Dozens of doctors and nurses around the world have already died shortly after receiving the COVID19 vaccine. See video above for links.

Lockdowns here to stay, even with vaccine plan

"I'm not saying it's easy, I'm saying we've seen that it worked in 2020".

Pfizer CEO: “Not certain if vaccine actually works”

Pfizer Vaccine Study.

Male participants are eligible to participate if they agree to the following requirements during the intervention period and for at least 28 days after the last dose of study intervention:

Refrain from donating sperm.
Be abstinent from heterosexual intercourse with a female of childbearing potential


Must agree to use a male condom when engaging in any activity
In addition to male condom use, a highly effective method of contraception may be considered in WOCBP partners of male participants

A female participant is eligible to participate if she is not pregnant or breastfeeding

Leaks Show Pfizer and AstraZeneca Infiltrated by Agents of Chinese Government.

Leaks obtained by an Australian newspaper showing that the Chinese Communist Party is extensively present in vaccine makers Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose vaccines might ultimately be mandated for US military personnel, at a time when China is unleashing a global challenge to US military might, and has surpassed the US in the size of its navy.

The UK Daily Mail reports:“Detailed analysis…of the material reveals that pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and AstraZeneca – both involved in the development of coronavirus vaccines – employed a total 123 party loyalists…”

Four trial volunteers who got Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine developed Bell's palsy - but FDA denies that the temporary facial paralysis was caused by the shot

The vaccine is harming more than the virus.

2.3 % of the 215k Americans who received Covid vaccine have had a Health Impact Event:

“unable to perform daily activities..required care from a doctor, or health care professional”

FDA talking about the Pfizer “vaccine”:

At this time, data are not available to make a determination about how long the vaccine will provide protection, nor is there evidence that the vaccine prevents transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from person to person.

The University of Miami is investigating the possible effects of the coronavirus vaccine on male fertility.

To protect fertility, some men may want to consider freezing their sperm prior to vaccination.

The WHO has warned it does not have evidence COVID-19 vaccines prevent people from passing the virus on to other people and require the same precautions as people without the jab – such as quarantine.

There is also a concern that people won't be allowed to partake in international travel without quarantine even if they have been vaccinated.
WHO's chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan told a virtual press conference that people need to stop believing the vaccine alone will be their ticket to freedom.
"I don't believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that it's going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on," she said.
That was backed up by Dr Mike Ryan, director of WHO's Health Emergencies, who reckons we could still be a while away from eliminating the coronavirus.

The person is lucky to be alive.

Leaks Show Pfizer and AstraZeneca Infiltrated by Agents of Chinese Government.

Leaks obtained by an Australian newspaper showing that the Chinese Communist Party is extensively present in vaccine makers Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose vaccines might ultimately be mandated for US military personnel, at a time when China is unleashing a global challenge to US military might, and has surpassed the US in the size of its navy.

The UK Daily Mail reports:“Detailed analysis…of the material reveals that pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and AstraZeneca – both involved in the development of coronavirus vaccines – employed a total 123 party loyalists…”


Norwegian Nursing Home Patients Dead After Receiving First Dose Of Pfizer COVID Vaccine

"A TOP Russian scientist who was working on a Covid-19 vaccine has been found dead in suspicious circumstances in St Petersburg.

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Kagansky, 45, was reported to have fallen in his underwear from a 14th floor window of a high rise flat - and was allegedly found with stab wounds.

Inside Source Says 7 Died in a Dover, NH Nursing Home After Receiving the Vaccine

No unusual amount of excess deaths in 2020

58,972,613 deaths in 2020

1,824,074 COVID19 deaths in 2020.

2015 55,820,000 people died
2016 56,330,000 people died
2017 56,940,000 people died
2018 57,630,000 people died
2019 58,390,000 people died

On average over the last 5 years 642,000 more people die each year.

In 2019 760,000 more people died across the world than in 2018.

There were only 582,613 more deaths in the world in 2020 than in 2019.

