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A quick update on our how to make a magic wand video. These are two finished wands. Please like, subscribe and comment below. Thank you.

My axe broke so I decided it was time to restore it, this ended up being a two part video but both videos are together now, please forgive my editing skills, I'm much better at making stuff than I am at making videos. Please like, subscribe, and comment below it really does help the channel grow. Thank you.

Today I will show you how we make Magic Wands in our shop. We needed to take a little hike to collect some more branches for the next set of wands.
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Quick video making three custom white birch wands, ordered this morning. This takes several hours on the grinder and several more hours with final sanding and shaping, just sped up for your enjoyment.
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Street Trap by WinnieTheMoog

In todays video, Grimwood goes to the Pilis Mountains in northern Hungary in search of gem quality Garnets. Please like and subscribe it really helps the channel grow. Thank You!


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Grimwood Workshop is making bespoke, one of a kind, old world items. Most items are custom orders though we do keep a nice inventory to choose from. We also carry a huge inventory of all sorts of rare herbs and crystals to help you along your path of enlightenment.
We are all about spirituality, high vibrational living, love, healing, and nature. we offer payment plans for any of our items, feel free to ask any questions you may have about our inventory, you will never be met with negativity. As always we are here to help.

Due to the pandemic we were forced to close our retail shop, we are in the process of building a website, when it is ready. I will leave a link here. Thank you.