. It’s all about the numbers. And, that brings us to California and the recall attempt of governor Gavin Newsom: it never had a chance. Why? Answer: the numbers. Graham Ledger talks with recall gubernatorial candidate Sam Gallucci about the root of the Marxist problem in California and how to guard against this cancerous, anti-constitutional threat spreading into Red States. Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here:

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional edict effectively mandating the Covid shots for tens of millions of Americans is a potential death sentence for a large portion of innocent people who have the God-given right to determine what is best for themselves and their families. Truth is, Biden is going to be dead long before we know the full extent of the severe and long-term side-effects of the covid shots (the so-called vaccines). The latest adverse reaction to the covid shots numbers from VAERS are staggering. Vaxxed and un-vaxxed patriots alike must fight this wholesale attack on American Liberty. Graham Ledger speaks with Human rights and constitutional rights attorney Leigh Dundas about how to protect your job, your body, and your constitutional rights.

Joe Biden is doing what Joseph Stalin did 85-years ago: Biden is attempting to “purge” the United States of any threat to his and his party’s power. Forcing Americans to take a shot of an experimental medical devise (aka covid “vaccines”) is an all-out, full-frontal attack on our God-given constitutional rights. We must fight back and we must not fail to win. Graham Ledger offers up many resources to push-back against this attack on Liberty and he speaks with Roger Gannam, Assistant V.P. of Legal Affairs at the Liberty Counsel, about how to fight this battle and win…not only for us, but for our children and grandchildren.

45 years ago, the federal government, lead by the CDC, used fear to coerce millions of Americans into getting a “vaccine” for the Swine Flu. The shot killed more than the flu. Sound familiar? Today, it’s the same thing, only this time the folks in government are raking-in huge profits (Pfizer) along with the pharmaceuticals. Ivermectin works both as a prophylactic and as a treatment with a very high success rate. This virus has a 99% survival rate, thus none of the “vaccine” hysteria makes any sense to a rational person, unless it’s about the money and power (or power and money). Graham Ledger speaks with Del Bigtree, founder of the non-profit Informed Consent Action Network, about why patriotic Americans must fight back against government forcing Americans to get a shot as part of the largest, most dangerous human trial in world history.

The CDC itself is now reporting that upwards of 83% of the U.S. population (16 and up) has some form of “protection” (immunity) against COVID either through vaccination or past infection. By any epidemiological standard, that is HERD IMMUNITY, folks. *Yet, the fight against the government-lead war on Liberty remains full throttle. The important thing here is this: governments are scaring and threatening Americans into capitulation and submission. Graham Ledger speaks with Dr. Christine Northrup about the dangerous of the so-called vax for COVID and why the vaxxed and unvaxxed must “just say no” all government COVID mandates.

The mother of deceased Marine, 20-year-old Rylee McCollum, is correct: he would still be alive if the Marxist Democrats hadn’t cheated in the 2020 Election. She is also correct that the Biden pull-out of Afghanistan has been the greatest military blunder since the Bay of Pigs. To make matters worse, Biden’s hasty and ill-planned withdrawal means tens of billions of dollars of military equipment is being left behind for the Taliban terrorists to use in attacking Americans! Unbelievable. Graham Ledger talks with Adam Andrzejewski, CEO/Founder, OpentheBooks, about the staggering loss for American taxpayers.

Joe Biden is literally killing American servicemen and women. Biden cares more about forcing the COVID shot into the arms of the U.S. military than he does about protecting our guys in hell-holes like Afghanistan. Biden is exposing our troops to terrorists and they are getting killed. But he’s also exposing the military to a long-term potential death sentence by forcing them to participate (unwillingly or unknowingly) in the largest human clinical trial of mRNA spike proteins ever. Biden cares more about this political wedge issue (COVID vax) than he does about protecting our troops from actual, lethal threats. Graham Ledger speaks with Dr. Peter McCullough about how and why the COVID jabs are the greatest vaccine failure in world history.

A little known non-profit called Public Interest Legal Foundation has released a rather large (and important) piece of research on the 2020 Presidential election. In fact, this report is total vindication for those of us who have been screaming that vote by mail is rife with fraud. And in California, they have refined and institutionalized this election fraud to the point where the recall voting of governor Gavin Newsom is being executed 100% by mail. Graham Ledger speaks with Ruth Weiss of the Election Integrity Project who has a stern warning and crucial advise for any American voter who is faced with vote by mail.

