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Game: Shantae Half Genie Hero (GOG, Steam)

Sorry, been working too much lately to really dig up new articles.

Comic: All New Fathom (Aspen Comics)

I'll just say it. The art is not as high quality as previous volumes.

Comic: The Invisibles (DC Vertigo)

Yes, I even ranted a little in this one, which is why I made I twice as long as normal. So much to think about and ponder here...

Game: Shantae Half Genie Hero (GOG)

My thoughts on AI music after having worked with numerous artists, labels and publicists over the years.

Game: Lust Theory S2 (GOG,, Steam)

Don't get too excited, there's no sexual content in this video. Just basic nudity.

Game: Motesolo (GOG, Steam)

You just want to throw things at him. How can anyone be this bad with women? I felt really bad for the girl.

Game: Shantae Half Genie Hero (GOG)

Yes, we realize this is old footage. My fault, also fixed it so I won't have to go back into my music player everytime for the intros. Every show will have a different intro. Let us know your favorites!

Game: Discipline Record Of A Crusade (

This video also doesn't have any sexual content. At this point in the novel, there isn't much more of it. Again, this was adapted well, so watch that episode!

Comic: Evil Ernie Destroyer (Chaos Comics)

Why just #1-4? Because we have a lot of comic stories in between that which deal with both Vampirella and Lady Death. In fact, an entire Lady Death arc happens just before #5!

Game: Discipline Record Of A Crusade (

This video does not contain any sexual content. Just like the last episode of the adaptation. Watch it!

Game: Castlevania Chronicles 3 Dracula's Curse (Free Fan Game: The glitch was on my end, controller related.

Howdy, ya'll! This here's farmer Grim and we got a whole heaping helping of drama for you drama farmers today! Be sure to grab you a bushel of it!

Comic: Spawn Origins Collection (Image Comics)

Game: Eternum (, Patreon, in-dev)

Umm... Can I even trust these people? I leaned more about decomposition today than I ever wanted to know. Looks like becoming black sludge is my fate!

Game: Once In A Lifetime (

Finally, some real horror. A step in the right direction, definitely!

Game: The Deluca Family (Steam,, Patreon)

Note: This is a two year old beta. The full season one is available on Steam right now. Due to bad reviews citing bugs in the free roam full experience, it is recommended to play the game in VN Mode.

Game: Chasing Sunsets (, in-dev)

We're in Chapter 7 now!

Comic: The Boys (Dynamite Comics)

Game: Returning To Mia (GOG,

Honestly, who cares? If he's a decent guy, then fine - but I keep thinking Sebastian is involved in this somehow.

Game: Shantae Half Genie Hero (GOG)

Yes, you heard me right. The government and several anti-terrorist groups are in bed with all these companies under the guise of preventing "far right extremism." This is YOUR tax money being spent censoring YOUR games!

Thanks to Savvy Artist for uncovering this info!

Comic: Michael Turner's Fathom Vol. 4 (Aspen Comics)

Comic: The Invisibles (DC Vertigo)

Game: Eternum (, Patreon )

I didn't know this one was horror also. I thought it was more based on sci-fi, given the virtual reality world and all... But, whatever.

Game: Contra Operation Galuga (Steam)

Not in the way you think either. This guy is talking about leading an army to destroy tech somehow, which sounds to me like a REALLY bad idea.

Game: Shantae Half Genie Hero (GOG)

RIP Akira Toriyama

Game: Chasing Sunsets (, Patreon in-dev)


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