Depictions of children are illegal under federal law.

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Ban pornography, it isn't speech, it is obscenity.

The people who oppose banning pornography are coomers and/or those who make profit creating the degenerate content. The people who look at lolicon are pedophiles. Pedophiles who sexually abuse children should receive capital punishment after proven guilty.

A paraphilia in which sexual gratification is derived from fantasies or sexual acts involving a child.
A sexual perversion in which children rather than adults most strongly excite sexual desire, and are used as sexual partners.
Sexual acts committed by adults with prepubescent children.

Loli is a term derived from the word "lolicon," a Japanese abbreviation of the phrase "Lolita complex," which means a fascination with or fetishisation of underage girls. The phrase is a reference to the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, in which a man in his late thirties develops a sexual obsession and later becomes involved with a twelve-year-old girl, whom he nicknames Lolita.

Loli is Japanese manga or anime that is sexually explicit and involves cartoon characters that are underage. It is a form of hentai, which is a genre of Japanese manga that focuses on sexualized characters and plots.

Loli is illegal under the federal PROTECT Act, so long as the anime is obscene and depicts an identifiable minor engaging in sexual conduct. It can violate child pornography laws in some states, as well.

Different states and countries have taken drastically different approaches towards loli materials and manga. Some criminalize it as pedophilia. In the U.S., it violates federal law.


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