The yearly average over the last 5 years for increases in deaths worldwide is 642,000.

If 582,613 more people die in 2020 than in 2019, then that is totally normal, and will be a decrease of 178,000 from the rise of 760,000 in 2019, and 60,000 less than the 5 year average to 2020.

Don’t forget, the WHO said the COVID restrictions/solutions could push 135,000,000 more people into “crisis levels of hunger, or worse”

If only 1% of those people died of starvation, then that would mean 1,350,000 more people died of starvation in 2020 than in 2019.

That would further reduce the number of people dying in the world to well under 2019 numbers, and the lowest since 2017.

So where are all the excess deaths?!

Pretty funny.
They attack both sides.
Say Biden is a Civil War Hero.
Laugh at Karens.
Its the funniest movie I have watched in some time.

1. "Realize" 3:37
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4. "Through the Mists of Time" 3:32
5. "Kick You When You're Down" 3:10
6. "Witch's Spell" 3:42
7. "Demon Fire" 3:30
8. "Wild Reputation" 2:54
9. "No Man's Land" 3:39
10. "Systems Down" 3:12
11. "Money Shot" 3:05
12. "Code Red" 3:31

SA Assistant police commissioner's press conference after today's protest in Adelaide.

"We've been able to come out together"
"Gather and voice, which we should in a democracy".

Its a very mild disease at the start, becomes a very very serious disease within 2 minutes.

Long term effects for a virus that is only 8 months old? What about the long term effects of a rushed vaccine? The average vaccine takes 7 years to safely implement.

It is robbing people of on average 10 years of life?!

According to Government facts/stats those WITH COVID19 live 3.2 years longer than those without.

Over the past week, there has been an average of 156 new cases reported each day. Of the newly reported cases, the majority have been from Victoria.

The median age of deaths is 86 years

Life expectancy in Australia is 82.8 years of age.

More proof that the MSM is not to be trusted.

Researchers infected cells with the virus, then exposed them to Ivermectin.

"We showed that a single dose of Ivermectin could kill COVID-19 in a petri dish within 48 hours, indicating potent antiviral activity," says study co-author David Jans, PhD, a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at Monash University in Melbourne.

Even at 24 hours, "there was a really significant reduction" in the virus, study leader Kylie Wagstaff, PhD, a senior research fellow in biochemistry and molecular biology at Monash University, said in a statement.

Side effects include:

Eye or eyelid irritation, pain, redness, or swelling, Fever, itching or skin rash
joint or muscle pain
painful and tender glands in neck, armpits, or groin
rapid heartbeat

This website has been put up to provide published peer reviewed studies and support court cases to be brought against Governments.

It’s undeniable that the banned Hydroxychloroquine kills the virus

HCQ + zinc + ZPac (for residual bacterial infections like pneumonia).

If you can't get HCQ, OTC Quecertin is also a zinc ionophore.

Not as effective as HCQ, but works as well.

I take 500mg Quecertin + 50mg zinc prophylactically every day.

Of the “experts” on the Government panel devising coronavirus treatment guidelines, which attacked hydroxychloroquine and promoted Gilead Sciences Remdesivir, 9 members had financial relationships with Gilead Sciences!

The TGA approval has granted remdesivir (“Veklury”, manufactured by Gilead Sciences Pty Ltd) provisional approval for use in adults and adolescent patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms who have been hospitalised.

Remdesivir Costs $9 Per Dose, Will Be Sold at $3,000 per Treatment — China Company Linked to Soros Will Also Mass Produce the Drug

The Remdesivir Study Is Finally Out: Drug Only Helped Those On Oxygen, Finds Mortality Too High For Standalone Treatment

Remdesivir had a median recovery time of 11 days, as compared with 15 days in those who received placebo

25% of patients receiving Remdesivir have severe side effects, including multiple-organ dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, acute kidney injury and low blood pressure. Another 23% demonstrated evidence of liver damage on lab tests.

