Africa written by Toto, performed and arranged by Grey Aven

Here you go Zack, I made the meme and rather enjoyed doing so. This song was a lot of fun to play with and mess around with. And the funky lyrics were interesting yet frustratingly vague and inaccurate about Africa. I would love if someone could explain what the heck they were thinking with the message of the song.

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For a Moment - Written performed and produced by Grey Aven

My legacy continues and I hope this becomes the regular habit for me now, a new solo every Monday. This is a song I wrote a long time ago, recorded it and then proceeded to sit on a recording that was on the edge of "good enough". I rerecorded it many times and can often be heard tickling this song out on pianos I pass by. It revolves around the augmented I chord rocking back and forth in complete insanity unable to find and baring. The insanity is filled with moments of pure insight, solemn spiritual reflection, and contemplative aggression... only For a Moment, before the insanity arises again.

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Ender - Tone Poem Written, Performed and Produced by Grey Aven

This little number arose at 3:49 Am whitest drifting in and out of dreams and waves. The Darkness is present, phrase to cadence are carried by its narrative. A trap set by ones own doing that never was there at all. I leave the rest to you.

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Untouched by Time -
Music Written and Performed by Aidan Rickel, Words by my beloved Victoria

A dreamy vision hangs in the air, and hope is surely the last to die. This torch song is written with a three quarter time waltz bounce. It was written while my love and I were separated by distance, she told me to write her a waltz, so of course I did, and she penned the words. We have a handful of pieces now with genesis in this fashion and this collection shall soon be an album! Anyway, if you enjoyed our work please share it! And subscribe for more uploads soon!

On the Quest for Life -
Written, performed and produced by Grey Aven

This funky piece was written for my dear friend Calvin as a theme for his YouTube channel. A gift for mutual promotion, I took inspiration from his current residence in japan, writing it in a Eb minor pentatonic scale. A few times I sprinkle in some A naturals if you listen (or watch) carefully. I used Miditrail ( to create the visualize of my midi inputs. Its quite a nice little program. I hope you enjoy my work and if you do please subscribe for more and share with a friend!

Taking it Back - Composed, Recorded and Performed by Aidan Rickel

Its been a while, but indeed I am taking it all back! My life is in a new chapter and so will my musical productions. VISUALS and here finally, I am going to be exploring a few options so please give me some feed back. I used Miditrail ( to create the visualize of my midi inputs. Its quite a nice little program.

The piece was composed last September and revolves around an unresolved harmonic pattern rocking back in forth on the F and G, introduced a 6th-7th motion on an Ab chord , it centers on a perpetually suspended C Chord, dancing on the 4-5-2, but never resolving to a major or minor 3rd. This continual avoidance of resolution stems from the emotional direction of the poem. Essentially, an ill deed has been done, in denial the actor refuses to acknowledge his role, the actor keeps imploring different methods to remove the stain of the deed, to resolve to anew, but try as he will, his effort is in vain, it can not be taken back. He must face it.
If youd like the sheet music let me know!

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Grey Aven here, composer, keyboardist, vocalist and arranger, I am bringing esoteric, experimental and neo-classical music to bitChute. I combine a plethora of influence and styles into my unique advent grade jazz-fusion style. I am trying to be a bit more "Viral" and am starting a series of covers to be posted every Saturday morning called "I Can Do it Better" Where I take the current hottest track and do it.. Better! aha. Please subscribe for more and share to help me grow!