As promised, this video picks up right beyond the door. There isn't much here, but I did explore a few new areas. I'm kind of in need of a walkthrough right now, just to figure out what happens next.

Warning for the squeamish: This game contains some very twisted scenes.

Topics discussed:

Brett Kavanaugh/Voting/UFC Alpha Male banter

Why companies should stop putting things in glass bottles/jars

SYFY article about all Golden age comics being offensive

SYFY article about anime being fascist/imperialist

The anti-communist rhetoric in this game

I take on the majority of the castle here and two bosses. I think I'm actually halfway through the game. :( It's quite short. Definitely has been a lot of fun though.

Topics Discussed:

The Bowsette meme (MGTOW), thoughts on an argument with a white nationalist and how race and gender won't matter because of CRISPR and robotics integration. Why IQ no longer matters, but mastership does. Learn and share your knowledge, folks!

Full Disclaimer: This was intended to be a sequel to my Games & Rants Video for 9/28/18, but I recorded the video long after I'd realized that the mic wasn't plugged in. Whoops! There were some rather great controversial points I made, but they'll have to wait until another video.

Also, I kept going into that empty room all the way to the back of the spawn point and kept making the joke that there were no bananas in Kong's banana hoard. I think that might be the worst thing removed from this video. But hey, here's more of a great game!

This covers up to just after the second boss in the game, more videos are coming in the future as I will attempt to complete this amazing game.

- Slight crash at the beginning. No biggie.

Topics Discussed:

Several regarding AAVE, prejudice and whether or not it is a natural instinct, anthropology regarding human characteristics of the chimp and bonobo, the ridiculous of white power supremacy and an ethnostate, possibility of an economic fallout and why we shouldn't provoke people who have clear mental issues regarding their ability to process anger. And the game.

Ignore the dog barking or any blips from the television in the other room that you might hear. This was recorded during the day, so those things are expected. I apologize for the loudness of my mic or the game itself and may turn it down during future videos. I was trying to drown out Dr. Phil. Seriously.

This was going to be a Games & Rants video, but I needed to utilize all of my concentration and focus because this game is tough. I talked a little bit about my wisdom tooth though, it has been bothering me as of late.

Topics Discussed

1. Transpeople and changes due to estrogen/testosterone injections in men and women
2. SSRI's and the myth of chemical imbalance
3. Personal traumas
4. Movie Stuff
5. How shitty this game is :)

So, this is it. The final leg of the journey. You'll also learn the true story behind The Messenger and why it is largely underwhelming, with an equally underwhelming last boss. The Music Box is definitely tough though, though not as difficult as some of the other challenges in the game.

That's it. My next Playthrough will be CrossCode! I have a new Game & Rant Video to post tonight as well. Look out for it!

A quick battle with the not so final boss ensues here. It's quite simple. He's much easier than his henchman, actually. The Speed Demon fight was more convoluted, by far.

Why is this video so short? Because this is one of the easiest levels in the game. It's actually kind of fun too. It definitely feels out of place, as I would expect more difficulty from the later levels. That's not so much the case here.

This video just shows you where the Sunken Temple is on your map and how to reach it. It's fairly easy, you just listen to the music.

This secret area is actually quite a pain in the ass. But the fireflies create a unique gimmick in addition to a few other bells and whistles. They're also essential in beating the boss, which isn't actually quite as difficult as the speed demon that took almost an hour to best. This place looks tough from the video and it very well can be.

Apologies for the backtrack, but it is a Metroidvania game.

Where do I go? What do I do? Why does the knife weapon not destroy the blocks as the inscription on the blocks show? It's like using a Metroid missile on blocks with a missile inscription and the blocks not disappearing. I love the artistic style of the game, but the character moves a bit too slow and I find myself confused.

Despite the lack of properly spawning ghosts, I finally made it past the two screens I'd been dying on earlier. Problem is, the game wants to continue to put the player in peril and there should be a save point midway. I'm considering posting this to the devs, just to show them that there's an issue that non-speedrunning gaming pros are having a difficult time with. I realize that difficulty is the name of the Ninja Gaiden series, but having played all of them, I have never experienced such a vast overreach of artificial difficulty. A game can be challenging without being silly, and this is silly. Should have been playtested a bit more, I think, and not only by gaming professionals.

I walked away from the challenge and instead went elsewhere on the map, hoping for a new mobility upgrade that might make the challenge a bit less painful.

If you thought that the Cloud Ruins were difficult, wait until you see the masochistic bullshit that the devs pulled here in the past version of the Cloud Ruins. Did you not think that they could make the stage any tougher? Well, they did.

There is a room in this game that I feel needs a lot of work, and it involves the lack of spawning ghosts. You might not see it in this video, but I will tell you that if you are trying to cloudstep and use an enemy to grab the second topmost lamppost on the right, you will find that once you are there, getting to the third lamppost is nigh impossible because the ghosts do not continuously spawn. If you cloudstep to the left, the leftmost ghosts will respawn, but if you cloudstep to the right, the ghosts there will not respawn. Why? Because their spawning point is the bottom right and they must move up in order to reach you. Now, you can use the ghosts on the left, but only if you don't kill them mid-cloudstep and that means that they have somehow flown past you. Keep in mind that if you're not quick enough, those ghosts coming from the left will continue to float to the right and offscreen.

Just the whole process would be better if there were more ghosts and the respawn points were placed a bit closer to the second topmost lamppost. For those who aren't aware, you can't finish the game if you don't complete this stage, so this is mandatory. Though great speedrunners have finished it, we can't all play games for a living and this needs to be amended for the normal gamer. Even if they grew up with the Ninja Gaiden games and loved them, like myself.

Take a drink every time I die in a certain section if this, and you may end up in the hospital. Also, I love that fucking hat.

Ah, The Tower Of Time. Though it seems tough because of all the laser traps, it isn't nearly as difficult as one might expect. I also love the color and ambience here, as well as the music. Definitely one of my favorite tracks in the game.

I very much consider the boss here to be something of a final boss as far as the 8-bit section of the game is concerned, and the battle felt that way. There were several deaths to this boss, but not as many as you might expect and I finally emerged victorious, after shouting a loud "Yes!" when I finally beat the damn thing.

Fuck Quillshroom Marsh, and I feel really bad for that green spectre. Lots of deaths here, folks. Get your popcorn ready.

Since I met my demise several times, please skip ahead in the video. Also, the first time I fought the countess, I ended up dying and had to explore the entire castle before fighting her again and winning around the fifteenth time or so. Just skip the first section of fights with the countess, watch the castle exploration and then skip ahead to the final fight I had with the countess. I will try to edit this stuff out with shortcut from now on, but didn't have it before.

And no, this isn't a mobile game. I just needed to capture an image for the video with my mobile. It could work as a mobile game, however.

The second part of the game is more interesting IMO, this is where the multi-layered castle comes in, highly unexpected I may add.

Yes, this is the edited version of the game. If Bitchute decides to slightly tweak their nudity policy, I could post the uncensored, which I've wanted to play as soon as I noticed that there are some areas and bosses in it that I haven't explored/fought yet.

Bare with me, it will be a few days before the new mic comes in. I'll be shortening my videos down to five minute bursts as well.

Please mind the warning signs in dealing with women that have massive expectations, especially if they have lower value in the dating market. My next video will be on love dolls and the controversy there.

As a bonus, I show the front and back of a DBS shirt that I recieved as a gift a while back. I'm almost done with the series now, so I understand those middle forms on Goku's side.


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