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Dissociative drugs like PCP, ketamine, and DXM differ from psychedelics and deliriants in various ways.

Women's and men's gendered products are often constructed differently, using differing amounts of materials. Thus, the additional cost of manufacturing will be passed on to the consumer.

He has never said or done anything (according to verifiable sources) to indicate he is bigoted or of low IQ.

My advice is to stop playing ID politics and embrace their anti-war, pro-civil liberty past.

Why should anyone care if I want to buy a beer at 3AM and drink it while walking down the street? All these laws do is restrict personal freedom, they don't protect anyone.

Socialism hinders free market progress and innovation costing the general population well-paying jobs and communism is unenforceable without an authoritarian regime which will inevitably lead to human rights violations. Truly free market capitalism is the solution to the problems faced by the poor and middle class.

Hint: It isn't Trump's fault.

The War on Drugs is a complete failure. Drug prohibition never worked, and it never will.

I strongly encourage people to join and support these sites which serve as direct competitors to the massive and powerful social media sites who have began violating their members freedom of expression in order to push a Modern Leftist agenda.

Minds -
Steemit -
DTube -!/c/greytone
Gab -

Libertarians are often the victim of misconceptions and smears which are not accurate. We aren't a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists and we are definitely NOT Nazis.

Modern Leftists frequently put people into groups and judge them based on superficial characteristics like skin color and gender. By doing this, they fail at being a real liberal.

Kratom is a safer, less addictive alternative to opioids (and alcohol!) and should be kept legal and available to adults who wish to use it for whatever reason they wish. #KeepKratomLegal

A rundown of the history of using psychedelics and other hallucinogens for psychotherapy and addiction treatment.

Psychedelics show great potential for therapeutic purposes and personal growth, are non-addictive, and are safer than alcohol and tobacco. They should be completely legal.


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