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We had a chill, laid back time on this Friday's broadcast on Green House Radio. The news was easier this week compared to last week thankfully so we got to have a some real fun. The election results came in well enough that both sides claimed victory and we even got rid of Jeff Sessions our former head of the DOJ, lets hope the new boss believes in cannabis freedom.
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In flames
Dark Tranquility
All That Remains
Tenacious D
Killswitch Engage
Blind Melon

Thank you for checking out my first live broadcast on [MSP Waves]( We spoke about life growing up in New England, some of the current events that are happening in the U.S.A. and what it was like in the lodges and temples the Free Mason's call home as well play some awesome rock/metal music.

I'll being doing my next live show on Saturday the 3rd at 11pm UTC. You can find us on the [P.A.L. Network]( or on [MSP Waves]( and now [Vimm.Tv]( I hope to see you there.
Here are all the link to the music segments, have to keep them separate from the original live broadcast, please check them out. ;)

In Flames - Rusted Nail
Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
Deep Purple - Woman From Tokyo
Smashing Pumpkins - Today
Motorhead - Rock And Roll
Iron Maiden - he Trooper
Lamb Of God - Walk With Me In Hell
Devin Townsend Project - Stormbending


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I'm liking this site quite a bit, the way it runs and the opportunity it offers seems like the how things are going to for every new content creator like me and it feels good to be here.

Coming from a site like Steemit, I am more used to writing and doing radio/podcasts and could use some help and feedback on what kind of content I could create for BitChute that would contribute best here.

If anyone wants to know what's going on the blockchain check me out here.

I can help people get set up to earn crypto-currency from their work and some insight and advice on how to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum.