Searching the area for hot spots, we came across a burned down home that had 2 large Koi ponds in the back yard. Many of the fish had died due to the fire, but I did what I could to save the rest. Today when I checked, there were no more deaths, the ones still left in the pond were surviving.

After we had finished evacuations, we had already lost our own fire station, 61, and had to retreat. The fire storm had forced us to one of our last stand locations, the Cal Fire station 62. We put down hose lines and were preparing to defend the station as the fire moved in on us. I stopped to take a few quick pictures and this video clip before we were surrounded by flame.

A few days after we had been trapped in a wall of fire. I try to explain what happened.

We were racing down one of the mountain roads to try and warn residents to evacuate when we were hit by the fire wave. Then a tree came down on front of us and we had to turn around and drive back through. We made it out, smoking and on fire.

I'm still alive and fighting.

Things have been really busy with all the fires. I have been working as a fire fighter and first responder for the last week non-stop. I will get back to making content as regular when the state is no longer burning to the ground.

Would you guys believe it took me about 10 hours of work to put this little slide show together?

I was going to post links for information related to this work, but I'm feeling lazy. If you want to know more about this stuff, it is only a couple of browser searches away. If you really want me to feed you links, say so in the comments and I will post it.

Here are links to some of the online info available. Links to some of the websites I was planning on using were dead (published info from a few years ago), which is a shame. But look into this stuff, it is rather fascinating.

People in America ~50k BC

15k BC sites found in US

Kurzgesagt – On Human History (Though I think they are wrong on some points)

YouTuber cf-apps7865 has a huge catalog of videos documenting ancient sites, artifacts and stories.

Bright Insight asks a lot of the right questions about our history and why so much evidence is ignored.

This is the introduction to a video series I want to do, talking about unlocking hidden knowledge and information through myth, religion, genetic memory, and observing the natural world.

A Scientific America essay on genetic memory.

A video by Bjorn Bull-Hanson on his experience of genetic memory.
Bjorn's BitChute channel

A study from Tel Aviv (probably to stretch that Holocaust®™ narrative just a little bit farther...) about genetic memory in RNA

Re-upload, because buggy BitChute

In mid July, my wife, kids and I took a trip to an annual camp out we do in our town. People come from near and far. Friends that I grew up with, their children and significant others, extended family and trusted friends all meet up at a remote campground that is far removed from civilization. For about 5 days we camp, fish, hike, swim, barbecue, talk politics and religion, drink, and sometimes even get into a friendly fist fight or two. All good fun. This is one powerful way to build and maintain life long friendships.

Thank you for being with me! 100 Subscribers is a small but meaningful milestone.

To celebrate, I'm sharing a song from one of my new favorite Swedish power metal bands, Brothers of Metal.
I do not own this music, I am simply sharing it to spread their amazing art and talent. Please support this band and other European artists like them!

Brothers of Metal Facebook:

Brothers of Metal AFM, buy their music here:

A better way to view hardship and chaos.

Just me, by my rock, telling a story.

Our reality has shifted, and when talking to people these days, few seem willing to acknowledge it.

After 5 years of inactivity, I fire up the forge.

This is a low resolution version as I was having problems with the first upload.

How I made some charcoal today.

My reading and analysis of the Protocols.
00:53 Protocol 4
06:07 My analysis
A short but potent one.

I'm still here, just been busy with survival preparations. I will be continuing my Protocols series soon.

Me doing a little wood cutting now that we are all on lock down and I was laid off of work. Living the good life as a Feudal Peasant in the mountains.

My reading and analysis of the Protocols.
00:45 Protocol 3
17:10 Analysis
This is another long protocol, but I try to get through it quickly and clearly.

My reading and analysis of the protocols.
00:24 Protocol 2
06:44 Analysis
This protocol deals with economic war and education as a weapon.

My reading and analysis of the protocols.
00:01 Protocol No. 1
22:55 the analysis
This is one of the longest of the protocols, so bare with me, the next ones will be much quicker. However, it gives much insight into the thinking of the Jewish Elite, their world view.

I'm going to undertake a slightly larger project where I analyze the each of the Protocols. It will most likely be a 24 part series.

My personal interpretation of what the Übermensch is. I would like to hear other's takes, what it is to you? Leave a comment.


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On this channel I share some of my world views and thoughts on society. I will also be sharing my knowledge of self sufficiency, DIY, how-to, and survival.

I live high in the Serra Nevada mountains of northern California. I am off-grid except for an Internet connection. I do not like the direction our political and cultural leaders are taking us, it looks like a direct path to destruction to me.

My experiences in the military taught me that any and every modern society walks on a razors edge and it takes a highly capable, intelligent, and stalwart population to maintain it. It's clear to me that our population is being undermined daily, and time is running short for us.

I hope I can share something that will help us avoid total destruction. Be well and Hail victory!

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