No influenza deaths recorded in Australia so far this winter

There have been no deaths reported across June, July or so far for August.

“The flu is easily spread from person to person. Most infections happen in winter,” the health department states.

Both the common flu and COVID19 transmit in a similar way, have identical symptoms, and similar incubation times(according to the CDC).

The CDC has said both viruses are virtually identical, so how has COVID19 spread, while the common flu has almost been eliminated in 2020?

According to Government facts/stats those WITH COVID19 live 1.2 years longer than those without.

As at 3pm on 13 August 2020, a total of 22,358 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Australia, including 361 deaths.

The median age of deaths is 84 years (range: 30 to 103 years).

Life expectancy in Australia is 82.8 years of age.

Why does the inventor of the PCR test being used to test for COVID19 say it doesn't work? His name is Kary Mullis, in-fact he won a Nobel Prize for his invention:

"With regard to the viral-load tests, which attempt to use PCR for counting viruses, Mullis has stated: “Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron.” PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers.

Although there is a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV. The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves [(29), p. 3]."

Further, the PCR test is know to give false-positives, and is unfit for 'viral load' testing. Even HIV clinics are barred from using it.

False positive studies:

Even the CDC and WHO admit they don't know what they're testing for, and the test doesn't work:

From “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR
Diagnostic Panel” [1]:

“Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.”

From the World Health Organization (WHO): “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance: Laboratory testing for 2019-nCoV in humans”

99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says

CDC now includes regular Pneumonia and even ASTHMA related deaths as 'COVID19'. No autoposy required, just copy/pate it on the death certificate! All with a faulty test and atypical symptoms.

“If COVID–19 played a role in the death, this condition should be specified on the death certificate. In many cases, it is likely that it will be the UCOD, as it can lead to various lifethreatening conditions, such as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). In these cases, COVID–19 should be reported on the lowest line used in Part I with the other conditions to which it gave rise listed on the lines above it."

"In some cases, survival from COVID–19 can be complicated by
pre-existing chronic conditions, especially those that result in diminished lung capacity, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma. These medical conditions do not cause COVID–19, but can increase the risk of contracting a respiratory infection and death, so these conditions should be reported in Part II and not in Part I.”

Imagine a virus so deadly that the people dying from it live on average 2.2 LONGER than those without it?

According to Government facts/stats those WITH COVID19 live 2.2 years longer than those without.

As at 3pm on 20 August 2020, a total of 24,236 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Australia, including 463 deaths

The median age of deaths is 85 years (range: 30 to 103 years).

Life expectancy in Australia is 82.8 years of age.

Gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody says the Australian government should allow the clinical trials of a drug he says is “amazingly effective” in treating the deadly coronavirus COVID-19.

Professor Borody says Ivermectin, used in conjunction with two other drugs, has so-far been extremely successful in treating the deadly pathogen.

“It has very few side effects, and is a real killer of coronavirus,” Professor Borody told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

However, Professor Borody told Sky News despite early result showing the drug is a successful COVID-19 treatment, he has been met with a “very negative reaction” by the federal government when he suggests the drug should be subjected to rigorous clinical trials.

Ivermectin, zinc, and doxycycline is the combination used.

The only side effects are 6% of those treated get headaches.

The combination works quickly and seems to be 100% effective.

It cures COVID19 within only 6 days.

PROFESSOR THOMAS BORODY has 4 FDA approved drugs on the US and Australia markets.

He is most famous for his cure for peptic ulcers, in which he saved 18,000 Australian lives, and possibly millions around the world.

Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s top epidemiologist on Covid-19, said several studies estimate the mortality rate of the novel coronavirus at 0.6%.

Data from the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that the novel coronavirus’s true fatality rate in the United States, which takes into account mild and asymptomatic cases, stands at 0.26 percent

In 2019 in Australia 310,000 contracted the flu. Around 1000 people died. The fatality rate was 0.3%. Without a vaccine that fatality rate would have been 0.6%.

