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Game: Acting Lessons (GOG)

Sorry for the lack of adult content here, but there's a very massive bombshell that gets dropped and will change the whole story. What? You thought this was just some silly sex game? Nope. Shit just got real.

Game: Mega Man 2.5D, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Recolored and Extended (Gamejolt, OpenBOR)

Game: Lust Academy S1 (GOG)

Comic: Fathom Omnibus Vol. 1 (Aspen Comics)

Game: How To Fix The Future (Patreon)

Game: Taigano No Chi: Lost Blood (Jast USA)

Game: Mega Man 2.5D (Gamejolt)

Game: Taigano No Chi: Lost Blood (Jast USA, GOG)

I flubbed up the first few lines. Don't worry, it gets better. More to come!

Game: Decarnation (Steam)

Game: Protodroid_DeLTA (Steam)

Game: Dreamcutter (Shadycorner, Steam)

It's hardly adult, BTW.

Game: Summer Scent (

Game: Heavy Five (

Game: Chasing Sunsets (

Game: Ender Lilies (Trying to exhaust the old footage)

Game: Lust Academy (GOG,

Game: Adventures Of Chris, Mega Man 2.5D

Game: Guaca-Melee! (GOG)

Game: How To Fix The Future (Patreon)

The rest of this game will only be available through Patreon tiers.

Show: Married With Children

No more fan noise thanks to the app. Also changed FPS settings so shouldn't be any syncing problems on this one. Enjoy!


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