Original music.
Do Not Forget.

Figured I'd post it for you all to get a glimpse of the process.

Improvising a little piano song in D minor.

Prayed I'm not rotten.

There is no reward without struggle. Be thankful for the struggle, the sweat and the blood.

I love playing piano. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy.

Happy Independance Day. Stand on your soapbox and shoot your guns. Be proud of your heritage.

Original music.

Now I'm washed in blood what does it mean?
Original music.

Watch me wank around on this acoustic guitar.

Improvising some shreddy leads on the acoustic guitar. Thanks for watching.

Original song. Haven't played this one in a few months, figured I would see how it goes to one off it for you guys. Thanks for watching, liking, sharing and subscribing. You guys are amazing.

Another original song. Thanks for watching.

Original music. Thanks for watching. Please consider subscribing and all that shit, drop me a comment or like.

Watch me improvise some piano music over an original composition. Subscribe for more.

Original music, original man, nobody like me. Vocals are rough, Im no perfectionist, rather give it to you raw and real. Much more coming, expect daily uploads

Im gonna sit my fat ass down and play some piano off the top of my head, ignore the background noise or just f*ck off.

watch me play an original song recorded on a shi**y tablet. Youre welcome.

Slum by Greg James Beam. New songs every so often, please enjoy, and share this shit with your shithead friends, if you even fuckin have any.


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Listen to me play my songs, someday you will die, and you'll feel like a f*ckin idiot that you never checked out my geniusesness.