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If criminals can access your DNA code they can then use it to ascertain your unique bio-resonance frequency which in turn enables them to access your brain and body with digital signals. These digital signals being transmitted to your brain can take the form of you being forced to hear voice messages and other sounds, and can also take the form of you being forced to see both still and moving images, and can also be in the form of forcing you to move a selection of your muscles against your will as well as feeling sensations in the surface of your skin as if someone is touching you when no one is around as well as causing your to have a distorted perception of reality among many other unwanted experiences.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gout, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimers Disease, Epilepsy, Parkinsons,

The writer David Icke says in this linked video that everyone may be wirelessly connected to what is known as a cloud but which is actually a type of remote controllable data bank by 2030. However, I have already been connected to this or something similar since 2003 and it is hell on earth so put a stop to it while you can. My name is gretta fahey from newbrook, claremorris, county mayo, ireland. Here is the link to that David Icke video

Here on this video is some of what I have been experiencing recently as an unwilling and non-consensual victim of directed energy weapon research.

Place shungite on the top of your head by means of a head band in order to disrupt signals going in and out of your brain from 5G and other carrier waves. This will put a stop to transhumanism and digital enslavement.

Who is transmitting voices inside my head and it is not my subconscious mind doing so. It is the responsibility of the police to find out who is perpetrating this crime against me. Instead, they use the scare tactics of psychiatric incarceration to make me afraid to report this crime. Why are they doing this. Why are the police deliberately miscategorizing voice hearing as a mental illness when it is a crime with many scientific patent numbers to prove it is a criminal capability. Why are the police allowed to miscategorize criminal activity as mental illness and who is teaching them that this is acceptable when it is not acceptable to all members of the public who they purport to protect and serve.

The Judiciary are no longer able to think and act independently due to the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons so what is the point of their existence? If the judiciary could think independently and were effective in their work don't you think that they would have exposed the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons to the public many decades ago. According to the late Dr William Ross Adey of Los Angeles, one can easily have their thoughts remotely influenced while in the presence of an artificial electromagnetic field. Furthermore, according to microwave weapons expert Mark Steele from Gateshead in England, the levels of artificial electromagnetic radiation being recorded at the British Parliament Buildings in London is unusually high to the point of being nearly off the scale. What does that say about the ability of British parliamentarians to be able to think independently. I believe it says that they are not being allowed to think independently and instead they are being externally and remotely influenced by means of directed energy to make decisions which don't benefit the people of the United Kingdom but instead they are being externally and remotely influenced by means of directed energy to make decisions which benefit the enemies of the people of the United Kingdom. When is this situation going to be investigated by the British Parliamentarians themselves and then stopped.

Wearing shungite stones in a variety of ways such as taped inside eye pads while you sleep or worn around the ankle inside your socks can provide some protection from microwave attacks but only to varying degrees. Everyone who tries this has different experiences with it.

According to page 4 of the book 'Shungite Reality' by N.L. Hopkins shungite can attenuate electromagnetic frequencies to be biocompatable with all life and that shungite will balance biological energy fields promoting physical and mental health. Shungite is capable of conducting electricity.

Tony Pantalleresco's online podcasts can be found at Independz.
An online link to some of the work of Mark Steele who is a weapons expert from Northern England is

I made Tony Pantalleresco's microwave shielding device. Here is what I experienced when I then tried it out. Here is the link to a video of Tony Pantalleresco explaining how to make the microwave shielding device which he is called Weapon of Mass Relaxation.

Microwaves can penetrate the walls of your home and can then be directed onto any family member to cause them to experience pain, electric shock, sleep deprivation, voices, visions, forced muscle movement, brain cell inhibition, brain cell stimulation, forced virtual reality experiences and the feeling of being touched by a phantom touch and a large variety of other shocking experiences. You can easily protect yourself by a few simple measures. You must make a simple electronic device which has been developed by Tony Pantalleresco who is a naturopath from Canada and that electronic device will create a force field around you while you sleep at night so no one can remotely hurt you. Tony Pantalleresco's old website and youtube channel appears to have both been shut down but he has hundreds of videos at an online location called Independz. You will find his video describing how to make the microwave protective electronic device which I described in this video under a bitchute channel called Targeted Individuals and the individual video is called Weapon of Mass Relaxation. There are only four components in the electronic device and they are a flat pancake coil, a piece of mesh big enough to cover the top of your duvet with magents attached on both sides of the mesh, a flasher which is used by motor mechanics and which is used to make the indicator of a motor vehicle work and finally an old computer power cord. You will also need alligator clips and electrical insulation tape. All of these assembled together in a circuit will create a force field around you at night which will protect you from remotely generated neuro experimentation. Here is the link to the Tony Pantalleresco information

How to make a device which will create a force field around you which will protect your from remotely administered directed energy weapon torture as created by Tony Pantalleresco who is a naturapath from Canada and his website is called Tony Pantalleresco's youtube channel is called HerbsPlusBeadWorks. Tony Pantalleresco's video where he describes how to make the aforementioned device is to be found at the following online link

Place a shungite stone near your WiFi router in order to protect yourself and your family from poisonous artificial electromagnetic radiation. Place a shungite stone near your bed in order to further protect yourself from poisonous artificial electromagnetic radiation.

