Welcome to Entrenched, no one tells us when to laugh.

Welcome to Entrenched, we're all expendable.

Welcome to Entrenched, We don't take kindly to Commies

Welcome to Sheltered, we tackle the hard hitting questions.

Welcome to Entrenched, it's a conspiracy by big toilet paper.

Welcome to Entrenched, the front line in the war for your mind!

Welcome to Sheltered, the real disease is racism.

Welcome to Sheltered, the Government is watching me and you should too.

Welcome to sheltered, definitive proof I'm not racist.

Welcome to Sheltered, this worked in simulations.

Welcome to Sheltered, a series about the safest of safe spaces.

Due to human error the entire set was unable to be filmed. However we got the best part, hopefully people can still enjoy this.


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I make jokes sometimes.