Seven Ten Horns will expose Israel and show who is secretly behind the wars. Scheming with all the money scams, selling sickness disease and much more.The Ten Horns and Ten Great Rich Men who control the world economy.

Only the Man Child reveal a sad awakening when Christians learn that only The Man Child will be caught away and gathered together to meet the Lord in the air. This program contains Revelation chapter 12 and some of chapter 13. Brother Jim Inman had brought this program to the surface after well over 40 years of study. Their radio programs can be heard on many station such as Indianapolis, Mobile Alabama an others. They invite inquiries at [email protected]

Amazing Facts that prove the King James Bible was inspired by the Holy Ghost when he breathed upon those while writing. The content of this program should show you why our bible is under attack by those men who are writing publishing the "so called updated versions".

Proof is given in this program of sorcery, Magic and Mind control by the people that you would least expect. They want to lead you to a Guillotine after they trick you out of your money. God said In Jeremiah 4:22 my people are wise to do evil but to do good, they know not how.

Great me are followed down through scripture as those who believe they are Greater Than God.
In Gen 6:5 wickedness was great upon the earth. This word Great here is in the Hebrew and it means Rabbi. Those that worship them self are those that belong to the gay groups. From this group we find the messiah of Israel will rise. He worships himself. Daniel 11:37 we find his profile when he has no desire for women and he lifts himself up as he is god. He worships gold, precious stones, and the war god.

God's Elect are the Few That is Chosen. The program focuses around those that do believe while others do not. Daniel 12:1o We know the righteous believe but the wicked do not.. Which are you?
Stay tuned and learn the difference.

Seducers cast spells while whispering in the back. The Hebrew word can be wound in Strong's by looking under the Hebrews section using the number 2267 They cast spells on the ignorant people who listen to them or by TV, Radio, or ignorant attend their services. Joel Osteen, Jakes, Copeland, Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, and many more like John MacArthur who is against the blood of Jesus. Jimmy Swaggert s another who teaches that it is the cross that saves you and not the blood. Off Course there are many more so suggest that the believers learn the words like enchantments, soothsayers, diviners, as well as Jannes and Jambres from 2nd Timothy 3:8 who are found in Exodus 7:11 and were destroyed in Exodus 9:11. They began to spit yellow puss from their stomach. WOW.

The wounded head in Revelation 13:3 shows the reappearance of Israel after 2,000 years. This happened in 1948. Today Israel is the largest homosexual culture world wide. In 13:14 we are told to worship the beast and in revelation 13:15 we will be executed if we don't. The real people of God who live by faith will not be killed but will be caught up in Revelations 4. These are called God's very elect.

Great Men Who Worship Themselves in the last days are seen through out the King James bible. Their beginning is clear as well as their ending. The 3 M Gospel gang tells it all about the Witches and Wizards that are running this country in these last days. In 2nd Timothy 3:8 and 2nd Timothy can find some answers. The word Seducers wizards who work spells and enchantments.

Amazing bible facts hidden below the surface of scriptures.which expose the Witches Wizards and Rabbi are those that control the politics, wars, with propaganda and money. They follow the profile of Satan which is seen in Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14. The media has the fake preachers lifted up like they are great that is just another scam for another story. had destroyed. Deeper Studies with Melanie and Michele tells a major part of the story. Contact them for free studies sent to your email. See what the truth is about great men who are actually worship themselves and they plan on forcing you to go to "school which will teach you how and why you must love Israel" witches or wizards, sexual perverts worship themselves. They are Predatory in nature and look for Christians for the most part.

Witches Wizards Rabbi and Self Worship are subjects that the media and the rich refuse to talk about. The content of this program will expose your enemies who prefers not to be mentioned in the is manner. They want to worship them or else you will be in trouble. None of us can stop them. They are free to work their money scams and to cover their lies with spells, curses, witchcraft, fake bible, and lifting up their self as being greater than God or anyone else.This will end in Revelation 19:15 when all who take the mark will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

This is a great program with content that most will not dare to touch. The liars are prospering but it will be only for a season.These people intend to force you to take the mark of the beast. Thanks for listening to our program. Thanks for listening to our program. The 3 M Gospel Gang

What is the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh All About? This is a great piece of knowledge that has escaped the mind and heart of those who are wanting more out of Christianity.
In Matthew 2:11 you will find the wise men gave Jesus these gifts out of their treasures. We invite you to learn about these treasures with now. Thank you for watching our program.

