Update after Papa Bruce heatstroke. Melons, spaghetti squash and sunflower harvest. Shout out to several good people: Todd and Jerrith of Reap what you Seaux, Little Creek Homestead, Aish Treasure, Papa Pepper, Holland Higgs, Lynda's House of Chill. And all who wished Papa Bruce good health.

How to prepare a spaghetti squash to make any pasta or potato dish. Today it will be used as a substiture Mac and Cheese.

Update on Cherokee Tan Pumpkins gifted from Albany Mountain Homestead. Elderberry from Stringfield Ridge Farms, Blooming Sunflowers, Ash;s Treasure, Remy Boy and His Mommy.

A challenge has gone out for You Tube creators to send a special hello to an autistic 13 year old girl named Molly. This is my attempt to cheer Molly today.

Three pints of cherries left over from canning 7 pints. Mr. Bruce told me I should know what to do with them.

An unexpected windfall of bargain cherries left us scrambling our plans so we could csn a surprise blessing.

How to transform a t shirt into a slip, a strapless Nightie, or a Shower Cover. You could use the same Idea to make a child's skirt.

Tutorial Video On how to thread a sewing machine, wind a bobbin, and start stitching.

Very special thank you to Little Jordan Farm for seeds and plants. Upcoming sewing projects by request from viewers.

Yellow Squash Stork carries a baby in a net pouch on a platter of roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts.
This is my second attempt to upload this video. The first file got corrupted while uploading and two final clips could not be recovered. So, you do not see the final details. You get enough to create your own sculpture if you ever need to. Thanks for watching, flaws and all.

Cute little baby bassenett eggs for a baby shower food display.

Custom Party Decorations, Food Sculptures, Memorial Keepsakes

My experimental first raised bed effort has been a dismal failure. Gonna start all over. Tour our greenhouse, duck pen, and food forest plans. FOUND POKE ON OUR PROPERTY.

Dance Challenge by Amber Haskins of Hanskin Family. Just a bit of silliness.


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I like to cook from scratch and show you how to do it, too. I like using fresh from the garden or market ingredients with no artificial ingredients. I garden, preserve food, and give household tips. Sometimes I act a little silly, but you can always count on good, clean content.