The Police are wirelessly linked by a brain to brain interfacing system to a computerized mind and body control enslavement system to the extent that unbeknownst to them their thoughts and beliefs relating to their work are not their own but simply programming which they have received by direct brain to brain link.

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My website is called

My brain and body are wirelessly connected to a computerized control, enslavement and torture system from bodily implants. Be means of haptic or haptix technology my peripheral nervous system can be placed under partial wireless control where I can be forced to feel sensations on my skin all over my body. By that means I experienced being beaten up recently.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Claremorris, Republic of Ireland. I am a victim of silent wirelessly enabled remote controlled torture and non-consensual experimentation and I have been so for more than seventeen years. I have experienced psychiatry and how it operates in the Republic of Ireland. I experience what are known as voice of God weapons where voices are digitally transmitted directly to my head.

Secret Wirelessly enabled electronic warfare is ongoing throughout Europe.

My website is called Psychiatry is an asset of the dark luciferian and satanic enslavers of the human race. If anyone comes forward to inform officialdom that they are being tortured by wireless means psychiatrists are being used to censor all official recognition of the problem by wrongly proclaiming the victim to be mentally unwell because the psychiatrists are not only being deliberately misinformed but they are also under strong mass mind control.

My website which I alone own and control is called I am under partial wireless enslavement and I have been so for more than seventeen years.

My website which I alone own and control is called

Human Beings can and are being taken over and controlled via their central nervous systems under the capabilities which are described in United States Patent Number US6965816. I am one such individual who is now under partial wirelessly enabled central nervous system control . This capability of physically externally controlling human beings does not cease to exist when the human being who is being controlled eventually dies. The illuminati could use this capability to create a zombie apocalypse. We must publicly discuss this possibility and we must organise to have firewalls created to protect our brains and central nervous systems from all such threats. Please raise awareness of this problem. My website is called

My youtube video channel is called gretta fahey. My website which I alone own and control is called

I am under wireless external control as are many of my country men and women in the Republic of Ireland and well as millions of individuals throughout the world. I believe that many of our government employees are under severe electronic mind control programming to the extent that they resist the truth that we give them and instead many of them choose to believe that we are mentally unwell with the result that we are so afraid of poisonous psychiatry that we are no longer reporting the matter to anyone other than by placing our stories online. My website is called

We can now have our brains or our central nervous systems controlled through technology which is inside us unless we use firewalls to protect ourselves or else we disable the aforementioned internal technology.

If you ever become unwillingly brain to brain interfaced by wireless remote means then your own body movements can be externally controlled from an unknown remote location by evil doers who use still classified black budget military technology and other types of both secret and well known technology.

My life is under wireless external control on a partial basis. If I order goods or services online which I can financially afford, other who are unknown to me will cancel my orders if I refuse to grovel to them and be unquestioningly obedient to their commands which are being transmitted to me by wireless means. This system is also being prepared for you and your loved ones. We must act now to have this system stopped because it only benefits the Satanists who wish to wirelessly enslave the whole human race for all eternity.

My website is called I am a sixty year old Irish woman who is wirelessly tethered to a human control, enslavement, torture and possibly genocide system. My name is gretta fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo,

My website is called My Eircode is F12 Y560.

My Website is called I have been wirelessly connected to a centralized computer control and enslavement system where some aspects of my life are being managed by unknown others. This could lead to a situation arising in the future where all aspects of everyones lives would be arranged by wireless means by unknown others. Do not accept a vaccine which would contain a microchip which would in turn tether you to a remote control and enslavement system.


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My name is Gretta Fahey from Claremorris, Ireland. I am a long term continual subject to remote neural monitoring. Full details of my experiences of both remote neural monitoring and electronic brain to brain interface can be found at my website which is called