Gold Frankincense and Myrrh are of great value which is far above surface reading. Gold is not literal gold neither is Frankincense or Myrrh. These treasures are in every born again believer.Stay tuned and we will explain very well.This program can be heard daily on WBRI Indianapolis and on other stations through out US. For your list go to

The Great, Mighty, Rich, and Famous people who the media lifts up are after, the guns, writing the laws as well as steady thinking of more ways to get more money from you while also concentrating on thinning down the population.

The Explosive details in this short program should open your eyes to may things about the King James Bible as well as tell you why they are working so hard to out law our bible
or outlaw all revealing words inside our bible which is in reality the same as outlawing our bible. They believe they are Christ. Strong's Greek Number is G4461 Hebrew Number is H7227 & H7231or 7242 or 7233 which tells you how many of these people exist which is very many. Word of Deliverance Pastor Jim Inman Dayton, OH and the 3 M Gospel Gang

The executive order and the Judaism hoax will be overlooked by most Americans who are sleeping. This program will tell you where Judaism originated at why they want to pass the bill now instead of waiting on the normal process. The gun seizure in VA, the executive order for fake laws will secure their intentions of taking full control of the Goy.

This program shows the Government has been programming your mind and they are after the minds of your children. This is a very informative video. You will find many things that they are doing in our country and they are targeting you and your children.

In Deuteronomy we find knowledge that will save us as well our children.
We must look carefully at scripture for it is there that we find truth which would keeps us free and our
children also. In saving ourselves and our Children we must take heed to Deuteronomy 6:verses 5-6 for
it is there that we find how they have overcome the population of the US as well as seeing how they
have for the the most part stolen our children from us. Pastor Inman and the 3 M gospel Gang Thanks you for watching our program

The Knowledge in this program is amazing and will show Believers how to regain freedom from the present day attack by the country in which we live. Christians should be above any attack of the enemy, however it is not so. Through the media and the control of our money system since 1913 Christian has been on the losing end and three is no relief in sight. This is the last days and there will be no revival.

Seven Devils and Power of The Blood Covenant is a powerful program. People who struggle in trying to do the right thing will benefit with this program. Super human power comes to the believer when he enters into the blood covenant with Jesus Christ.
Thanks for watching.

This program will open a door for the great knowledge of 1st Corinthians. This program contains some very valuable information. The knowledge in this program make you rich in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Pastor Inman and the Three M Gospel Gang Thanks you for watching our program, we love you.

Balaam plays a great role in the 42 months which begins in Revelation 6 and ends in Revelation 19:20-21. You find in 2nd Peter 2:16 that he became Mad after he went with these men who offered him money and promised to exalt him and make him a great person. In Revelation 2:14 we find The Pergamos church which allowed teacher who did as Balaam did when he taught the Moabite King to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel when they were seduced by the Moabite women. in Numbers 25:2-3. Israel joined those that worshiped Baalpeor with sex and they bowed down to their Gods in Numbers 25:9 we are told that 24,00o people died by the plague.that God put on Israel because of them joining in Baal worship.

History is continually repeating itself and we have a clear picture laid in scripture which show the intention of the Great Men or women who claim to be God's prophets but are actually prophets of Baal worship in disguise. Who are the people that are so involved in self worship. Was it these people who are to blame for Noah's flood. Using Strong's Concordance, look up the word Rabbi in the Hebrew 7227. They were first mentioned in Genesis 6:5 as great men. Question, who are the great men that the media lifts up. What is their real names. Who actually owns TBN. How many of them are there? Look in Hebrew using Strong's 7231. You will be surprised if you understand this.

The Mystery of Iniquity is being played out before your eyes and there are few that know it. Hollywood, Wall Street, Capital Hill, Tel Aviv TBN, and the Religious groups that are with them have plans for you.The Woman who rides the Scarlet Colored Beast. wants you to drink from her golden cup which is full of great wealth.. Revelations 17:3-4. It looks very appealing.and you will enjoy it, or will you?


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Judaism, Racism and Self Worship. Ever more learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Never knowing your enemy while fighting their enemies and taking the blame for the blood shed of their enemies and on top that, we give them our money.