How to destroy the capabilities of injectable technology inside your body and brain by wearing a rare earth neodymium magnet on your person, placed inside a tubular elastic bandage for several weeks close to a pulse point in your leg or on your wrist.

I found this information on this online linked video
The website of Tony Pantalleresco is
Tony's youtube channel is called HerbsPlusBeadWorks. You purchase a metal aluminium net screen with fine holes (not large holes such as chicken wire but smaller ones) and you attach quite a few magnets to it. You then connect it to a direct current which is a very mild electric current. You also attach a flasher unit to it. You can purchase a flasher unit at any car parts store because it is normally used to work the indicator lights of a car. The flasher creates the pulse of mild direct current and it is that pulse which generates a surge of energy which disengages the nano technology programming in your body. You also attach a flat copper coil to the metal aluminium net screen as part of the electrical circuit. You place theflat copper coil part of the electrical circuit under your pillow while you sleep at night and by this means you are generating a mild magnetic barrier around your head which will go along way in reducing some of the assaults to your brain. Use speaker wire to make the flat copper coil. There are directions for making flat copper coils in many other of Tony Pantalleresco's videos, some of which are found on his above mentioned youtube channel and some of which are to be found at his above mentioned website.
The type of power supply which you can use to power the device is similar to the power supply which powers an ordinary laptop. When the electrical power comes out of the socket in the wall it is AC which is also known as alternating current which is dangerously strong but then a small black box which is usually attached on to the electrical cable somewhere in the middle of the cable reduces down the electric current to DC which is also known as direct current and which is mild. This information is purely for uninformed novices when it comes to dealing with electricity. If you know nothing about electricity you might prefer to ask an electrician to make the device for you. You place the metal aluminium net screen with the attached magnets over your blankets and duvet, on your bed at night and you then plug it in to the direct current. The constant pulsing of the mild direct current going through the metal aluminium net screen will disengage the nano technology programming which is inside you and it will stop the self-assembly of the nano technology which is inside your body and brain. Here is the other link.

Virtual reality experiences can be programmed into electrodes which are already embedded in your brain and have been for many years. Such a virtual reality experience can be programmed to automatically activate in your brain at a time when you are experiencing an unusual amount of stress such as when you are involved in a traffic accident. These are not supernatural experiences. We are being lied to by unknown others who wish to virtually enslave us.

Remote neural attacks are not demonic possession but those who are attacking me with neural weapons from a remote location while remaining anonymous cowards would like members of the public to believe that it is either demonic possession or a mental disorder so that they can get away with their crimes without any suspicion. The police are helping to cover up the crime of remote neural weapon attacks and directed energy weapon attacks because they use indirect threats of loss of freedom by means of forced psychiatric involvement as a scare tactic on the victims when they go in to a police station to report such a crime.

I have injectable nano technology in my brain and body and unknown others transmit data into my motor cortex, visual cortex, auditory cortex and sensory cortex against my will and without my permission. Data can be sent to injectable nano technology in your motor cortex by evil men and women which can by that means make you freeze like a statue. You will find video footage online of men and women standing like statues are they are being presented as drug addicts who have taken a very strong drug when in fact that is not the case in most instances of men and women standing like statues. People will very little credibility are sometimes being selected for neuro weapon experimentation and when they attempt to report the matter to the police, false mental illnesses or false physical illnesses are being used to cover up the criminal activity being conducted against them by neuro weapons operatives. When is this capability of physical remote control of men and women by others using neuro weapons going to be revealed to the general public by television news presenters and by means of newspapers.

I obtained the enclosed information from watching Dr Catherine Austin Fitts being interviewed at the following online link


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My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Ireland. My landline home telephone number is 094 9360901. Please do not ring me because I am publishing my telephone number only because I wish to have all my videos treated as official statements of an ongoing crime being committed against me. I am a long term continual subject of remote neural monitoring. (I no longer use what used to be my website which was called due to the cost involved in keeping it online as it was very large but I may reupload the information it contained at some time in the future because I have numerous copies of it.) I attended Newbrook National School, Eircode F12 X594 from 1964 until 1972. Newbrook National School, Eircode F12 X594 closed down in 1975 as a school and it is now being used as a private house. I then attended Mount Saint Michaels Convent Secondary School from 1972 to 1977. I have no academic credentials. I have worked both in retail and as a office clerk.