In 2017 in Australia there was around 200,000 to 240,000 influenza cases, and 1,255 deaths. The fatality rate was around 0.5% to 0.6%.[email protected]/Lookup/by%20Subject/3303.0~2017~Main%20Features~Deaths%20due%20to%20influenza~5

Mirrored from Peekay Censored on Youtube.

From 11:59pm on Sunday 2 August 2020, all Victorians must wear a face covering when they leave home, no matter where they live.

There are a number of lawful excuses for not wearing a face covering.

Do I have to wear a face covering if I have asthma?

People with asthma or people who have a medical condition that includes problems with their breathing, do not have to wear face coverings.

I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a face covering, do I need a medical certificate stating I don’t need to wear a face covering?

You do not need a medical certificate stating that you have a lawful reason for not wearing a face covering. If you have a lawful reason for not wearing a face covering, you do not need to apply for an exemption or permit.

If you are stopped by police, they will ask you to confirm the lawful reason you are not wearing a face covering.

What is a military man doing in the passenger seat of an Ambulance, a short time after the killing had stopped?
Why was he there?
Why was he dressed for action?
Why was his demeanor serious, and seemingly disturbed?

Terrible scenes happening right now across Melbourne, Australia, as people refused to stay home, or wear masks.
Early estimates are over 1 trillion dead already.

Within 6 months post-vaccination, 156 (6.1%) Fluzone High-Dose recipients and 93 (7.4%) Fluzone recipients experienced a serious adverse event (SAE). No deaths were reported within 28 days postvaccination. A total of 23 deaths were reported during Days 29 – 180 post-vaccination: 16 (0.6%) among Fluzone High-Dose recipients and 7 (0.6%) among Fluzone recipients.

COVID19 has a death rate of 0.2%. This means that you are 3x more likely to die from the flu vaccine than COVID19.

The treasurer Josh Frydenberg says the current restrictions Australian governments have adopted to stop the spread of coronavirus – restrictions likely to taper down from this Friday – are resulting in a reduction in economic activity worth $4bn per week.

There have been a total of 20,434 laboratory confirmed notifications of Influenza in Australia for 2020, at the start of 18 May.

By October 6, 2019, more than 800 influenza-associated deaths had been officially recorded, and 310,011 laboratory-confirmed flu notifications by the beginning of December

That means using those figures and ratios, approximately 52 people would have already died of the flu in Australia in 2020. A flu for which we already have a vaccine. Only approximately 100 people have died of COVID19 in Australia in 2020, for which we not only have no vaccine, but closed the country down for. Around 1,000,000 have lost their jobs already.

Around 1,160 people have committed suicide in Australia in 2020(the national average).

So for a "deadly" virus, that is running wild (no vaccine), we have laid off 1,000,000 people, lost approximately $32,000,000,000 out of the economy, and only lost 2x the amount of people that have died from the regular flu.

12x more people have committed suicide in that same time.

Japan population 126.5 million (2018) no lockdown and sea border with China:

Confirmed cases 16,103 ,Recovered 9,868, Covid deaths 696

If Japan had a similar population to Australia, they would have had 140 deaths. 40 more than Australia had.

The actual figure in academic research is a 37,000 increase for each percentage-point rise in the unemployment rate. It comes from a book called “Corporate Flight: The Causes and Consequences of Economic Dislocation” by Barry Bluestone, Bennett Harrison and Lawrence Baker.

The comments come after the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) announced the unemployment rate rose from 5.2 per cent in March to 6.2 per cent in April.

Australia had a 1% rise in unemployment in 1 month. If you use the 37,000 figure for the USA, and ratio it down to Australias population, it would mean that the shutdown, and unemployment rise in Australia, has cost the lives of 2,849 people.

As noted earlier, Japan, which had no lockdown, had 40 more deaths than Australia(when the population and death rates were adjusted to equal Australia).

So from 2,849 we can subtract the 100 COVID19 deaths, and another 40 deaths.

That means, the lockdown in Australia has actually caused 2,709 deaths.


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