Terrorists are murdering and raping and holding Americans (and our friends) hostage in Afghanistan and what does Joe Biden do? Why, he attacks! But the guy in the Oval Office is not attacking the terrorists. He’s attacking Americans who are simply seeking to defend their God-given liberty. We are at war, folks. The war is for the constitutional soul and direction of this Republic. Biden and company are the enemy. Know this! Covid is the greatest political attack, lie, and diversion in U.S. political history. Stand up for your liberty with Graham Ledger and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny who discuss government using forced vaccinations to assault your constitutional rights and what every American – covid jabbed or not – should do about it.

Joe Biden is an illegitimate president who is clearly not up for the job and is only a figure-head for the radical Marxist Democrat political leadership. This anti-constitutional cabal is destroying the American way of life and your God-given liberty real time. Team Biden must be put-down using the tools that the Framers of the founding document gave to their progeny. So, how do patriotic Americans dissolve this unholy political take-over of our government? Graham Ledger speaks with Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend on the eve of what will be the greatest electoral bombshell since 1796: WHAT HAPPENS IN ARIZONA MUST NOT STAY IN ARIZONA!

Defending the right to say NO to the so-called vaccines for COVID is a proxy battle for your constitutional rights. You people who were coerced into getting the shots, listen up: this your fight too. The Marxist left will continue to attack your liberty. We must stand-up to the Marxists, whether you are jabbed or not jabbed. In this special edition of the Ledger Report, Graham Ledger offers tools, resources and links to be used in defending your right to work, play, eat, function without being forced to wear a mask, or get the shot, or any other form of American tyranny. Graham also speaks with Scott Presler about his new effort to get Patriots involved in local politics, which is where the conservative effort needs to focus.

The government is now admitting that the so-called COVID vaccines do not stop the transmission of the so-called Delta Variant. So, why this huge push to give the shots to school children who have a 99.9% survival rate? Why force these jabs on millions of Americans (including children under the age of 12) who have natural anti-bodies to the Wuhan coronavirus? Why force school children to wear a mask in class when they do nothing and while thousands of COVID-positive illegals flood our society? This is an insult to your common sense and an all-out attack on your liberty. Graham Ledger speaks with Dr. Eric Nepute about how to fight back and why its so important to stand-up to the Marxists who are driven, not by science, but by their radical ideologies.

It is time for the Arizona Senate to get tough and constitutional with the forces that are impeding a lawful audit of the 2020 vote. The Arizona Senate should use its Article II powers and its state constitutional authority to punish both public and private sector individuals who are preventing We the People from understanding the truth. All we want are the facts! Graham Ledger speaks with Arizona Senator Sonny Borelli about the election audit and how they will hold all parties accountable for impeding this constitutional process and/or rigging the 2020 presidential election results.

The odds of any American dying from the so-called Delta Variant of the Wuhan coronavirus is not being reported to the American people. Instead, Biden, Fauci, and the media are force-feeding the people a stead stream of unwarranted fear. This is only the latest act in a political theater that is designed to make Marxists Democrats more powerful and richer. Graham Ledger speaks with Dr. Ben Marble of on the truth about COVID and its Delta, along with the lawless vaccine mandates and the simple ways to combat this virus.

Cuomo, Newsom, Biden are working in unison to attack our sacred constitutional rights to life, liberty and happiness. Freedom is under assault! Now is the time to focus like we did in 2009/2010. We need to re-ignite the flame of the Tea Party movement, only this time smarter and more strategic: 1776. Graham Ledger speaks with Clay Clark and the role his Reawaken America Tour is playing in this effort to organize and push back against this Marxist attack.

The CDC and the NIH both work in tandem under HHS, Health & Human Services which is under the control of Team Biden. Together, they are lying to the American people about the severity of the Wuhan coronavirus, the efficacy of the so-called vaccines and the alleged “danger” from the so called un-vaccinated. This is an assault on your liberty! Two things are certain: Fuaci & company cannot stop the spread of the virus (only God can) and the survival rate of COVID is the same as the flu! Graham Ledger speaks with attorney Thomas Renz about his lawsuit to stop the spread – not of the virus – but the so-called vaccines!

*If the VAERS reporting system has 1% compliance, then 1.1 million dead from vax! 11,000 dead from Covid reported in VAERS with a 1% reporting rate. But there’s more troubling data. Call it shedding or calling transferring, it is happening in every state, in every city, in every community in the U.S. People who have NOT had the so-called vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus are testing positive for elements of the shots in their bloodstreams. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? And what can we do to fight the government/big tech/mainstream media tag-team assault on facts and alt-narrative information about COVID and the jabs? Graham Ledger gets some answers from Jeff Barke, M.D. founding physician of America’s Frontline Doctors.

You can pick and chose which of these companies you would like to choke-off from your money. Your call.


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